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August Intensive Yoga Retreat in Bali

with Samantha Hoong & The Yoga Barn©

Samantha Hoong
The Healing Ground

Yoga is a living art. It involves listening attentively, practicing
with passionate calm, and experiencing.
— Samantha Hoong

August Yoga Intensives with Samantha Hoong

Yin Yoga – Saturday, Aug 27, 4:30-6:30pm

Combat the signs of aging and return ease and lightness in the body through Yin Yoga. Learn how to stimulate your chi flow in the meridians (based on Chinese Meridian Theory) that nourish the internal organs. Rejuvenate through “chi fusion”.

Core Conditioning – Sunday, Aug 28, 9-10:30am

Awaken your core to enliven your yoga practice. Learn how to access and strengthen your core through pranayama, bandhas and asanas to stay centered and strong.

Restorative Yoga – Sunday, Aug 28, 4:30-6:30pm

Keep your yoga practice alive and adaptable through the times of your life. Stimulate and relax your body toward balance through “active relaxation”. This workshop introduces you to poses that are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress-related disease.

About Samantha Hoong

Samantha Hoong
Samantha Hoong is a certified Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher. A long time practitioner of Hatha Yoga and a student of the Dharma, she blends knowledge and experience of life into her teaching. She gives an inspiring class that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength that connects you to your core, leaving you content and open to the abundance of the moment. Samantha has traveled widely and studied intensively with some of the best teachers in USA like Sri Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, Barbara Benagh, Judith Hanson Lasater, Erich Schiffmann, Sarah Powers and Mukunda Stiles.


All Classes are Open Level
Afternoon Classes Saturday & Sunday

Rp 150,000 for One Class
Rp 250,000 for both Classes

Sunday Morning Core Conditioning Class Rp 70,000 for drop-in

Rp 320,000 for all three classes

yoga@balispirit.com or call +62-361-970-992
For more info about Samantha: www.yogi-hoong.com
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