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Your Online Resource For Body-Mind-Spirit Health in Bali

Hypnotherapy & Transpersonal Healing - with Lydia Wilson C.CH, C.LC, D.Hyp-MHF, C.I

hypnotherapy & transpersonal healing - with lydia wilson

Forgiveness Therapy – Inner Child Healing - Omega Therapy – EFT – Past life Regression – Future Progression – Life between Lives Regression - Hypnotherapy for children – Training programs

Lydia is a professional master healer who treats her clients with respect, love and compassion. She has been practicing and teaching her own method of holistic transpersonal hypnotherapy successfully in the Asia Pacific region for the past 16 years..

She periodically runs self- improvement workshops and Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification Training.

She has successfully assisted thousands of clients in immediately and permanently in overcoming their concerns such as:

  • Recurring physical, emotional, mental, spiritual concerns
  • Addictions – Drugs, alcohol, food.
  • Stress, Depression, Anger, Guilt, Trauma, Obsession, Suicidal thoughts, Sadness.
  • Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Panic attacks
  • Relationship issues and patterns, Finding life direction and so much more

For more information 081-8054-11317 or or see our website

Free introductory presentation on self- improvement techniques is available for groups or institutions

Holistic Medicine, Acupuncture and Nutrition Therapy with Liana at Taksu, Jalan Goutama Ubud - Bali


Liana has more than 27 years of experience in the field of human health. Her knowledge and skills come through an integration of her studies and the practice of Western Medicine (maxillo-fasciale surgery),Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture; Tuina: Manual Therapy, Massage; Herbal Medicine; Chinese and Macro-biotic Nutrition Therapy. Liana is certified IYA Teacher (200 , 500 hrs).


  • Acupuncture, Tuina, Moxa, Cupping
  • Nutrition therapy and Diet advise
  • Yoga, Yoga-therapy,
  • Japanese facelift massage.

Liana will answer your questions and help you to understand the cause of your dis-ease. She will also give advice about beneficial nutrition and lifestyle choices. Liana will construct a personal yoga program which will benefit your physical, mental and emotional condition.

Liana treats not only your current symptoms, but the underlying causes of your disease. Liana can find the disturbance of your energetic balance before the symptoms or the disorders actually occur. This technique is also suitable to prevent disease. It can also be used for stress relief and as a delightful "feel-good" treatment.

For more information please contact below;

Reservations Call (0361) 479 2525
Jln Goutama Selatan, Ubud

Taksu Healing Haven, in the Heart of Ubud


Access Consciousness® Bars (Lela)

Access Consciousness® is a set of pragmatic tools and hands-on body processes that enable you to show up as more of you in this reality. The simplest of the tools is The Bars® where each private session or class, you clear expectations, judgments, points of view, decisions and conclusions, changing your energetic vibration, leaving you feeling light and spacious. Expand your consciousness even more with Access Foundation and Level I classes.

Acupuncture (Lianna)

The body's energy circulates through pathways called meridians. Meridians form a network, on which the acupuncture points are located. It treats underlying causes of your physical and emotions symptoms. In addition it can be used for disease prevention and stress relief. Acupressure with Sound, Color and Touch A gentle acupressure technique combining touch, powerful vibrations from hanging chimes, and colored lights to balance chakras, empower the body, release emotional stress and create deep inner peace.

Facial Rejuvenation (Lianna)

A soothing natural facial skin rejuvenation technique, which uses specialized mini-tuning forks with colored lights to de-stress, de-wrinkle, balance organic structure and release facial muscle tension.

Holistic Rejuvenation Program (Lianna)

This Program is a rejuvenation and revitalization process of your physical and subtle body and mind, reflecting improvement in overall health that is simultaneously achieved. Methods include traditional Chinese Medicine Differential Diagnosis, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Japanese Face Lift Massage, Face Lift Self-massage & Exercises, Nutrition Advise & Therapy and Traditional

Chinese Herbal Therapy (Lianna)

Look and Feel Younger with Aesthetic Body Modulation A holistic therapy that gives excellent results in modulation of different parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttock, and lower and upper limbs for such conditions as cellulite, sagging skin, fat deposits and weight issues.

Life Coaching (Barbara)

Just as you would use a personal coach in the gym, a life coach helps you use the power of focus and support by being your advocate, cheerleader, taskmaster and accountability partner custom tailored for you. By using creative visualization and reverse negative language patterning, powerful mantras are created which eliminate limiting beliefs.

MIL Therapy (Olivier)

Combining electromagnetic waves, infrared light and laser, MIL therapy delivers light to specific zones in the body and drastically increases circulation, reduces inflammation and triggers healing. This non-invasive therapy is simple and painless and uses the energy from the light to penetrate beneath the skin, which is immediately absorbed by deep tissue.

Nutritional Counseling and Therapy (Lianna) 

Sound and specialized advice according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, macro-biotic nutrition and Western nutrition therapy.           
The Heart of Ubud
(0361) 971 490

Holistic Effective therapy by a Very advance Certified European Medical Technology Device.


Get 96% accuracy of a non invasive thorough organ condition check up that you can see in a monitor including:

  • Any exist active and non-active microorganisms & Health condition diagnosis
  • Allergen,heavy metal toxins
  • Stress condition
  • Blood
  • Biorhythm
  • Lithotheraphy

Promo price ONLY 500,000Rp for a whole body check up PLUS healing treatment and your own frequency water

STOP SMOKING & medicine/herbal dosage based on your own frequency is available too

For Information please contact: Blue Med Clinic, Christyana Maria 0859 3507 7073
Bioresonance Plus,Soye Oligo Peptide, Transfer factor, Colloidal Silver, Ultrasound Sonic EMS facial.

Change is Possible: The Healing Codes


Working as a pure channel of universal Love and Intelligence, I receive and transmit healing energy and information which I create into a unique " healing code".

The codes I create from the healing information I receive are combinations of numbers, symbols, words, colours, music notes etc, and act together in synergy to transmit healing information into your body.

The codes are alive, full of energy and perfectly adapted to your exact particular needs.

Because you are unique and so is your situation, the codes transmit information and intelligence in a way that allows a deep and lasting transformational process to happen in a way that is ideal for you. You always get the exact right and specific information to YOUR true self, allowing your inner self to realign with the natural movement of life, resulting in health, abundance, happiness and joy.

For more information please email or
visit our website

Andréa Paige, MSc, BA, E-RYT, - Nutritional Therapist, Detox & Fasting Specialist, Colon Hydrotherapist and Clinical Iridologist

Andréa Paige, MSc, BA, E-RYT

Dedicated to a life of cellular cleansing, Andréa uses nutritional therapy, colon cleansing and fasting as profound gateways to deeper healing. Andrea's robust educational foundation, coupled with her dedicated personal experience in cleansing and fasting, provides her a unique perspective in the healing world. Working under the laws of Natural Hygiene and educated under Dr. Colin T. Campbell (The China Study), Andréa's Nutritional Therapy practice is aligned with the great MDs of our time: Joel Furhman, Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish.

Andréa aims to empower clients to take health back into their own hands - coming to understand how the body functions as a system. In the colonics room, Andréa's clients rave about her bedside manner and attribute their extraordinary results to her calmly attentive, confident nature. Though, Andréa credits her effectiveness to the Wood's Gravity Method and her teacher Helen Wood.

Additionally, Andréa is a certified Reiki practitioner, Yoga Teacher and teacher trainer and has studied Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy and Shamanic Healing. With a Master's of Science in Ethnobotany, Andréa specializes in gastro-ethnobotany: the study of the relationship between people and food plants. Andréa's mission is to help people re-conceptualize health: not simply as the absence of disease - but rather as fully-embodied vitality. As said by Andréa, "The body knows how to heal itself; our challenge is to learn how to listen to what the body is asking and allow it to heal."

Andréa is Director of the Foundation Cleanse Program as well as the transformative monthly Detox Retreats at the Yoga Barn.

To book the Foundation Cleanse or a Detox Retreat, click here

Frédérique Nault, ND - Naturopathy, NEAT, Health & Nutritional Counseling

Holistic Healing Centre

Frédérique Nault, ND a qualified naturopath who is a naturalized Indonesian citizen. Her innovative treatments are drawn from a comprehensive range of powerful healing modalities personally tailored to suit the individual's needs. These therapies include: Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Detoxification, Allergy Elimination, Energy Psychology and CranioSacral Therapy.

Her extensive studies and numerous years of experience in natural medicine have given her a unique insight into how to treat illnesses that affect the body, mind and spirit. She has a gift for tapping into whatever issue an individual may have and for facilitating the healing process. Frédérique is available from 9am – 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Session Prices:

  • Naturopathic Consultation Rp 650,000 (incl. nutritional advice, Herbalism, Iridology & NAET)
  • Follow up NAET appt (Allergy Elimination) Rp 300,000
  • NAET Package (15 treatments) Rp 3,750,000
  • CranialSacral Therapy Rp 650,000
  • PEAT (Energy Psychology) Rp 650,000

(Avg session lasts 60mins, please come 15mins early)

Read more about Frederique - Inquiry/Booking

Bali Healing - Natural Health Care Centre – Canggu, Bali

Bali Healing - Natural Health Care Centre

Peggy Marienfeld is a German trained homeopath and naturopath, who practiced in Germany for 16 years before relocating to Bali 8 years ago.

By combining contemporary and traditional approaches, our treatments often give much better results than orthodox medicine. We take interrelated physical and emotional problems into account, and have been able to cure previously insurmountable health issues. We can deal with nearly all symptoms without resorting to strong drugs, even those where the doctors say antibiotics are the only option.

We combine the following to help you as much as possible:

  • Homeopathy
  • NAET
  • Live blood analysis
  • Sanum therapy
  • Liver/kidnesy/intestine/parasite cleanses
  • Osteopathie therapy

To book an appointment please call 03617473954 or 081 338 128 563
For full information see

Balihealing also produces natural cosmetic & beauty products, hompeopathic first aid kits & essential oil mood sprays.

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