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Pilates Reformer Classes in Bali on

Strenthening the Core is essential to mind-body awareness -- Gandhi

Pilates in Ubud Bali - Private Personal Pilates Training
at The Yoga Barn©

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About the Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer was originally created by Joseph Pilates as a way for soldiers in Europe to rehabilitate their bodies while still recuperating. Joseph worked with the men in the hospital beds and started hooking up ropes and pullies and springs which later became the Reformer. He later moved to New York where his training methods began to be adopted by dancers and athletes.

The aim of this system is to encourage people to be more aware of themselves, more in touch with their whole being and to bring body and mind into harmony. The whole body is used in the exercises with an emphasis on core strength. You will find that this practice prevents injury, can repair injury and weaknesses, and creates strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence.

Personal Training Barbara Mintz

Barbara offers private Pilates sessions that are done partly on the reformer and partly off. She combines Yoga, stretching, body awareness and alignment techniques with movement. With her dance and dance therapy background she encourages her students to create and sustain an ongoing awareness of themselves and a deep connection. She also creates an atmosphere of nurturing and joy.

Barbara's Bio Teacher of Argentine Tango, Shakti Dance, Pilates and Movement Expression

Barbara has lived and studied in Bali and India. She has performed and taught internationally. Barbara has been dancing Tango for about 7 years and teaches these classes out of her home in Ubud. Barbara has been teaching her unique personal Pilates classes for many years in the Bay area and now in Bali.

Cost of Bali Private Pilates training

Rp. 400,000
Rp.1,750,000 for 5-class card (Rp.350,000 each)

To book an Appt

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