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Pelangi School by

a private, non-profit bilingual school located in Ubud, Bali

"Welcome to Pelangi, a school where children love learning.”
Pelangi School - Holistic Bilingual Education for All
    Holistic Bilingual Education for All
Dear Friends and Family, Pelangi needs your support !

Pelangi Path

Opened in July 2006, Pelangi School is a parent initiated, private community based, non profit alternative education centre located in Ubud, Bali. Inspired by the Steiner curriculum, we offer holistic multicultural, child-centere centered education for children in playgroup, kindergarten and primary school, grades 1-4. All classes are completely bilingual, taught in English and Bahasa Indonesia by native speaking teachers, the lessons are creative and fun. Best of all, the children just love their school, which is so important to their lifelong attitude toward learning.

Children love music. We sing and play everyday
Children love music
we sing and play every day!

For the primary school children, a few of our talented parents have voluntarily taught this year. In the picture to your left, the kids are learning Balinese flute with one of our founding parents. For both the primary school and the upper grades of 1-4, other unique courses have been horse back riding, ceramics & a variety of music and art. It has been an amazing experience for the kids.

Facilities at Pelangi

Pelangi View
  • Large playground featuring an undercover sandpit, climbing structure, cubby house and slippery dip.
  • Fully functioning kitchen supporting fun cooking learning experiences.
  • Organic collaborative community garden supporting children's efforts in science and nature.
  • Classrooms catering for playgroup (3-4 years), kindergarten (4-5 years), and primary school (5-10 years).
  • Large open play and music facilities.
  • Culturally specific programs incorporating Balinese drama and dance.
Pelangi Parents
Pelangi Parents

Pelangi is growing and we continue to need support from friends and family to take us to the next level.

One thing that fuels Pelangi is the support of our parents! In this image parents have come together for a end of year performance and student teacher conferences.

To grow the school, many families have given financial; in fact, one family donated a classroom building.

Natural wonders of our garden
Natural wonders of our garden

Another parent lent us their gardener to work with the Class 3 students. We have bottle gourds climbing the building; we've harvested corn, long beans, eggplant, bok-choy, green beans for lunch; and recently planted another crop. In Class 3, a month long cooking class was taught, giving the children hands on practice with volume and weight measurements; now we're building a model of our new classroom to exercise various math skills.

We are at the pivotal point where the school needs to physically grow to attract and enroll additional students, to add a grade 4 and a space for the kindergarteners.

We are writing to ask you for help.

As a multicultural bilingual school, Pelangi has enrolled a mix of local children and international children. The international children pay full tuition, but most of the local children need financial aid in the form of scholarships. Because of our commitment to keep the school multicultural, the school's parents association is now raising funds for such scholarships. The tuition at Pelangi School is approximately US$1,400/year for grades 1-4.

In order to sponsor a child at Pelangi, whether a member of your own family or a scholarship student, your donation would break down to maximum US$125/month. This is a small investment to make to encourage the inspiration of a growing international generation. In addition, in order to improve the school for all children, we need additional funds for capital expenses in order to strengthen the schools foundation and expand: we need to rent 600 m² land, build two new classroom buildings, and purchase furniture, books, and educational toys for the new classrooms.

In order to meet this goal, we need to raise Rp.200,000,000 or approximately $20,000.00 by the beginning of August this year.

We, the members of the parent's committee, are working together to raise these funds, contacting family and friends like yourself to request donations. Through all our efforts we are building an incredible school for our children and neighboring local Balinese children who want this type of education but don't have the financial means to pay full tuition.

Please understand that the continuation of Pelangi School depends on support from special people like yourself who care about children's education.

Please make your contribution now.

You can send money via international wire transfer or, if you need to pay in the USA, via one of our parents:

Name: Meghan Beth Pappenheim (

Acct: 5804214250
Bank: Permata Bank
Address: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, 80571

Name: Meghan Beth Pappenheim (

Acct: 1101969911
Bank: Well's Fargo
Routing: 121000248

Alternatively contact us at our email or (0361) 850-4569 or +62-(0)8145247146 For more information about Pelangi, please see:

With your support, and the support of others, we hope to write you soon with good news about this campaign's success, and the difference it will make to our kids.

Whatever help you are able to give is very appreciated!

Thank you so much - on behalf of, All the Ubud Children

Pelangi School - Activities

pelangi school map

Play based curriculum
Play based curriculum, which fosters a love of learning

Individual Learning
Small class size enhances
individual learning

Develop New Skills
Tea party with friends...a great opportunity to role play and develop new skills

Promoting physical development
Promoting physical development

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