What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful Japanese healing technique to reduce stress and promote relaxation by laying hands on different areas of the body, working with and directing unseen life force energy. The word Reiki can be interpreted from 2 Japanese words -  ‘Rei’ meaning God’s wisdom and power and ‘Ki’ as life force energy alive in all living things. 

What happens in Reiki?

‘Ki’ from ‘Reiki’, means our life force energy, same as Chi in China, or Prana in India and Yoga. If our ‘Ki’ energy is low, we are more likely to feel stress be more susceptible to disease and illness. If our life-force energy is high and well balanced, we are more capable of living a happy and healthy life. 

In a Reiki session, the recipient usually lies down or sometimes you can sit in a comfortable chair. The Reiki practitioner or ‘Reiki Master’ then places their hands lightly for different lengths of time in various locations from the head to the feet on the front and back of the body. There is never any pressure and sometimes the Reiki practitioner holds their hands just off from the body instead of directly on the body. Reiki is extremely low frequency (ELF) electro-magnetic energy. The signals recorded by scientific devices from the hands of practitioners are of frequencies known to stimulate healing effects on nerves, bones and other areas of the body.

How does Reiki make me feel?

During a Reiki session, you will feel incredibly relaxed and may even fall asleep. You may feel lighter after, relaxed and peaceful and during the session you may feel a strange sensation like heat or an emotional release in certain areas where the Reiki master places their hands, but Reiki affects everyone differently. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe healing method that can be used on everyone. It has been effective in helping a wide range of illnesses as well as in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques. 

Reiki Master in Bali - Cat Wheeler

Cat Wheeler had a deep interest in traditional healing techniques which first led her to learn Reiki in 1995. Cat has taught Usui Reiki in Singapore, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia since 1998. Cat moved to Bali in 2000 and practices and teaches Reiki in an open-air teaching space in Ubud she created. Here, students from all over the world receive Reiki training in a tranquil natural environment. Workshops are limited to two students to ensure individual attention and plenty of hands-on practice. After training, Cat offers her students open-ended support by phone or email. Cat is certified as a Reiki Teacher by the Canadian Reiki Association Member # 07-137. Cat's students vary from Buddhist nuns, diplomats, alternative healers, business executives to yoga teachers, doctors and children. She also works with and teaches Reiki to people with chronic illness, cancer and other challenges.

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Cat Wheeler’s Reiki Client and Student Testimonials:

"Cat is the essence of Reiki, full of light and love! She is a practical and heart-centered teacher. I highly recommend her classes. She is a powerful healer and a gentle and compassionate teacher. I appreciated the intimate setting and personal attention. Cat creates a safe and comfortable space for her students. The class was very inspiring and her knowledge of Reiki and energy healing runs deep. Ibu Cat really knows her stuff." — Jenutza, Seattle


"Cat has a quality that I respect – there is a touch of down-to-earth magic in her teaching. I needed an honourable Reiki Master who would be there if I had a question on Reiki wisdom after the class; Cat follows through." — Sherin, London


"It was very exciting to discover healing aspects of myself that were long past ready to be released. The attunements were very powerful. I could feel the vibrations taking me to higher spiritual realms and an increase of compassion and love. Thank you, Cat!" — Elisa, Bali 


"My Reiki experience with Cat was nothing short of magical. Her gentle manner and knowledge were an inspiration. She explained Reiki with depth, insight, patience and encouragement and I left feeling blessed. Needless to say I can't recommend learning Reiki from Cat enough" — Lucy, England