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'Getting around Bali' with

Go around Bali with a friendly and experienced driver

Getting Around

The main forms of public transport in Bali are the cheap buses, minibuses and bemos that run on somewhat set routes within or between towns but now Bemos is very rare in Bali. Having your own transport can be arranged; there are cars, motorbikes, and bicycles for rent. Tourist shuttle buses that run between major tourist centers are more expensive than public transport but are definitely more comfortable and convenient.


This is a generic term for any vehicle that is used as a public transport, which is normally a minibus or van with a row of low seats on each side. It is a great way to meet the locals, even though it is hot, dusty and full of diesel exhaust. The exciting part is that you do not have to get to a bemo stop to board a bemo, just extend your arm and flag one down! The fares may be cheap but beware of pickpockets.

Car Rental

Renting a car is simple in Bali but do consider the drawbacks. Driving in Bali is potentially hazardous and the consequences of an accident can be quite serious. Its effects on the environment are obvious and severe. Of course, you must be in possession of a valid Indonesian or international driver's license. Petrol is not included in the price and it is advisable to buy extra insurance. Tests drive the car before paying in advance.


Motorcycles are popular means to get around Bali, but several tourists are killed in motorbike accidents each year, and many spend time in hospitals. There is no denying the dangers of riding a motorcycle in Bali and the island is no place for beginners to learn motorcycle riding. If you decide to rent one, drive slowly and very defensively. This is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the island, helmets are required by law, and the ones provided by rental agencies are not much help when it comes to protection. The major advantage of traveling on a motorbike is the enormous flexibility. It is easy to stop wherever you want and recommence your journey whenever you choose.

The cost of hiring a motorcycle is negotiable in Bali and varies according to the condition of the machine, length of rental, and time of year. A valid International Driving Permit should be in possession or else spend a morning at the Denpasar Police Office to obtain a temporary permit, which lasts for three months, but the process can be a huge hassle. It would be wise to get an International Driving Permit in your own country.


Seeing Bali by pushbikes has become increasingly popular in recent years and the quality of rental bikes have improved. The most common ones offered are mountain bikes as their low gear ratios and softer tyres are better suited to Bali. Do make sure that the wheels are aligned properly, the brakes are working well, and that the bicycle has a light.

Taxi's and Driver

In Bali there are so many Taxi's or driver with their own vehicle that will be happy to take you around the town or on short journeys, as well as on day and even overnight trips. You'll find offers of transport being called out to you wherever you turn (sometimes even when you're on a motorbike!) The drivers generally offer a professional service with comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles.

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