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Indonesian Aid Organizations by

The world gets better every day, then worse again in the evening

NGOs Bali
As a developing nation, Indonesia has become a bastion for NGOs (non government organizations). Bali is no exception. Since the bombing, numerous aid organizations have moved in to assist Bali with its economic recovery. Below is a list of various NGOs (non government organizations) which are working to help Bali in a sustainable way. Please contact them directly to get more information.

The situation in Aceh remains urgent

The Critical Phase in Aceh is Far From Over... Many Survivors Have Not Yet Been Helped.
You Can Still Help Aceh.
Donate your time, experience or money to the organizations below. Help Indonesia help itself!

Hey! Let's Talk About HIV & AIDS With AYO! – Ubud, Bali

Hey! Let's Talk About HIV & AIDS With AYO!

BaliSpirit Karma Yoga outreach program established the AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS (Hey! Let's Talk HIV and AIDS) program in 2010 in response to the critical need for HIV & AIDS education in Bali. The AYO! program empowers teenagers to guard their own physical and emotional health and act with empathy toward others within their community. In 4 years, AYO! has held workshops in 71 high schools in 9 kabupaten (districts) in Bali and reached over 3,360 students, 150 teachers, 18 facilitators, and thousands of people weekly during its AYO! Broadcasts.

We know what those letters stand for: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). We know the importance of getting tested, we know HIV is not a death sentence, we know the difference between the urban myths and fact surrounding HIV & AIDS, but not everyone has this gift of understanding. In Indonesia, where reproductive health and sex education is not in the school curriculum, there is a huge knowledge gap. This lack of knowledge is incredibly dangerous.

As of the end of 2014, Bali has over 9,477 recorded cases of HIV, but an estimated 30% of new cases go unreported each year. More than 40% of reported cases are young people aged 15 - 29. Although nearly 60 testing and treatment clinics are now open throughout Bali, comprehensive sex and HIV/AIDS education have yet to be incorporated into public school curriculum.


  • MAKE A DONATION - Onsite at the Festival's venues, at Yoga Barn, Kafe, or through PayPal (contact to donate).
  • Buy a VIP ticket to the Bali Spirit Festival and a portion of your ticket will go straight to the AYO! project.
  • Consider donating the cost of one yoga class at The Yoga Barn. The cost of one class can really help prevent the spread of HIV & AIDS, reduce the stigma, and end discrimination in Bali.

For more information see here:

Aceh Tsunami Disaster
How you can help Aceh
How YOU can help!
Deliver intelligent direct assistance to Aceh,
through IDEP's network
of NGOs in Sumatra.
for information about donations & volunteering.
Threads Of Life
Sustaining Indonesia's
Traditional Textile Arts
bali traditional textile arts
Traditional Textile Arts
Classes and Workshops
Daily in Ubud
details here

Bali Regreen – Composting & Seedling Bamboo Development, controlling, irrigation, Empowering the local community and farmers.

Bali Regreen

Bali Regreen is a sustainable environmental project aiming to fight land degradation in the island's driest areas while also educating and training the people who inhabit the land. It is one of the most exciting projects in the region, with an emphasis on long term economic benefits for some of Bali's poorest people.

Although Bali seems incredibly lush and vibrant, there are huge tracts of the island, specifically in the East, that suffer from extreme dryness and as a result, little to no vegetation. Due to these conditions, the communities inhabited in these damaged areas are of the poorest in Bali.

BaliSpirit Festival and Yayasan Kryasta Guna have partnered with the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF) in an effort to help poor communities in Desa Songan, East Bali since 2011.

Desa Songan is located in the caldera of Batur volcano and is one of the 82 poorest villages in Bali, with almost 35% of it's 8,000 people living below the poverty line. Not only do these people have to overcome the daily obstacle of a harsh environment with land degradation, but also have a lack of economic opportunity.

At BaliSpirit, we believe regreening is more than looking after and giving back to the earth; it is also about looking after its people.

BaliSpirit, Yayasan Kryasta Guna, & EBF have planted 4,300 seedlings to help these poor and arid villages, helping to bring water to the arid land and rehabilitate it. But we don't stop there. Our extended team of staff and volunteers also train village farmers to care for the soon-to-be bamboo forest on their previously unproductive land, while simultaneously developing a small-scale micro-economy in these affected communities.

You can support this initiative in the following ways:

  • PURCHASE TICKETS - $10.00 from every BaliSpirit Festival 2016 Full Festival or VIP Pass Purchase will go to support the Bali ReGreen program in 2016. Go here to buy your ticket now
  • MAKE A DONATION - Festival Guests can also make private donations of onsite at the Festival's venues, or through PayPal (contact to donate).
  • TAKE INITIATIVE - Visit the EBP website at and find out how to get more involved.

For more information about this essential environmental project, watch the Bali ReGreen documentary video at

VP Bali is an international volunteer organisation based in Ubud

VP Bali

We provide free English classes and other activities for underprivileged children in Bali. Our mission is to provide - with the help of volunteers - classes and events to inspire and empower the Balinese children and their communities, throughout all socio-economic classes.

We do this with the utmost respect for the Balinese culture and traditions and by doing so, we enable them to reach their full potential. The different programs, spread across Bali, allow us to reach and engage with more segments of the population, whilst also providing different volunteering experiences for our volunteers. At VP Bali, we put high value on community. We also provide and support workshops and events held for and by the community. We use these events and workshops to help inspire and empower the community. We also help the community directly through donations and by providing scholarships and job opportunities."

For more information please email or visit our

Yayasan Bumi Sehat – Healthy Mother Earth Foundation – Nyuh Kuning, Ubud

Yayasan Bumi Sehat – Healthy Mother Earth Foundation – Nyuh Kuning, Ubud

Gentle Births for a Peaceful Future! Yayasan Bumi Sehat is an organization of committed families and international teachers, midwives, doctors, nurses and volunteers working to advocate for the reproductive rights of marginalized, low-income women throughout Bali.

In Bali we are achieving a higher standard of maternal and child health through culturally sensitive prenatal & postpartum birth services and through the support of breast feeding.

Our goal is conflict resolution and peace building, one mother, one baby, and one family at a time.

Tel: +62 361 970002 or Ibu Robin 08133833825, email or visit our

Yayasan Widya Sari - Supporting Underprivileged Balinese Children By Balinese People

Yayasan Widya Sari

Yayasan Widya Sari is a unique foundation located in the heart of a small, rural village in Bali, Indonesia. At the foundation we offer local Balinese students the opportunity to learn English and gain the confidence needed to obtain work outside their remote village community. Because Bali's job market revolves around tourism, learning English gives these children and their families a better chance at success.

Widya Sari invites international volunteers to spend time in a traditional fishing village where their skills and knowledge will go a long way in the lives of the students. When you teach here, you are fully immersed into one of the most unique cultures in the world and the staff and students, all local Balinese, make you feel like part of a large family.

Yayasan Widya Sari, is run by a young committed man, Ketut, originally from the Tianyar region in Bali himself. He is proudly passionate about providing the children from his and surrounding villages with the passion to learn and the drive to reach beyond. Ketut himself is living proof of the power people have to bring positive change and support to those in need in this rapidly changing world.


Yayasan Senang Hati - Gianyar, Bali

Yayasan Senang Hati - Gianyar, Bali

The Senang Hati Foundation, also known as Yayasan Senang Hati, is a non-profit organization in Bali that assists people living with disabilities. The nameSenang Hati loosely translates as "Happy Hearts" in Indonesian.

The foundation creates programs to develop self confidence, physical and economic independence, and increase awareness in the general community of the rights of people with disabilities.

Senang Hati accomplishes this through the assistance of volunteers, who provide skills training and social interaction. The society also provides wheelchairs and housing, and runs Senang Hati Places, a home for disabled children.

Our Mission

The Senang Hati Foundation endeavors to:

  • Meet with disabled individuals and lift them out of their social isolation
  • Provide technical assistance to achieve physical independence
  • Build confidence in those with disabilities by providing them with a normal social life
  • Build self-confidence through assertiveness training
  • Teach skills that will enable members to become self-supporting (in particular, skills such as painting, sewing, and woodwork)

Contact Personel:

  • Putu Suriati (Chair Woman) +62 85237 644 431
  • Ayu Ade (Treasurer) +62 81236 629 51

Office Phone: (0361) 7470718
Website :
Jl. Banjar Teruna, Desa Siangan, Gianyar - Bali.

Yayasan Sole Men Indonesia


Yayasan Sole Men Indonesia 'SOLEMEN' is a Bali based Indonesian registered non-profit foundation working alongside accredited agencies and projects to alleviate suffering and support the disadvantaged in Bali. It was formed in October 2010 to raise awareness and provide funding.

Sole Man Robert declared his intention to be barefoot until SOLEMEN had raised one million US Dollars. The reason for being barefoot is "to be in solidarity with those who don't have a choice to wear or not wear shoes". As well as raising awareness, we are now primarily focusing our efforts on helping the disadvantaged in Bali, Indonesia. Sole Men provides health and safety education as well as teaching others how to respect and protect their environment.

We are constantly looking for donations not just in monetary terms but also food, clothing, mobility/disability aids, sponsors and more. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter handles.

The Bali Children's Project (BCP) Helping children to Escape Poverty through Education


Bali Children's Project is a non-profit dedicated to education as a means of improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in Bali.

Through sponsorships to school, children from the poorest families are able to graduate from school and break the cycle of poverty. Sponsors receive regular updates on their support for sponsored children.

By supporting pre schools and kindergartens with renovations, materials supplies and teacher training, we provide quality early stage education to children from poor areas.

Literacy is promoted through providing community libraries for children of all ages.

Sex Education enables schools to run their own awareness programs, while educating 1000's of students through direct workshops. Separate Child Protection workshops also help youngsters to understand and react to abuse.

All programs exist thanks to donations and support from the international community.

The Bali Children's Project is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in the USA (EIN 26-0014889) and in Indonesia (NPWP: 02.096. 823.903.000).
Find us on Facebook and Instagram: @balichildrensproject

Yayasan Gelombang Udara Segar - GUS Foundation


GUS is a non-profit organization established in late 2001, dedicated to work for Bali's environment. Our activities include beach clean up, environmental education and waste management. Bali nowadays faces waste problem, where we see people indiscriminately throw their waste into the rivers and canals.

The waste is also being burnt at the backyards, at the roadside, everywhere. Meanwhile Bali's beautiful beaches suffer from waste pollution due to poor waste management in the lands. Yes, we mean those tourists' favorite destinations. More importantly, Balinese see beaches and sea as sacred area where ritual ceremonies being held frequently.

GUS sees education as the key to promote environmental awareness amongst the communities in Bali. This, together with environmental friendly waste management would be one solution to clean Bali, to preserve its beautiful nature, to save its beautiful beaches.

GUS along with other organizations, companies and individuals is currently working on Project Clean Uluwatu to manage solid and liquid waste in Suluban beach, Uluwatu.

For more information please email :, phone: +62 361 759323, or visit our website

Role Foundation


Role Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the education, well-being and self-reliance of people living in underprivileged circumstances, whilst ensuring environmental resilience and sustainability.

We provide free education, skills training programs and grass-roots community assistance to alleviate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability for a happier, healthier future. Our students are from underprivileged, low-income and at-risk families from all over Bali and Indonesia.

Role Foundation is committed to advancing progress on the United Nations (UN) Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) #3: Promote Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women; and #7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Our Women's Skills and Educational Programs provide free education, skills training and job-placement to more than 200 women per year help them escape the poverty cycle.

Role's Sustainability Education Programs provide free training in sustainable agriculture, community education, town planning and eco-tourism. We educate +2500 school aged kids each year about environmental and health issues and sustainable solutions. Our Environmental Assistance projects work directly with local communities to revitalize coastal and rural environments and create eco-friendly jobs for some of Bali's poorest.

You can learn more about us and our programs by visiting our main website at:

Volunteer Programs Ubud, Bali – Supporting Underprivileged Balinese Children

Volunteer Programs Ubud, Bali

Volunteer Programs Bali is volunteer organization that was created by two volunteers, volunteering in Bali since 2009. Our main focus is to provide free English Teaching and other activities to underprivileged Balinese children.

We offer two programs in two different locations near Ubud in the Gianyar region.

So if you are taking a gap year, career break or just need a holiday, join us in making a difference to the lives of the underpriviledged children of Bali.

A volunteer through VP Bali will have the opportunity to be placed into a caring and supportive program with the ultimate goal to bring confidence and education to children who would have prior gone without. Each program on offer with VP Bali has been individually selected for their core goal in assisting underprivileged children through a sustainable volunteering program.

Our volunteers from all over the world can be involved in any of the six programs currently run at the Center: Teaching English,Teaching Disable Children, Pre-School, Teaching Basic Computers, Organic Farming or Recycling Program.

The International Humanity Foundation

The International Humanity Foundation

The International Humanity Foundation

Half of IHF's mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate the world about the poor. Our vision is to strive for a world of leaders and citizens who have interacted with, and are truly knowledgeable about the world's poor.

We provide the opportunity for volunteers to pass on their privileges and education to children in need. We work in four centers across Indonesia; including Buitan in Bali, providing English, math and computer classes, giving children the opportunity and means to aim higher.

See for more information about our volunteering opportunities or email if you have any questions.

We also have a number of sponsorship programs; including sponsoring the education of a child, or class sponsorship. See for more information. Donate your time or money and give a child a chance to go further.

Yayasan IDEP Seralas Alam – Indonesian Development of Education & Permaculture Foundation

IDEP – Indonesian Development of Education & Permaculture Foundation

IDEP Foundation is a medium-scale non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia that works with communities, local farmers and schools in developing more sustainable uses of natural resources.

IDEP's focus is on Sustainable Development through Permaculture, Disaster Management, Environmental and Disaster Risk Reduction Education, Seed Preservation.

Locally grown organic seeds, produced in partnership with local farmers, are available on the website and are on sale at several outlets in Bali.

IDEP also produces informative media campaigns addressing important environmental issues. Materials, including training manuals, children's books, and games, are available to purchase through

How can you become involved with IDEP?

IDEP's Garden Day, a weekly community event held every Friday from 9:00am-11:00am. Everyone is invited to work at IDEP's demo garden site!

IDEP's trainings on Permaculture in both bahasa Indonesia and in English and, on Disaster Risk Reduction for schools, communities and NGOs. Contact us for details and schedule at

More details about how to support IDEP's programs and info on incoming events can be found on the organization's website at and facebook page at

Come and visit IDEP's Head Quarters Office and Demonstration Gardens, located only 15 minutes from Ubud at Br. Dauh Uma, Desa Batuan Kaler, Kecamatan Sukawati, Gianyar, 80582, Bali

Tel: +62 361 294 993

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) – Monkey Forest 100X, Ubud

BAWA - Bali Animal Welfire Association

BAWA - Bali Animal Welfire Association

BAWA is a charity focused on ensuring the health and welfare of Bali's stray animals by providing

  • 24 Hour Ambulance Service
  • Veterinary Clinic for sick, injured and abused animals
  • Education and Adoption, Humane Population Control (through sterilization)
  • Street Feeding
  • Maternity and Puppy Rescue House
  • Rabies Education and Vaccination
  • Advocacy and Lobbying for animal welfare

BAWA receives no government funding and relies completely on the kind support and generousity of visitors and local people. You can help us in many ways! Donate cash and in kind, do your own fundraising for BAWA and volunteer with us.

Find out more about BAWA at and
Come and visit BAWA shop Jl. Monkey Forest 100x, Ubud to meet our puppies and kittens and talk to our friendly staff.

Further information, contact or call (0361) 977217 (office working hours).
For emergency, call 0811389004 / 08123840133 (24/7).

BARC - Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation Centre, Ubud, Bali

BARC - Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation Centre

BARC – Bali Adoption & Rehabilitation CentreBARC is a registered Australian and Indonesian non-profit organisation rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Bali street dogs and animals. It is our aim to relieve their suffering, starvation, abuse and neglect with care, community awareness and education.

BARC presently houses 150+ rescued dogs and puppies at our refuge and clinic in Ubud, Bali. We operate solely on donations, support and generosity of the global community.

Together we can relieve their suffering.

WAYS YOU CAN HELP! DONATE money, medical supplies, dog supplies RAISE AWARENESS spread the word, like us on facebook, follow our tweets FUNDRAISE in your area, within your work place, at your school VOLUNTEER in Bali and from afar

VISIT US Our furry (and not-so-furry) friends would love to see you

BARC REFUGE Home to our 120+ Dogs.
Br. Abiansemal, Lodtunduh, Ubud Visiting Hours 11am - 2pm & 4.30pm - 6pm

Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Lodtunduh, Ubud Open 10am-5pm Daily

BARC CHARITY SHOP Second-Hand Goods.
Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Lodtunduh, Ubud Open 10am-5pm Daily

SANUR DOGGY PITT-STOP Information & Donation Shop
Jalan Danau Buyan 58, Sanur Located behind McDonalds, next to the Sanur Pet Shop. Open 10am-5pm Daily

Email: Phone: +62 (0)361 790 4579

Follow our story on Facebook

The Contemporary Music School of Bali, Yayasan Pendidikan Kreativitas Remaja

The Contemporary Music School of Bali

CMS is a NFP school offering vocals, drums, percussion, bass, guitar, piano and keyboard tuition and examinations in all of the instruments in partnership with Rockschool - to provide future musicians with the opportunity to gain a degree in Music. Rockschool(TM) is Europes No 1 Music Examination Board and is now global with an representative for Indonesia in Jakarta - IMEC. I am Rockschools 1st Music Teacher based in Indonesia that has completed her Music Licentiate through their Diploma program. I hope to encourage more local Indonesian musicians to engage in these Qualifications to assist them in generating better incomes and providing quality education for future students both expatriate and local.

Melanie Jones CMSBALI.COM on 0821 44 815 165

Villa Kitty, a Non Profit Shelter For Kittens and Cats, Lodtunduh, Ubud

Villa Kitty, a Non Profit Shelter For Kittens and Cats, Lodtunduh, Ubud

Villa Kitty Bali was born out of necessity. We are a non-profit shelter for the kittens and cats that are dumped in rubbish bins, tossed in rice fields or abandoned on roads in Bali. Our 12 staff, including three vets and 5 vet assistants, are dedicated to caring for these helpless animals in preparation for adoption, including sterilising and immunising them against disease. We believe in the importance of socialising our rescued cats and kittens for easy transition to loving homes, and we also work hard to promote education for responsible cat ownership for the protection of Bali's wildlife. Please consider supporting us in any way you can.

Visit Villa Kitty Bali at Jalan Ambarawati, Lodtunduh, Ubud For directions ring +62 85857584131 or email

"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 - 4 September 1965)

Sumatran Orangutan Society – S.O.S Alert – Help save the Sumatran Orangutans!

Sumatran Orangutan Society – S.O.S Alert – Help save the Sumatran Orangutans! Set up to help rehabilitate domesticated orangutans and protect the Leuser Ecosystem – home to a great number of endangered species including tigers and many rare fauna and flora from deforestation. We are currently protesting against the plant to build six roads through this national park... help us by signing the online petition at or email the Sumatran Orangutan Society or visit our website

Yayasan Bumi Sehat – Youth Center Bali – Kumbuh, Ubud


Four years after founding Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic, CNN Hero Robin Lim agreed to a request from the mothers of Nyuh Kuning village, to find ways to help their other children.

Thanks to generous supporters, who donated computers and the use of a building, Yayasan Bumi Sehat established a Youth Center in 2007, with free English and computing classes offered to local Balinese youth, between ages 12-20. We now have more than 240 students from neighbouring villages enrolled in various programs, including English, computing, music and organic farming.

Plans are underway to extend into vocational training programs in 2012 and also to establish another youth center near our Aceh birthing clinic, to support the young people who survived the devastating tsunami of 2004.

Volunteer Teaching - Ubud

Our volunteers from all over the world can be involved in any of the four programs currently run at the Center: Teaching English, Teaching Computers, Organic Farming or Recycling Program. Email:

Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF), Gianyar - Bali


Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) is a local not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservation / community minded Indonesians.

Our strength is in creating community-based conservation that respects the interdependence of WILDLIFE, HABITAT and local COMMUNITY. We have projects on going in Bali and in Borneo. We combine programmes that directly improve local community wellbeing such as education scholarships, agro-forestry, eco-tourism and we motivate and mobilize local communities to protect wildlife, restore habitat, and support our conservation work.

FNPF invites volunteers to help on our project sites, working alongside local Indonesians in Nusa Penida (Bali) and in Kalimantan (Borneo) or doing scientific research, and also raising funds from home, or donating equipment from their business. Prices, schedule and application form to volunteer with us are available on our website

Using this holistic approach, FNPF's Bali Starling conservation project on Nusa Penida has saved the Bali's emblem bird (Bali Starling) from becoming extinct in the wild, and has resulted in local workers choosing to help FNPF relocate orangutans to safety from the palm oil plantations (where typically they are killed) to Tanjung Puting National Park and Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve.

If you feel inspired and you wish to know more about our work and how to help us, visit our website Or contact us by email and, telephone +62 361 977978.

Yayasan Senyum Bali, The Smile Foundation of Bali


A non-profit organization bringing health services to the lower status economy family suffering from craniofacial disabilities such as cleft-lip, palate, facial tumours, and other serious conditions in Bali, Lombok and East Indonesia. The foundation works to assist patients through funding and facilitate for craniofacial operations, also providing medical and logistical support.

Yayasan Senyum Bali runs a charity shop (Smile Shop) selling donated new and old pre-loved items / goods and the funds provided by the shop cover all the foundations administrative costs and donated money is spent directly on helping patients. The organization relies on the support and generosity of donations and the Smile Shop to continue its mission.

For more information on our work and how you can help, visit our website,
or email, Telp : +62 361 - 233758.

Yayasan Peduli Munti Gunung Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali


All though only a small Yayasan (Charity) with the help of Australian Charity Bali Hugs and others we try help the 7700 people of Munti Gunung a Mountain Community in the north east of Bali, Our prime purpose is to Help the sick, arranging Hospital transport, and Blood tests provide X-Rays medicine arrange Operations, etc.

We accommodate the Sick and their Carers while they receive out patient care from R S Sanglah the main Government Hospital in Denpasar, we support a Mother and Baby Clinic a kindergarten, and a Womens Band We arrange School Sponsorships and much more.

Yayasan Peduli Munti Gunung
House phone is 0361 8448424.
Mobile phone is +62 8174731260

Mekar Bhuana Conservatory, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar


Devoted to educating people about the beauty and value of traditional Balinese gamelan and dance, Mekar Bhuana's professional gamelan musicians and dancers play antique instruments, studying and documenting rare repertoire that is either learnt from senior village guru or reconstructed from vintage recordings.

This rare and ancient music and dance is more meditative than modern Balinese music and the compositions which have great depth and dimension have spiritual and even healing properties.

You can support their sustainability by taking private or group lessons, or engage them for workshops and seminars. You can commissiontheir gamelan and dance troupes for private performances, weddings, openings, exhibitions, events and festivals.They also offer a dress-up in traditional dance and make-up service.

New is Mekar Bhuana's online store,, which specialises in quality gamelan instruments (including genuine antiques), dance costumes, AV recordings, and accessories. Also visit our website at

The Tri Hita Karana – Bali Permaculture Centre

The Tri Hita Karana

the tri hita karana bali Permaculture Centre exists to promote the continuation of traditional Balinese agricultural practices and unite them with sustainable technologies from the realm of permaculture. It is a place where people of all ages, both Balinese and from across the globe, come together united by a love for the earth in educational programs of earth stewardship and leave inspired about how they can live more sustainably.

The balinese philosophy of tri hita karana says the path to happiness is harmony with spirit, harmony with nature and harmony with your community. this is essentially what permaculture is all about and what we hope to empower and inspire others to live.

to find out about our focused permaculture workshops happening every other friday, and introduction to permaculture and medicinal herb walks on alternate fridays, email

Lagu Damai Foundation – Song of Peace – Ubud


Was founded in 2003 to support education of youths, cross-cultural understanding, multi-ethnic interaction and to foster peace education, leading to the prevention of collective violence. Our main focus are longterm projects leading to the empowerment of youths . We offer seminars and workshops on empowerment, the art of initiating peace, to integrate values into projects and organizations, and train professionals in this approach.

For more information about Lagu Damai Foundation, email or visit our website

Bali Hati Foundation – Andong, Ubud

Bali Hati Foundation – Andong, Ubud Established in 1997, The Bali Hati Project is a private non-profit organization providing educational opportunities & community programs for Balinese children. The profits from Spa Hati fund the kindergarten and elementary school.

Tel: 0361 979056, email or visit our website

EcoTrainers – Practical Solutions for a Clean Green Planet – by Yayasan IDEP

EcoTrainers – Practical Solutions for a Clean Green Planet – by Yayasan IDEP Eco-Friendly Solutions in waste management & Recycling, organic gardening, and Environmentally friendly pest management and cleaning solutions.

Through this program, Eco Trainers works with households, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and schools on how to: separate, recycle and manage wastes, establish and maintain a compost system, start an organic kitchen garden, and/or how to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our practical, hands-on workshops are custom designed to the needs of the client. In addition, Eco-Trainers also offers environmentally friendly "green" products including organic herb and vegetable seedlings, gardening tools and products, natural pest control, and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Tel: 0361 981504, email or visit our website Eco Trainers – on

Bali Crisis Care Foundation – Lovina, Bali

Bali Crisis Care – Lovina, Bali

The Crisis Care Foundation operates a small clinic in the village of Dusun Lebah, Kaliasem, (near Lovina) in North Bali. The clinic provides urgently needed free medical services to some of the poorest families in Northern Bali. The clinic is run by ’Mama Gloria’, who has dedicated her knowledge and time to supporting the local community for nearly eight years.

The Foundation has a highly trained and well respected doctor on call, and will employ a resident doctor in October 2004. A Balinese Midwife assists with births as well as offering pre and postnatal care to hundreds of local women. Trauma and counseling support is available from a local welfare worker who works in conjunction with the clinic. A trained nursing aide is also employed. Outreach services include home visits to those who are unable to go to the clinic, school support programs, AIDS counsellingl assistance, emergency aid with disasters such as the bombing in Kuta, landslides, fires, flooding and road traffic accidents, counselling for social needs, homelessness, family support, child abuse, provision of medical equipment for other clinics in need and liaison with Government and non Government agencies when needed.Crisis Care has a good relationship with the local Government puskesmas whose staff call in regularly to offer their support and the use of their ambulance when needed. Many other Government Departments support the aid and assistance programs which the Foundation has implemented.The Crisis Care Foundation urgently needs sustainable funding to support the purchase of medicines and to cover the salaries of the doctor and support staff. Please contact the Foundation if you are interested in donating to this invaluable service. Because the Crisis Care Foundation offers its services free of charge to people in need, one of the great challenges faced by the Foundation is the funds needed for paying staff and other basic monthly overheads to keep the project alive. Thank you so much for any support you are able to give.

Phone: +62 (0)362 422 86, Mobile: +62 (0)81 2377 4649, email or visit our website

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi The Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth was created by a group of individuals, both Indonesian and expatriate, who were directly involved in different areas at the Sanglah hospital in the first traumatic days after the Bali bombing of October 12th, 2002.

In the ensuing months since the tragedy, numerous projects in the medical and educational fields have been completed or are still on-going. YKIP is working on the development of long term projects to improve existing medical services, to assist the children of the bomb victims through educational scholarships, and to assist the Balinese community in general. YKIP also acts as a conduit for donors from around the world who would like to help the Balinese. All these works are a tribute to those who were killed or injured in a disaster that changed the lives of so many innocent people.

We believe that YKIP can offer lasting solutions and anticipate the demands and changing needs of the Balinese community in the future. Our community-based foundation is supported by numerous people who live in Bali (Balinese, Indonesian and expatriates) and helped by donations from organizations and well-wishers from all over the world.

For more information please visit our website:

Breath of Hope Foundation

Breath of Hope Foundation

In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.
---Mother Teresa

The Breath of Hope Foundation is not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to fostering empowerment in children and communities through the mind-body practice of yoga. In collaboration with educators and researchers, Breath of Hope aims to advance knowledge of the benefits of yoga, especially in fostering resiliency in the at-risk child. In post-disaster, conflict and other situations of dislocation, Breath of Hope strives to rekindle hope and peace in children through community-based yoga programs stimulating a ripple effect from the child to the family, school, community, and beyond.

"BOH is a not-for-profit entity. Contributions are tax deductible according to law."
For more information Telp.+ 1 212-628-4673, email or see our website

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