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The Yoga Barn© by

The only fully equipped Yoga Studio in the center of Ubud

In the end, only three things matter:

How fully you have lived, how deeply you have loved, and how well you have learned to let go of the things not meant for you.
-- Buddhist Saying

The Yoga Barn© provides a roomy and peaceful space for yoga, dance and movement in the center of Ubud, Bali. At Bali Spirit studio, we have daily drop-in yoga classes, both Balinese and ethnic dance classes and monthly yoga workshops with internationally recognized teachers. If you would like to teach at Balispirit, create a workshop or retreat in Bali, we would be thrilled to work with you, see below for details. Centrally located on Jln Hanoman, The Yoga Barn© is situated on the third & top floor of the Kafe, next to the internationally known Tegun Gallery. The second floor houses IDEP Foundation, the non profit responsible for bringing aid to Aceh & now Yogyakarta's earthquake survivors. find us
Bali Yoga with Daniella

Our Facilities

With high ceilings and a rooftop garden, our loft style space is 9.45 meters long by 7.10 meters wide. It is large enough for a 18+ yoga class and a 12+ leaping dance class. The wooden floors are strong enough to take an African dance troupe and the walls are great for an Iyengar class. The main wall is mirrored, and the back wall is all glass windows overlooking a Balinese compound and garden. There is one universal bathroom located on the first floor. At this time we do not have showers, but changing rooms/bathrooms are located in the back, outside. Because our space is in the center of Ubud Village, street noise is audible during the day – especially at rush hours (8:30 am, 12 noon and 4:30 pm) so our space is not ideal for daytime 'silent' meditation. On the other hand, Jln Hanoman is beautifully quiet early in the morning and in the evening. The studio is equipped with blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and mats. If you want to take something home, you can shop in our Bali Yoga Store.

Structure & Pricing at The Yoga Barn© -

Our Classes are drop-in and open level, unless otherwise mentioned, and are taught in a non-competitive and compassionate way. We provide all the props needed for class but we suggest that you bring a water bottle and sarong or small towel of your own.

Drop in Classes:
  • Single Class Rate = RP 90,000 (approximately US$10.00)
  • Middle Eastern & Shakti Dance classes are Rp.60,000
  • For Ex-pats who live in Bali and are Holders of an Indonesian Visa or KITAS, we have a special membership that allows you to pay-per-class for Rp.60,000 each time. You must live in Bali, not on another island, to receive this benefit.
  • For Balinese Citizens classes are on donation
Multiple Class Cards:

For visitors to Bali, we have drop-in classes & multiple yoga class cards:
Type Price Per Class Card Price Validity
Drop-In 90,000    
3-Class Card 75,000 225,000 30 days
5-Class Card 70,000 350,000 30 days
10-Class Card 55,000 550,000 90 days
20-Class Card 50,000 1,000,000 1 year
Adv Class Drop in 100,000    
Adv 5-Class Card 80,000 400,000 60 days

Other Details about the multi-class cards:

• Cards can be used for all yoga classes at the Bali Spirit Studio and at the Indus Garden Studio.
• Cards are non-transferable and if you do not use your classes by the expiry date on the card, you lose any left over classes.
• For those on a short term stay in Ubud, starting with a 5 class package may be your best option so not to lose classes.
• Cards are valid for regular YOGA classes only and are NOT valid for Balispirit classes/workshops with guest teachers unless otherwise indicated.
• Cards are for YOGA only and cannot be traded in on merchandise.
• Look on back of cards to see in which Ubud businesses you can receive a 10% discount!

How to Teach at The Yoga Barn©
Bali yoga with Patrick

Namaste, at Balispirit we are always interested in accepting resumes for visiting teachers (internationally certified) who are willing to stay in Bali for at least 60days. It is not easy to make a living teaching yoga in Bali, as classes can sometimes be slim (when not the tourist season) and it takes time to build up a reputation as a new teacher. If you have an auxiliary career as a holistic practitioner, for example, you could also do that for extra income. So if you want to come for the love of teaching and/or because you have the desire to experience Bali, we welcome you. If there is room in our schedule we will do our best to accommodate any new class and style of teaching you have to offer. If your priority is to make money, then we would suggest you plan a few retreats ahead of time and advertise them to your home students/studios. Bringing students with you is the ultimate way to assure a full class room. If you are interested in arranging a retreat with us, see the Retreats Organization page. Read more about being an ex-pat in Bali in our Travel Bali section as well

"I love your studio, it suites my work just oh so fine, I've even improvised "hanging ropes" from your support beams!"

Anne Barros, internationally know Iyengar teacher

"First I would like to say... you did a good job! It is a beautiful space. I love the floor, the color of the walls, the ceiling. The location is great because it's easy for everyone to find and it's in Ubud. The staff is lovely and the space is clean."

Linda Madani, Ubud based yoga teacher

Mailing address & contact info:

Balispirit c/o Tegun Gallery find us
44B Jln Hanoman, Padang Tegal
Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Tel: +62-361-970-992, Fax: +62-361-970-581 or email

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