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Bali Night Life by

Bali is known for its incredible nightlife, full of discos, jazz clubs and romantic spaces

Dehli to Dublin from Canada

Those who love Bali, also love its wide range of Bali nightlife, although it's probably not why we come here. From traditional, cultural performances to discos, jazz clubs, romantic nooks, jumping or laid back late night spots, holistic Bali action and other quirky little spaces.

In the touristy south, you'll find a wealth of discos, nightclubs and eating places with great music. All around the coast, you can hear the guitars and great vocals of self-taught local musicians. At every place where you find beachside accommodation, there'll be relaxed Bali nightlife - a band playing or just informal sing-a-longs with these great guys every night.

Plus, because of our large resident ex-pat population, all sorts of other interesting nighttime events are accessible to the casual tourist,at a different level than you'd find at home. In holistic Ubud in particular, every night you can sample some new holistic event, as well as western-style "Bali nightlife".

In the BaliSpirit nightlife section, we offer referrals to places that have great atmosphere and, more importantly, are a clean and safe space to have fun. As a holistic website, we want to support venues that are "cocok" (pronounced cho-chok … a "cool' Indonesian word for in sync, compatible, fitting) with our ideals. So this is not the place you'll find the sleazy joints and dives. Fortunately, there's great music, fun and the occasional dash of magic in many other Bali nightlife places around the island.

We also encourage all businesses that work with us to become more environmentally aware. Management of the companies are in tune with Bali and their staff is happy. By supporting the venues on these pages, you help reinforce these values at a local level.

The clubs, discos, and romantic space listed here are owned by environmentally aware entrepreneurs. By supporting them, you reinforce these values at a local level.

Ubud Nightlife

Offer referrals to clubs, discos and romantic spaces with great musicians in Ubud area.

South Beach Bali Nightlife

The clubs, discos, and romantic spaces on best area in Kuta & Seminyak have great music, food and drink.

Sanur Bali Nightlife

update coming soon.

East Coast Bali Nightlife

update coming soon.

North Coast Bali Nightlife

update coming soon.




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