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The Template is a journey of healing, forgiveness, remembrance, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic paradigm.
The first step on this journey is the

Ceremony of Original Innocence

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005, from 9am - 5pm
with Jiva & Juliet
at The Yoga Barn© in Ubud, Bali.
This workshop is by donation. All proceeds will go to the Aceh Relief effort.
During the foundation workshop that introduces this alchemically coded Ceremony, an outline of the higher physics of creation and the mechanics of ascension is laid out. A presentation correlating the astronomical, anthropological and archaeological data that supports the interventionist theory and the evidence that Humans have been genetically modified provides a platform of information on which to begin to understand the present Human condition, the Global situation and the necessity of reconnecting ‘circuitry’.
Codes are an intelligent patterning of information
that triggers a genetic response.
The first 12 of 33 circuits are reconnected in this alchemically coded Ceremony. These are the basal or foundation circuits that deal with the core issues of ‘primary healing’, providing a strong and stable platform on which to build the courage and endurance that will assist us in facing the global insanities fearlessly and without denial. The Water Circuits deal with the immune system, birth, childhood and relationships, the Air Circuits (including 3rd Eye & Crown) with fear, the Earth Circuit with grounding, the Fire Circuit with fear of death, the Ether Circuits with guilt and shame. These issues are resolved alchemically at the fulcrum point of the DNA via the integration of the energetic nature of consciousness delivered by the reconnection of circuitry.
For more details on this ceremony see
www.originalinnocence.com or answers@balispirit.com
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