There are many opportunities to do detoxing or cleansing in Bali - from healthy foods, to colonic hydrotherapy to an individual or group detox retreat. Take a look at our top Bali Detox Guide here:

Detox, cleanse, toxins, fasts… Confused about all the modern healthy lingo? Learn exactly what a detox is, the benefits of a detox and how to recognize a toxic overload in the body.

When beginning a detox, it is so important to enter into a fast safely and sensibly. Find out how to choose the right detox program for you and how to prepare your body, physically and mentally.

Thinking about doing a cleanse or detox in Bali? Discover the best guided or individual cleansing retreats in Bali and find the right transformational detox retreat out there, perfect for your body and lifestyle.

Searching for a personal detox retreat you can do in your own time in Bali? Find out what to expect in your detox, how to prepare and choose the best individual detox program for you.

Do you know how to take care of your colon - one of the most vital, yet neglected organs for a healthy body? The most effective way to clean the colon is through colon hydrotherapy or ‘colonics’. Learn more about colonics and why they are so important for a healthier, happier body.

The holistic healing island of Bali has a range of colonic irrigation – aka. ‘colonics’ facilities to choose from. Learn about exactly what happens during a colonic, the main methods of colon hydrotherapy used in Bali and how to best take care of your body before and after a colonic.