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Bali Yoga Swing by

versatile, adjustable and fun!

Yoga Swing

Manufacturing for Wholesale & Export

The Yoga Swing is an extremely versatile, adjustable and comfortable piece of equipment with three handles at varying heights to enable you to achieve any conceivable posture, angle, movement, stretch or exercise imaginable. Anything is possible from vertical to horizontal to inversion and anything in between. It is a complete exercise tool. Not only that, it is also FUN…

The Yoga Swing is unique in that it offers you the ability to stretch and strengthen, but is also a therapeutic piece of equipment that can be used to practice Inversion Therapy which is ideal for gentle, passive stretching and traction of the spine. Hanging upside down can alleviate muscular tension and pain as well as promoting increased joint mobility and flexibility, increased relaxation and circulation of the blood, lymph and energy. All of these in turn promote good health and well being.

The Yoga Swing is also extremely portable. It comes in a drawstring bag, is lightweight, weighing only 1.5kgs and can fit into a backpack. Take it wherever you go and hang it from a tree or any exposed beams. The Yoga Swing also converts to a full size hammock for those camping trips (hammock length 2.8 meters). Portable AND versatile.

The Yoga Swing can be used many ways, for example:

  • Static posture:
    When you maintain a static posture and hold for 1 to 5 or more minutes. The body will break fatigue thresholds with extended poses and you will advance the fatigue factor greatly. This is our Core Power System Program we developed using Gravotonics Technology.
  • The Dynamic Movement:
    Yoga Flow can be found by using the Swing in a fluid graceful movement. The Swing supports the greater of body weight so you can Fly in one direction and then change the direction of the Swing to a new Vector.
  • Toning & Fitness:
    The Magic of Gravity is a passive resistance exercise partner. If you make motions with your body weight with repetition it became a Iso-tonic muscle toning exercise. Nothing works better than the swing.

The Yoga Swing will appeal to anyone who is into any form of exercise or for those who just want to have fun.

Price (do not include shipping)

Adults Yoga Swing Wt 1.5Kg - Price: IDR 1,259,000


Email us to purchase NOW

You will receive confirmation via email that your order has been received and advised of the total amount due including Postage and Handling charges. Goods will not be forwarded until funds are received and cleared. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Payment method: payment may be made via cheque or bank transfer.
Visa payment is available via faxed copy of passport and permission letter. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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