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Bali Psychic & Spiritual Guidance on

Master healers use traditional techniques to bring body, mind and spirit into balance

Sound Healers Collective, at The Yoga Barn, Ubud

Sound Healers Collective

Mon, Wed & Fri from 1:00 to 2:00pm
Saturdays 6:00pm

"One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes." Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center.

BaliSpirit has gathered a group of international sound therapists to form Bali's first Sound Healers Collective. Every week through the end of August, sessions dedicated to sound or vibrational therapy will be available exclusively at the Yoga Barn. Among those included on the roster are featured presenters Daphne Tse, Dr. Didge Dolphin, Punnu Wasu, and Shervin Boloorian.

Sound and vibration have supported physical and emotional wellbeing since ancient times. Modern sound therapy is now a key field in alternative medicine, with several different schools drawing on scientific research and indigenous practices.

For more information, see

Intuitive Tarot Master/Psychic Medium/ Hypnotic Past Lives Regression Hypnotherapy and Relationship Counseling with Rev. Andrea Angelique, Ubud, Bali


Rev. Andrea Angelique is a natural intuitive with an international following. She has received much media recognition for her work of 30 years. Andrea has been studying and reading the Tarot for most of her adult life, beginning as a "love child" of the Seventies in colorful San Francisco. She has also enjoyed two decades as a professional in counseling psychology, is a certified hypnotherapist, authored two books, and taught numerous workshops on tarot, relationships and male/female compatibility factors. She reads for both individuals and couples.

"The Tarot is the language that I access to communicate with Spirit. It is clear to me that Spirit wants us to have counsel, to make choices about the future, and I ask that I am a channel of wisdom, clarity, and peace. In integrity, compassion, and love, I tell the vision that I see, and am able to give particular details that are further elucidated for the client by the imagery of the cards. I am so grateful for this gift! This is the work that I was put on this earth to do.

"In an intimate and nurturing session, I look with my client at unresolved issues, conflicts, dilemmas, hopes, dreams, and expectations. My particular joy is seeing that, at the end of the session, my client expresses greater insight into their own particular life course. There is an end to confusion, a renewed optimism, expanded awareness of Spirit, an ability to move forward with confidence and to apply new problem-solving strategies."

To Learn more about past lives regression with Andrea Angeliques , Press here.

Read more about Andrea Angelique at her website

Email Andrea at for her immediate response.

Inner Chamber Yoga Transformation with Ineke Darmajanti Machdi


My Own Healed Wounds are Part of the Foundation of my Work. 

Inner Self Coach and Therapist. Transpersonal Psychology Studies.

Inner Chamber is built as a Transformation healing integrated with Vinyasa Yoga, Breathwork, Counseling and Life Coaching.

For clients who are looking for guidance beyond what they can receive in a yoga class. It is very useful, simple and easy.

For more information please visit our website: or phone number +62-815-850-130-29

Psychic Medium & Spirit Communication, with James Ross – Batu Belig, Bali


James is an internationally recognized medium who has been sharing his psychic gift for over 10 years.

He has become well-known for his astounding accuracy with names of loved ones and validations that only the client would know about; thus setting him apart as a naturally gifted spirit channel.

James is distinguished by his down-to-earth, compassionate personality and no-nonsense approach during his psychic readings. In plain, clear language, he relays his detailed messages that come in both in words and images from the spirit realm to help guide the client move forward to their highest good.

Everyone leaves James with a clear idea of their spiritual journey ahead and validation that their loved ones are with them on that path.

To find our more about james and arrange a retreat visit his website

Spiritual Life Coaching, with Juliane Wothe


Do you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life? Do you feel lost on your path? Do you want to change something but aren't exactly sure what it is? Do you feel deeply sad or angry for no apparent reason, even though everything is "alright"?

My name is Juliane. Myroleas a Spiritual Coach is to work at a deeper level, to help you identify, bring awareness to, and ultimately resolve your under lying life issues. I help you to work through your own individual process by holistic listening and empowering guidance.

On this journey we will find your true self and unmask your highest potential in all areas of your life. This opens up to a place, where you can truly create the life of your dreams. You will understand your life purpose and find a powerful way how to realize it.

By setting goals and taking action.

Spiritual Coaching is wholeness coaching at a deeper level—reaching a level beyond your mind. This allows you toset your goals from a truer space, so they are aligned with your real desires.

I am an experienced Spiritual Coach and have worked with many clients enabling them to successfully change their lives. Plus I work from authentic experiences, so I know what the process is about from both perspectives and am able to guide my clients through it.

For more information email me:

Shervin Boloorian, Tama-Do Sound Therapist

Shervin Boloorian

Shervin is a certified sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman's Tama-Do "Way of the Soul" Academy (started in 1986). Tama Do is a program of non-invasive vibrational therapies using sound, color and movement to nourish the human energy system and aid the body in the recovery of its own balance in health.

Before receiving his Tama-Do practitioner's certificate, Shervin Boloorian worked for several years as a policy worker and writer in Washington D.C.

"Serving in Washington acquainted me with the pressures and stressors of office life and other high-profile, non-profit and corporate demands. My training can support thinkers or feelers from all corners of society, but especially professionals seeking greater harmony and fulfillment."

What attracted Shervin to Tama-Do was its balance of science, the healing art of Chinese Medicine, and ancient mysticism—"Through my own history, I found that this specialized sound therapy combined with color, and conscious movement are the missing pieces to the good health I dreamed of."

Shervin believes creating peace in the world starts with the inner world. "Reconnecting with an "inner calling" can release tension and provide the inspiration to positively engage with community, communicate with coworkers, and reintegrate with loved ones," he believes.

Shervin has studied Taoism in China, shamanic counseling in the U.S., and he maintains a blog on modern day shamanism. His passions are music, poetry, Tama Do, and spiritual writing. He currently manages communications for the BaliSpirit Group and splits his time between Bali and Northern Europe.

"I've referred a lot of people to Shervin and everyone that I talked to after has raved about their sessions with him. Their feedback was that they experienced a sense of deep peace and relaxation and some of my friends came away with a richer connection with themselves and others after the session with him. I definitely recommend Shervin and his powerful healing work!" ~K. Morrison, California

For appointments or inquiries, contact Shervin Boloorian
at or 087861408219.

Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching with Rick Pursell – Spiritual Activist - Ubud, Bali

Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching from Rick Pursell – Spiritual Activist - Ubud, Bali

spiritual guidance with rick pursell

logo rick pursell

Rick utilises a variety of healing and awareness growing modalities to improve, change or let go of unwanted conditions or behaviours in your life, in order for you to progress and transform into who you want to be – Consciousness beyond Ego.

Rick is experienced in counseling, coaching and problem solving; a certified Deeksha Giver by the Oneness University in India, he is understanding by nature and a compassionate guide.

Having lived in Asia for the past 18 years and settled in the mountains, he brings his wealth of wisdom and experience to Bali in order to help and guide those who seek more than the mundane from their lives.

For more information or an appointment, please contact Rick at:

Namaste Retreat Centre,
99X Jl. Raya Desa Kerta, Payangan, 80752,
Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia - phone (+62) (0)812-388-77-01
Email: Website:


“Namaste” – The Spiritual Shop
Jalan Hanoman # 64
Ubud -Bali

Channeling & Intuitive Guidance with Jana

Channeling & Intuitive Guidance with Jana

A powerful approach to discover insights from the energies that are guiding our life path. Channeling and intuitive guidance rely on my connection to Spirit Guides, their communication through me, and the symbolic imagery that arises. This provides me with a deeper understanding of the questions being asked at the level of heart and soul.

Through Helix, a 4-year program in New York City, I have also been trained as a therapist and therefore understand the psychological aspects as well. For over a decade I have studied and trained with various healers and teachers, including renowned NYC-based Astrologer and Channeler Julie Winter, Shaman Alberto Villoldo, and the late Curandera Elena Avila. All of this experience gives me a grounded foundation to work from.

My goal is to identify and diffuse your spiritual and energetic blocks and to empower you through the understanding of co-creation with the Universe. The information received during these sessions is not intended to give you absolute direction towards a specific outcome, but rather to support your journey along your personal and spiritual path.

"Jana is a gifted healer. I've been working with her for more than a year. She is sensitive, insightful, empathic and all without ego. Her guidance has so far been more on the mark then I have been able to predict. I trust Jana implicitly." J. Bluming, Communication Designer, Life Coach

For more information please contact me at

Noviana Kusumawardhani – Tarot Reader, Ubud, Bali


"Life is but a stop along the path to drink a glass of tea"

When you stop by along your path for a tarot reading with Novi, expect to be surprised by her accuracy. You pick the cards, but her interpretation is spot on and emotionally accurate. She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside your unconscious mind to you very simply, just as they are revealed to her in the cards. It's great fun, even if you don't have any problems or concerns. Novi is dedicated to using the tarot to help people find their way through life. If you do have questions, you will leave with clarity, and a sense of relief.

The Javanese define life as "nothing more than a pause on the path to drink a cup of tea". Novi's approach to tarrot is influenced by her Javanese background in Sumarah philosophy. "We start from the idea of our humanity, from the acceptance that we will never be perfect and that we will always make mistakes," she says. This is what gives Novi's readings such an encouraging and uplifiting character.

According to her Javanese belief, since life is continuous movement and reality changes all the time, we have to learn to know and respect what is there for us and at the same time not to get too attached to it. Her belief does not offer solutions, it does not promise salvation, neither does it guarantee success. Her belief is mainly a way, an instrument of life, for life and in life, not an end in itself. Just like the meditation it is a tool that helps us arrive somewhere, but once we arrive, we eventually have to let go of the tool.

"That's the way I read Tarot" says Novi. ( written by Jen Richardson, PR Consultant, Ubud)

Learn More about Tarot with Noviana Kusumawardhani

For more information contact:
Noviana Kusumawardhani - Tarot Reader,Ubud, Bali
62 81339044380 / twitter: @budenovi

Note: I only do reading maks 3 people only / day and NO reading on Sat & Sunday . Please contact me for appointment 3 weeks before, Thank You. Consultation Fee: Rp.300.000

The Magic Of Reiki with Catherine Wheeler – Certified Reiki Master – Ubud, Bali

Bali Metaphysical Arts - The Magic of Reiki Catherine Wheeler

Cat Wheeler is certified as a Reiki Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. Based in Ubud, Bali, she holds Workshops in Reiki One, Reiki Two and the Master Teaching level.

The subtle power of Reiki has been used to heal for millennia. Energy healing is now being recognized as an important supportive therapy for physical and emotional challenges and stress management.

For those who have not experienced Reiki, no explanation is possible.
For those who have, none is necessary.

Read more about the Reiki experience or email ‘Cat’ for more information

Tarot Readings with Jan - Bali

Bali Metaphysical Arts - Bali Tarot with Sukma Tarot Cafe

Tarot is an ancient wisdom and powerful tool that can help us raise our level of consciousness to create positive future life experiences. A tarot life reading with Jan, a gifted reader, will bring insights into your current and future life. Or learn to read the cards yourself in an intimate full-day course.

“Life is a game, not a battle. By working with Universal Law instead of against it, we can help forge our own destinies.”

"Jan is wise and honest what could be more perfect?" – Robin Lim Midwife (CNN Hero 2012)

"Jan's readings have counseled me through some of my most difficult stages in life. They are a stoundingly accurate and delivered with compassion" -- Brenda

To have your tarot read by Jan, email

Spiritual Healing and Yoga Therapy with Linda Madani (E-R.Y.T. 500) – Ubud, Bali

Linda Madani

Linda Madani is an inspired spiritual healer and the owner of Intuitive Flow, Sanctuary for Yoga and Healing. She has been living on Bali since 1995 and was a devout apprentice of respected Balinese healer Tjokorda Rai for 13 years. She is registered yoga teacher with the International Yoga Alliance (E-R.Y.T. 500), and a certified yoga therapist in both India and the USA. She is also a member of the International Yoga Therapist Association.

Linda is passionate about her work and offers healing and yoga therapy sessions. She welcomes people with an open heart to her sanctuary where she shares the teachings and blessings she has received with much joy.

Relax, Balance, Uplift, Energize, and Heal Your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit. Have Greater Inner Peace, Inspiration, Clarity, Sense of Purpose, and Personal Guidance. Feel a Deeper Connection with Your Higher Self/Soul, God/Source, Spirit Guides, and the Angels.

For more information or to arrange a session: email or visit our website

Structured Bodywork, Crystal Light Bed Treatments & Spiritual Healing – in Ubud, Bali

Structured Bodywork, Crystal Light Bed Treatments & Spiritual Healing

what is a crystal light bed ?
what is a crystal light bed ?

Adolf Brown and Tamara Brown are a unique healing team providing a synthesis of western science, eastern energy medicine, and spiritual healing. Their combined healing skills create a powerful, yet gentle, deeply healing experience.

Adolf specializes in Structural Bodywork, Applied Kinesiology, Nutritional science, and Energy medicine. Tamara is a gifted medical intuitive and healing energy channel.

A session may include: Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral therapy, structural alignment, nutritional counseling, chakra and meridian balancing, energy clearing and channeling.

Crystal Light Bed Treatments in Bali!
Designed by the world famous Brazilian healer John of God, this amazing tool uses quartz crystals to channel energy and colored light into the chakras. It creates profound relaxation and a deep state of altered consciousness, while facilitating healing on all levels. For more information click here

Information 62.361.970992 or email.

Conflict Resolution with Patricia Miklautsch – Ubud, Bali

Patticakes Miklautsch
Patticakes Miklautsch

“We all want to be right. But the reality is - there is no 'right' . . . there is only what 'works'. Come to middle ground and let's figure out what might work.”

As a conflict resolution advisor, Patricia contributes to local and world peace, two entities at a time; two persons, two businesses, two communities. She invites you to step out of the pattern of disagreement, conflict, and anger and learn some new skills - or settle a difference that doesn't seem to ever get resolved.

Patricia also offers:

  • Individual or couples spiritual counseling.
  • Wedding vows and ceremony consulting, as well as celebrant capabilities.
  • Other ceremonial blessings.

Patricia is currently in Bali. You can reach her via tel 081338507769 email

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