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Duncan Wong / Yogic Arts™ on

Light Warrior Training

[ Vinyasa Yoga, Gung-Fu, and Thai Massage = Yogic Arts™ ]

Blend the fluidity of Ashtanga-Vinyasa, the strengthening qualities of Buddhist Gung-Fu, and the healing touch of Thai yoga massage and you get Duncan Wong's Yogic Arts. This intensive offers an ongoing introduction to the Yogic Arts system-appropriate for first timers and those looking to re-immerse themselves in this engaging practice-and includes an introduction of the workshop modules:
  • Light Warrior Salutations – Vinyasic flow, infused with gung-fu mudras, stances and modern dance integrations – experience the intrinsic intelligence of "inner standing"
  • Correct Vinyasic Technical Break-Down – awakening the ability to "float" through lightness principles.
  • True Trunk Core Floor Work – developing "source power" awareness and "bandha" conditioning.
  • Interactive Thai-Shiatsu Massage Therapy – cultivating the art of "sacred touch" through assist comprehension.
Duncan's yogic path began as a teenager, seeking solace from his street and professional fighting youth. His yogic roots are founded in the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage, and he is authorized to teach by Sri K. P. Jois, of Mysore, South India. He is also certified in the Jivamukti Yoga method, as taught directly by co-creators, Sharon Gannon and David Life, spending extensive time training under and touring with them internationally. His martial arts background began at age five, and he continues to train under his lifetime sword master, Kwahn Jang Nym, S.J. Su, of the Korean Kuk Sool Buddhist arts family line, where he received his black belt teaching degrees, and main Buddhist influence. Finally, to bring life and meaning to this dual-edged path, Duncan's life work found its vehicle through his exploration into the Thai and Shiatsu healing methods over the past dozen years. Yogic Arts™ was truly born from the synthesis of this trinity of disciplines, which share common ground that dates back to prehistory.

Combining intuitive touch, alignment principles and energetic flow with contemporary and traditional musical tracks, this practice will be deepened and enhanced by the dynamic Thai vinyasa assists that Duncan masterfully offers throughout the intensive. He welcomes all yogic warriors with basic athletic ability, that are open to possibilities and willing to, as Duncan says, "think with your heart and feel with your mind."

Dunks Quotes:

"Physical Enlightenment is necessary for the mind to fully awaken"
  — Duncan, Yogic Artist

"Eyes bright, mind clear, body supple"
  — Master Suh, Kuk Sool Sword Guru, Fillmore Street Dojang

"When the heart controls the mind, the body becomes light"
  — Sri K.P. Jois

"The Body is the only means by which the soul manifests itself"
  — Buddha
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