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The Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn - Ubud by

Not Your Average Kafe

"Awesome Fresh Food for Your Body... come sit in our garden!

There's wifi too!

Located at The Yoga Barn, Pengosekan Street, Ubud - Bali
Open Tuesday - Sunday, From 08am - 18.00pm


Not Your Average Kafe

Download our menu (.pdf - 985Kb)

Located at The Yoga Barn (Bali's premier yoga center) in downtown Ubud, Bali, Garden Kafe offers something different for customers, a culinary innovation in healing foods, with a focus on living raw vegan food (also known as Living Foods).

Garden Kafe opened in February 2009 and is mostly raw-vegan (accompanied by a small selection of cooked foods for those who feel they need it). The ambiance is garden-romantic with a lovely rice field view, overlooking the terraced lawn & amphitheatre of The Yoga Barn. Adding to the ambiance is the friendly staff, the wi-fi & daily newspapers.

Garden Kafe - Raw Food Open for breakfast and lunch from 8am till 6pm, Garden Kafe displays an array of delicious raw foods from raw breakfast with super smoothies to the unique raw tacos, lasagna, ravioli, mini pizza and raw sweets like key lime pie, raw chocolate mousse, raw carrot cake, etc., none of them using animal products (no meat, eggs, dairy), instead composed of raw root vegetables, avocado, cashew, sesame seed, dates, and more.

Garden Kafe - BeveragesThe food & beverages at Garden Kafe is prepared freshly, using Bali harvested chemical free and organic produce whenever is possible.

Why eat raw food? What the difference does it make in terms of heath? 

First off, raw food remains in a natural state, allowing the body to derive more nutritional benefit from it.  Secondly, eating raw food allows the body to release toxins,  Thirdly, raw food leads too longterm better and easier digestion. One last good reason is that people who eat raw food experience more energy and feel and after a while, look younger.

Raw food is at the epicenter of tremendous revolution in terms of taste, health, and cooking (or rather 'non cooking'). Raw food is prepared at temperatures under 118°F (48°C) in order to preserve important enzymes and nutrients. Eat at Garden Kafe and see your enery levels rise!  Garden Kafe is an awesome place for group retreat meals, informal meetings, product launchings, music concerts, or any kind of gathering. 

Garden Kafe is quickly becoming Bali's icon for raw food, come try us out!
Garden Kafe is a division of Kafe

Garden Kafe - becoming Bali's icon for raw food

Let Us Cater Your Event
Raw Food, Vegetarian, BBQ & More...

Garden Kafe - Night Event Garden Kafe - BBQ

How to Find Garden Kafe:

Map - how to find Garden Kafe

at The Yoga Barn, Pengosekan Street, Ubud - Bali
Tel. +62 361 971236 or

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