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Bali Photography & Written Word by Anya N. Rosoff on

Bali, and especially Ubud, is home to many artists and art galleries

Candids of Life Photography & Written Word
by Anya N. Rosoff

Anya Rosoff

was born in New England Connecticut, and grew up in Massachusetts and New York City. She has spent half her life traveling to South East Asia, which is where her passion for photography began. After living and teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal, she knew that photography was what she wanted to focus on. After graduating University in 2001, Anya began taking classes at the International Center Photography in NewYork City, where she further developed her craft. Traveling to Bali a few times a year, she began her freelance photography, focusing, at first on what she calls “informal” children and family portraits.
“I don't like taking pictures of people who are just sitting there, posed and looking into the camera.

Those are for school photos or passport pictures. Pictures are supposed to tell a story about someone. I want to catch the expression on their face and the emotion they are feeling at the time.

This is also why I prefer to use natural light, instead of flash or studio lighting
(Though she has been trained in how to use both)
Currently, Anya continues her family portraits, but has also begun taking commercial photographs for clients. She spends as much time as she can in Bali, where she finds her inspiration and energy.

“It's hard to say if I have a certain focus in my photography, I guess I would call it: candids of life. Photos with a natural theme, either people, flowers, landscape & even street photography...”

Anya's photos have been published in magazines both in US and Asia.
In addition to her photography, she has been published in Bali & Beyond magazine and

Anya is available for both commercial and home based photo sessions. She can be reached
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