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Mind Rafts and Life Balance Workshops by

with Balispirit and Villa Waru

Mind Rafts and Live Balance Workshops - One or two day option
Wed August 23 - Thurs August 24, 2006 at Luxury Villa Waru, Nusa Dua, Bali

Led by
Michael Stephens, previously a director of Thailand's Chiva-som
& Gaia Grant, international presenter and author.

1 or 2 day option – led by Michael Stephens , previously a director of Thailand's Chiva-som, and Gaia Grant, international presenter and author. Rare opportunity to experience two excellent workshops for a healthy mind at luxury private retreat Villa Waru.

Mind Rafts at Villa Waru, Nusa Dua – with Michael Stephens, international teacher and Reiki Practitioner
August 23, 2006

Workshop outcomes of “Mind Rafts” with Michael Stephens:
• A brand new set of concepts to build a better life
• Simple skills & techniques for a better here and now
• Greater sensitivity and awareness of one's self and others
• Appreciation of the mind, body and spirit connection

Workshop brief:
The purpose of this brand-new program is to meet the great challenge posed by Gandhi --“You must be the change you want to see in the world”. Mind Rafts are what we believe about the world. Our best ideas, our best thoughts, our best beliefs, create the reality in which we live today, and if you have not created the reality that you need or desire, you must challenge the ideas that got you here.

Workshop approach:
Through simple awareness techniques, group learning opportunities and personal inventory, Mind Rafts is a sustainable program of concepts and skills by which you choose to create a new reality. By combining nature, science and eastern philosophy Mind Rafts is a powerful program of personal exploration and discovery that lays the foundation for the change you want to see in the world.
Michael Stephens is a teacher, writer, and Reiki Practitioner. His passion is to help people obtain skills and concepts to expand their minds, free their spirits and cope with the daily rigors of life and business. With his extensive experience teaching from one-on-one to thousands of people, he appreciates that everyone is looking for the same thing - self contentment.

Finding a Life Balance at Villa Waru, Nusa Dua – with Gaia Grant - author of "A Patch of Paradise"
August 24, 2006
a Patch of Paradise - a woman's search for a real life in Bali by Gaia Grant
Gaia Grant author of a Patch of Paradise

Workshop outcomes of “Finding a Life Balance” with Gaia Grant:
• Personal lifestyle assessments
• Setting goals for personal change
• Practising balance principles

Workshop brief:
There is a new approach to the old balanced lifestyle
conundrum. Rather than focusing on managing time, this new approach claims that it is more effective to manage energy. By managing energy effectively there can be a greater focus on achieving goals successfully through directed attention and 'full engagement'. Research now shows that athletes who successfully alternate periods of high pressure training with focused rest and recovery achieve the greatest results, and likewise individuals from all walks of life can learn to 'find a rhythm' and achieve maximum performance and satisfaction in life and work through applying these principles.

Workshop approach:
This unique workshop is designed to help refocus, rebalance. and realign life values, the sessions are designed to provide the master tools needed to tune up and to get into shape mentally, physically and emotionally. Information about the latest psychological and physiological research is combined with simple practical exercises, targeted group discussions and focused relaxation opportunities.

This is a rare opportunity to experience two excellent workshops for a healthy mind at luxury private retreat Villa Waru.

Villa Waru - Luxury Private Villas

Special offer for Bali debut
• Wed Aug 23, Mind Rafts by Michael Stephens
US$55 (Rp 500,000)

• Thurs Aug 24, Finding a Life Balance by Gaia Grant
US$55 (Rp 500,000)

• Aug 23 & 24, Mind Rafts & Finding a Life Balance
US$100 (Rp 900,000)

Special Bali Debut Fee is quoted as per person and includes:
- Workshop
- Workshop materials
- Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks
- Luxury indoor areas and magnificent gardens at Villa Waru.

Email if interested for accommodation.

CORPORATE discounts available for members of the travel industry.
Spaces are limited. Reserve your place thru email, call +62 361 702 180 or

Please reserve your place here.

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