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Kafe at Jln Hanoman 44b, Ubud by

Feast on the freshest organic fare… with a yummy chai!

Great music, healthy foods, yummy desserts & true espresso… all in the heart of Ubud

Open from 08:00 am - 11:00 pm, 7 days a week

Call for delivery telp 0361 4792078 or 0811 3249747

Download our Kafe delivery menu, yum! pdf
Fill out this form to join our delivery program

The lively Kafe at Jalan Hanoman is a beacon for visitors to Ubud and residents alike. Offering a unique format and ambience, this is Ubud's energy centre for fresh wholesome food and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Located one street east of Jalan Monkey Forest, Kafe opened in 2005 to instant popularity. Kafe combines the atmosphere of a tropical café with the style of a San Francisco bistro. Designed for lounging, all the furniture and fittings are made from recycled wood hand constructed by Dek's Studio, reflecting the environmental commitment of its owners who also own the reknown folk art boutique, Tegun Galeri.

Also check the beautiful garden Kafe called Little K located at The Yoga Barn.

Read a great article about KAFE here

Kafe offers a comfortable place to meet and hang out....

Take advantage of the wireless connection to check email via laptop, investigate the many yoga classes and other courses at The Yoga Barn©, or shop for cutting-edge yoga props and clothing at their yoga shop next door.

Kafe Kares Shop at Kafe

Inside Kafe is a shop called Kafe Kares, selling environmentally friendly products of which a percentage of profits goes to charitable projects throughout Indonesia. The Kafe Kares Project sells organic food, eco friendly crafts and health products made by small local businesses that are committed to Bali's social, economic and environmental sustainability. The project is also supported through cash donations & donations of goods which are sold at Kafe Kares.

We at Kafe believe that in order to have a harmonious accord between people and nature, all our activities must take the environment into consideration, we make policy in Kafe to encourage customers and employees to increase their awareness about minimize waste, reduce use plastic and recycling procedures. Please read our Kafe Environmental Policy.

To support reduce plastic waste in Bali, Kafe sponsored "Bali Cantik Tanpa Plastik" campaign. This campaign in run by a diverse group of local & foreign volunteer with first goal is reduce using plastic bags. Please visit BCTP office at Andong main street (Bali Hati Complex) or email to to support it.

On behalf of Kafe and all the projects that we support, We thank you very much for any shopping you do at Kafe Kares!

Kafe Mezze Plate
Kafe Mezze Plate

The food and beverages at Kafe also reflect the owners’ dedication to a healthy lifestyle, including a refusal to sell soft drinks. Using Bali harvested chemical-free & organic produce whenever possible, the kitchen produces a mouth-watering variety of exciting vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for every meal. Many visitors return again and again to meet one another and work their way through the menu.

Steiner School info night upstairs

Adding to the excitment of the Kafe atmosphere are the yogi's who come down and fill the restaurant after each yoga class in The Yoga Barn©. On occasion there are special workshops that take place as the yoga studio at The Yoga Barn© doubles as a venue for movies (check out Ubud Movie Nights), visiting musicians, speakers and dance teachers, keeping the energy high day and night!
If you live in the Ubud area and want to join the Kafe delivery priogram, fill out our form and will be at your doorstep in no time!

Blessings, from the Kafe Team

See our new Raw Food Restaurant - Little K

KAFE on Balispirit Festival
Bali Spirit Festival 2009 Ubud - Jennifer Thompson

How to Find Kafe:

Map - how to find Little K

Kafe, next to Tegun Galeri,
at Jl Hanoman # 44B, Padang Tegal, Ubud
Tel. +62-361-4792078 or

logo Kafe

logo Kafe Kares

Not Your Average Kafe

Say No To Plastic!

Through its extensive
notice board the Kafe &
combined serve as
an information centre for eco-friendly accommodation,
healers, spas and metaphysical practitioners, although not for discos or bars.

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