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Selamat Galungan dan Kuningan

If you're on the island of Bali on Galungan and Kuningan Days, you'll discover that most temples are attractively decorated; dressed up with batik and white or yellow cloths wrapped around their individual shrines. The streets are also lined with "Penjor," an offering suspended from tall, curved, and specially decorated bamboo poles. This Year, the Balinese will celebrate the Galungan holiday on Wednesday, 20 of May 2014, with festivities ending on Kuningan on Saturday 31 of May, 2014.

Galungan commemorates the victory day of "Dharma" (virtue) upon "Adharma" (evil) according to the ancient history of Bali (Purana). On Galungan day, the Hindus thank God and express gratitude for the creation of the earth and its contents. Galungan day is signified as a day of rituals, festivities and celebrations with the creatively decorated Penjor poles displayed in front of every house entrance, adorning both sides of most village-roads and symbolizing prosperity.

Wednesday itself sees everyone dressed in their finest temple attire, taking offerings to temple, gathering with their family and of course, feasting and praying together. On Galungan, the ancestral deities are invited into the house temple to be feted and on Kuningan in the morning they are ceremonially bid farewell again. This occurs every 210 days, once in the Balinese calendar year.

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About Bali

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Bali Visa & Immigration

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Maps of Bali and Indonesia

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Bali Events Calendar

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Women Travel

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