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Capturing over 35,000 unique visitors monthly, is Bali's # 1 online directory. Take advantage of this great opportunity to gain exposure, vitalize your business and share in the common goal of making positive change in our environment and in our lives through advertising on Reach out to new customers in Bali and beyond with personalized internet representation. Expose your company or non-profit effectively by becoming part of our family here at

The Essential BaliSpirit Advertising Info:
  • Unique Hits – over 35.000 unique visitors per month
  • Overall Hits – over 450.000 unique visitors per year
  • BaliSpirit Online Community Consists of 295 unique advertisers, mostly based in Bali.
Why Choose BaliSpirit?
  • Online & Print Distribution
    • Advertised in a variety of print media in Bali, USA, AUS and named as the #1 resource for Holistic Bali, Internationally.
    • The Lonely Planet and The Rough Guide 2006 - 2014.
    • Represented on very select international websites, mostly holistic and yoga centric.
    • Featured in Elizabeth Gilbert's book: Eat, Pray, Love and on her website.
  • Readership - affluent, educated & socially active repeat & new visitors to/expats in Bali
  • Format and Design - hip, useful and International
  • Editorial - informational, original, light, and, when appropriate, humorous
Why Online? - Because your customers are online!
Online is an effective and cost-efficient medium that allows marketers and their customers to engage in a rich dialogue. Marketers can develop deep insights and consumers can select information that will actively shape purchase decisions.
Did you know...?
  • Sixteen percent of media time is spent online but only eight percent of advertising dollars go online. In comparison, only seven percent of consumers spend time with newspapers but 41 percent of advertising revenue is spent there. Online advertising expenditure is now bigger than radio and outdoor advertising! (Nielsen NetRatings March 2007).
  • With online, you can reach your customers throughout the day. You can target specific audiences and demographics in different mindsets throughout the day. (Nielsen NetRatings March 2007).
  • In 2006 it was said that by 2007, online will be the primary medium for 18-39 year olds. Today, 82% of all 18-39's are online, spending just under 11 hours of their weekly media time on the internet. (Roy Morgan Single Source January 2006 - December 2006).
Online Works
It's been proven that online advertising impacts on brand measurements and drives leads and sales. Thousands of cross media optimisation studies in the US and Europe prove that adding online to the marketing mix improves campaign performance and ROI.
What Are BaliSpirit Advertising Options?
  • Directory Listings
  • Pop Ups
  • Top Banners
  • Side Banners
  • Banner Packages
  • Newsletter Packages
  • BaliSpirit Webpages
  • Individual Websites
  • E-blasts/ Posters
  • Feature of the Month
  • Class Schedules
  • Retreats/ events calendar, and more...
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