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Asroel – Portraits of Peacemakers Project on

Bali, and especially Ubud, is home to many artists and art galleries

Asroel is drawing with his foot Gandhi
Asroel – Portraits of Peacemakers Project

The Background

There has been a growing mistrust between people of different faiths in particular between Hindus and Muslims in Bali ever since the First Bali bomb in October 2003, especially given the greater world context of 9/11, the invasion of Iraq and the War on Terrorism.

The Artist

Asroel is a talented, 29 year old Javanese Muslim artist, specializing in portrait painting. He recently moved to Bali and has become concerned about what he can personally do to contribute to break down this atmosphere of mistrust.

His own life has been an example of breaking down prejudices and barriers: he was born with only one leg and one short arm but no hands. He has throughout his life had to overcome many barriers and prejudices: yet he attended school, trained as an artist and recently married.

The Project: The Portraits

Asroel is proposing to demonstrate his skill painting portraits with his foot by invitation at various venues such as at schools, art galleries and public squares.

He will be making portraits of outstanding figures of Peace-Makers and bridge builders and incorporating biographical information and inspirational quotations in both English and Indonesian.

He will make paintings or drawings of people like Gandhi, N Mandela, M L King, St Francis, Kabir, H Keller, and Ibu Gedong Oka of Bali. Gradually he will build up a collection which he will exhibit in an art gallery.
He will also make portraits from life or from photos for those who wish to commission them.

Other Portraits by Asroel

Schools and Galleries may invite Asroel

This will be an ideal opportunity for school children and the general public to learn more about such outstanding people as well as to appreciate Asroel's skill.

If interested please SMS or phone Asroel on 081337004385, or Vern Cork on 08123995055 or 7470944. Or email Meg!

Please visit our new website at:

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