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Bali Counseling & Psychotherapy on

Master healers use traditional techniques to bring body, mind and spirit into balance

Private Counseling and Couples Therapy with Josh Wise, M.A.


If you're like so many people here in Bali, you are seeking. You're seeking peace, spirituality, or a new life.This quest is honorable, and-like any quest-it comes with unforeseen challenges and pitfalls.

These challenges present opportunities for growth. Your internal conflicts give you the raw material for personal growth and wellbeing.

Private Counseling
I guide adults and teens through the human challenges that so many of us face: addiction, anger management, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, etc.

I offer a confidential environment for you to explore your growth areas and how you want to approach them. My practice blends Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy, Somatic Psychology, and Depth Psychology.

Couples Therapy
Couples living in Bali face unique struggles. The challenges of relationship are magnified when living in a foreign culture.

I provide a safe and confidential space for couples to communicate, to connect, and to understand. I help couples develop skills for soul connection-intimacy that transcends words and allows conflict to become a catalyst for deeper connection.

My Experience
I draw upon an extensive base of therapeutic, spiritual, and academic experience. I have Master's degrees in Psychology and Education and have been counseling individuals, couples, and families for over ten years.

For more information please call email or visit our website :

Rev. Andrea Angelique: Certified Hypnotherapist, 20 Years Counseling Psychology, 30 Years Intuitive Channel, Tarot Master, Past Lives Regressionist


I gain such joy and satisfaction when my clients meet their goals! And always, I try to speak the truth from both the observable and the unseen information that I observe as a therapist and channel as a psychic.

Intuitive guidance is timeless and beyond logic. Are there angels or spirit guides who mysteriously whisper to me advice and encouragement essential to my client's happiness? Do benevolent spirits watch from the astral planes to help with your most troubling issues regarding career, relationships, blockages to your own self-actualization? I do think so. And it seems to me that God, Spirit, the Ascended Masters want you to express your Soul's highest potential in this too-brief incarnation.

Tarot is a wonderful tool that illuminates core issues and conflicts and offers guidance in decision-making. It shows the future as it exists in the present consciousness of my client.

We do have free will. We have only to change our consciousness to change our outcomes. I find that hypnotherapy and past lives regression are amazing tools that elevate consciousness and effectively change behavior. You and I can only do so much with counseling psychology, advice and affirmations.

As humans, our minds are like sponges, absorbing and mired in judgements, evaluations, limiting expectations, fears --- all the accumulated conditioning and baggage from this and other lifetimes that have created our view of "reality."

That supposed reality negates the fantasy, the soul's vision and ultimate potential. So with this limiting concept concretely in place, we are locked in a self-limiting reality box that we have absorbed through unconscious conditioning in this and other

But when the mind is at its most suggestible, in a state of hyper-alertness and deep relaxation, you and I can produce incredible results and alter the course of your life. We can anesthetize pain, eliminate bad habits and limiting concepts. Working together, we will bring you to new levels of achievement, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

In regressive therapy, you will go back to earlier experiences, in this lifetime, or in other lifetimes, where suffering and trauma locked you into beliefs and behaviors which have suffocated your potential. And then we will release you from that old trauma and restore your mind to its natural state of innocence and optimism.

And you can then change your fate, choose your mind-set, choose from free will, right mind and right action. You can effectively chose to live the life you desire.

How would you be different if you weren't stuck in self-destructive, self-limiting concepts? What would you be doing instead? What kind of future would you create for yourself?


I've been saying my self-hynotic script that you gave me, and doing it as you instructed, twice a day for 20 minutes. And it's working and its wonderful! I'm not having the cravings and I can that I see more clearly who I am and my highest destiny. Once I'm over this big trip I want to do lots to support your great work.

lots of love,

To visit with Rev. Andrea Angelique at her lovely home in central Ubud, email her at or text her 081 339 405 579.

Weave a life of living deeply with Dianne Tharp


To weave a life of living deeply, The wise weaver asks:

  • When I sit quietly, with all of my light and shadow, what is the truth of who I really am?
  • When I engage in daily life, with all of my spiritual principles, how congruent am I?
  • When I acknowledge my calling, with all of my gifts and weak links, will my soul stamina hold strong?

You are an ultimate experience of contrasts where choosing the colored threads beyond comfort creates your breath-taking tapestry called Life.

Your soul hungers for a breath taking journey to source, into the mystical beauty of altered state. Here the gathering of insights, good medicine, sacred knowing open the truth of your life process, inner knowledge, and higher purpose. Your soul stamina amplifies. You change, your life changes, and ultimately a collective change and a global shift occurs.

Can you feel the pull to commune with source, to self heal, to strengthen your soul stamina?

I encourage you to call for an appointment.

Mobile 081 339 442 494 +62 81 339 442 494

Dianne Tharp

certified breath practitioner, emotional intelligence therapist 20 years specializing in deep emotional release, compassionate counseling and intuitive readings using an eclectic array of teachings and modalities from my medicine bag.

"With her many years of experience in the world of conscious evolution, quite literally, magic happens." S. Robbins, British Columbia, Canada

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