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Visiting Yoga Teachers, Dance Teachers & Wellness Guides on BaliSpirit.com

When everybody is somebody, then nobody is anybody

Bali's sacred space has always attracted people on an artistic and spiritual path. There are many visiting instructors of all forms of yoga, dance and meditation that bring retreat groups to Bali, see below for a few.

If you would like to contact any of these overseas teachers, join one of their workshops or bring agroup to Bali, you can email us for more information.

Visiting Yoga Teachers, Dance Teachers and Wellness Guides

Twee Merrigan

Twee Merrigan

Twee teaches globally as a recognized teacher and senior trainer of Prana Flow ~ an empowering, transformational, and evolutionary-edge blend of Hatha,Tantra, Ayurveda, Vinyasa Flow Yoga created by her teacher, Shiva Rea). She has committed herself to a one year yoga journey along the Soul Connections Tour, teaching yoga activists + adventure retreats, teacher training intensives, and master classes around the world, often traveling to a different country every week! Twee has a unique ability to connect with students of all levels by encouraging them to explore the infinite intelligence of Prana (life force), to really listen to their Inner Teacher, and to respond and move from that center of Truth.

Twee will be in Bali in January 2009 as a part of her Soul Connections Tour, join her retreat!

Danny Paradise – Astanga Yoga

Danny Paradise

Danny Paradise has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for 28 years beginning in May 1975 and teaching publicly (and occassionally privately) worldwide for the past 24 years. He teaches all levels of students and teachers and was in one of the earliest groups of westerners to learn all the classical sequences of Ashtanga Yoga direct from the source. Since 1982 Danny has had the good fortune of introducing Ashtanga Yoga throughout the world. He is happy to introduce the form to beginners or teach the advanced sequences to experienced practitioners. Danny comes to Bali regularly and teaches workshops at The Yoga Barn© on occasion.

Danny Paradise occasionally teaches Astanga yoga workshops at The Yoga Barn© in Ubud.


Desirée Rumbaugh – Senior Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

Desiree Rumbaugh

Desirée Rumbaugh, founder of Arizona Yoga, was among the first teachers to be certified in Anusara Yoga, a uniquely integrated approach in which the art of inner body awareness powerfully blends with the science of biomechanics. Desirée's enthusiastic approach to asana opens your body and prana. Her knowledge of alignment and attention to each student's unique needs assists in easing the body's ability to transform and heal, while her playful spirit helps you take your practice beyond your perceived limitations.

Desirée's worldwide workshops and retreats aim at powerful personal transformation and self-expression, leading each student to celebrate his or her own creative power through the practice of yoga.

Desirée will be in Bali in August 2009 at The Yoga Barn, Ubud.

See Desirée's website for more info: www.desireerumbaugh.com

Andrew Rivin – Certified Anusara Instructor

Andrew Rivin

Andrew Rivin came to the practice of yoga in 1989 after years of competitive athletics. At the age of 29 he decided that yoga was something his body sorely needed. Over the next decade Andrew developed a solid Iyengar foundation under the senior teachers of San Francisco. But then he was introduced to John Friend and Anusara yoga. For Andrew, Anusara offered a transformational shift in perspective, it infused his practice with playful joy. He spent the next several years studying closely with John and traveling the world assisting Desiree Rumbaugh. In 2003 Andrew felt that his own explorations might be of use to others. Now, in addition to holding an MBA from Yale and being the founder of a respected international educational non-profit (see www.globalroutes.org), Andrew is also a certified Anusara Yoga instructor.

While he still has a bit of the coach in his light, fun, vigorous and up-lifting style of teaching, it is the softer more loving and reflective nature of this man that shines through. Come prepared to push to your edge, wherever that might be, in a safe, supportive and connected community of like minded yogis.

for more information about the schedule please see yoga schedule

Spiritual Mentoring with Patricia Miklautsch – Ubud, Bali

Bali Metaphysical Arts - Patricia Miklautsch
Bali Metaphysical Arts
"The answers are already written on our hearts. The light has already been lit. It's been shining since before the universe began."

As a spiritual advisor, Patricia has been mentoring individuals and groups for over 15 years with a One Light, One Divine Source, One God tradition that touches people of all religions from the same loving perspective.

Offering daily Prayer Cycle - 20 minutes of energizing and spiritual connection with your Divine Source. Consult the BaliSpirit.com weekly calendar for times.

Patricia also offers:

  • Individual or couples spiritual counseling
  • Wedding vows and ceremony consulting, as well as celebrant capabilities
  • InnerVoice workshops for 6 - 12 persons

Patricia is currently in the USA and will return to Bali in the spring of 2007. You can reach her via email

Rebecca – A Spiritual Interior Designer & Teacher of Kundalini Yoga

Rebecca – A Spiritual Interior Designer

Rebecca helps you create the experiences which allow you to go deep within yourself and discover who you truly are, helping to re-arrange your 'interior'.

Rebecca has been teaching the joy of movement for the past 26 years and has dedicated herself to the study and practice of yoga and meditation for the last ten years. Her passion is to share what she has experienced on this genuine journey.

Certified by Yoga Alliance & the Kundalini Yoga Institute,Rebecca is a level 2 Reiki practitioner and is a facilitator for the giving of Deeksha through Oneness University, India.

Rebecca's classes are joyful, challenging and encourage you to realize your full potential by opening body, mind and spirit.

Rebecca will be in Bali co-teaching with Twee Merrigan on Twee's Soul Connection Tour in Jan 2009, see more.

Ananda Leone – Yogacharya Yoga Retreats at BaliShakti, Ubud

ananda leone, bali yoga teacher, bali yoga instructor

Ananda Leone, born in 1963 to Italian parents, grew up between Brazil, Argentina and Canada and now lives in Germany, where, in 1990, he established Berlin's Akademie For Yoga. A man of many disciplines, Ananda graduated in 1989 with a degree in Forest Engineering, Danced Ballet with the Teatro Guaria Brazil, studied traditional Chinese medicine and trained as a naturopath before going to India to train with Swami Gitananda in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. The result of that trip was Ananda's initiation into the Yogacharya lineage. In 1995 Ananda graduated as a yoga teacher from BDY (the German professional association of Yoga teachers) in Dusseldorf. Ananda comes to Bali a few times a year where he holds retreats in English and German. Ananda teaches yoga, pranayama and meditation with a warm, hand's on approach and prefers to keep his classes small.

For more information on how to join Ananda's retreats see www.balishakti.com.

Bob Smith and Ki McGraw – Hatha Yoga Center, Seattle, WA

bob smith and ki mcgraw, bali yoga teacher, bali yoga instructor

Bob Smith and Ki McGraw have combined their teaching forces to relay a powerful combination of hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation. Their style is eclectic and invigorating, with an emphasis on core alignment and breath – teaching students to move from deep within - emphasizing a strong asana and meditation practice that emerges from the core of the body and the core of the inner self.

See more info on our Bali Retreats and Teacher Training Program.

Carole Baillargeon – Iyengar Yoga

carole baillargeon, bali yoga teacher, bali yoga instructor

Carole started doing Iyengar yoga in Montreal, Canada 19 years ago after completing her BA in history and literature. She did her formal yoga teacher training in Sydney in 1990 and taught there for 5 years before moving to Darwin. Carole holds a Junior Intermediate 3 level Iyengar teaching certificate. She teaches internationally and on special yoga retreats in Bali. Email

Lance Schuler – Creator and Director of Inspya Yoga, Byron Bay, Austrailia

Lance Schuler

Lance is the director and owner of INSPYA - Integrated South Pacific Yoga Academy. Inspya Yoga is a dynamic blend of Iyengar and Vinyasa sequencing – a combination of balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Lance qualified as an Iyengar yoga instructor with the Australian School of Yoga in Sydney and has been a senior teaching instructor for teacher trainees with Yoga Arts Australia for over seven years. He has been practicing yoga for twenty two years and teaching for seventeen. He has special interests in martial arts, acrobatics and meditation. Lance also teaches trainees and delivers retreats and workshops across the world.

Lance holds yoga retreats and trainings in Byron Bay, Sydney and Bali yearly.

Sarah Armstrong – Artistry of the Soul

Sarah Armstrong - Artistry of the Soul

Sarah Armstrong has a BA in Communications from Mitchell College. She worked at the ABC for eight years, as a journalist on the flagship radio programs AM, PM and The World Today, where she won a prestigious Walkley Award. She later worked as a researcher and field producer on the Foreign Correspondent program before she left the ABC to pursue her writing. Her novel Salt Rain was published by Allen & Unwin in July 2004. Sarah lives in the Byron Bay area and finds her yoga practice works powerfully to support her writing.

www.sarah-armstrong.com or email

Jessie Chapman – Vinyasa/Hatha & Author

jessie chapman, bali yoga teacher, bali yoga instructor

Jessie Chapman discovered yoga in 1991 and has been teaching since 1996. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Partner Yoga with focus on fullness of breath, natural alignment, inner strength and creative flowing Vinyasa sequence. She also specialises in deep relaxation yoga. Jessie is Australia's No#1 bestselling yoga author of 4 yoga books (HarperCollins Publishers). She lives and teaches in Byron Bay Australia and runs the inspirational Radiance Yoga Retreats in Australia and Bali.

Email or visit www.radianceretreats.com

Louisa Sear – Yoga Arts

louisa sear, yoga arts

Louisa Sear is the Director and course coordinator for Yoga Arts. Louisa has been practicing yoga for 28 years and teaching nationally and internationally for over 24 years. Louisa and the Yoga Arts' teaching faculty bring their passion and many years of experience to their internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats. The teachers share their wealth of knowledge in the areas of Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Alignment, Adjusting skills and more.

Students are encouraged and guided in the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the God in all.

Yoga Arts offers level 1 (200 hours) and Level 2 (300 hours) Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings, Advanced Practitioner Intensives and Yoga Holiday Retreats in Bali, India, Byron Bay, Malaysia and Japan.

Enquiries: phone: + 61 2 6679 2057 email or visit our website: www.yogarts.com.au

Shiva Rea – Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

shiva rea, bali yoga teacher, bali yoga instructor

Shiva Rea began studying yoga at the age of fourteen and is an avid Astanga practitioner who respects the core techniques of the Krishnamacharya lineage (asana, bandha, pranayama, meditation) while being true to other streams of influence that have deepened her experience of yoga. She teaches flow vinyasa based yoga, integrating alignment and intuition, strength and fluidity, meditation and wisdom in action. Shiva looks for students' potential and both challenges and nurtures them to embody their being with vitality and grace. She works with world music and chanting as a means to help people syncopate with their natural rhythm and feel more at home in their skin. She received her master's in Dance Movement Therapy at UCLA's World Arts and Cultures Program while also studying world dance, cultural anthropology, comparative religions and somatics.

See: Bali Mandala Retreat with Shiva Rea in March 2009

Shiva Rea teaches Inspirational yoga workshops occasionally at The Yoga Barn in Ubud.


Ellen Watson – Founder of MovingVentures™ School

ellen watson, moving ventures, bali best massage teacher

Ellen Watson practices and teaches bodywork, movement arts, meditation and breathwork at Esalen® Institute, Big Sur, CA. Among the work Ellen has developed and teaches is SpiritDance™. Teaching in inspiring locations around the globe, including Bali. Ellen is passionate about her work and spreading the good news about waking up, embracing, embodying and dancing through LIFE! See the Bali Retreats Calendar for upcoming events with Ellen or email her or visit www.movingventures.org

Cheri Rae – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Cheri Rae – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

It has been said numerous times that Cherie Rae makes yoga “fun, inspiring and makes sense."

From the old yogi to the first time student, I can promise you that YOGA will change your life.

I thought I was going to die during my first yoga class...... Now, I can tell you that after 15 years of doing..... yoga is my answer to stress, emotional eating, loving myself, patience, better listening, inner peace, road rage and most importantly, having fun in yoga. I will never stop learning so I attend yoga workshops and study with other teachers everywhere I travel.

Here's the best part, I believe yoga is a gift, so your gift to me is showing up for yourself.I really just want the whole world to feel amazing and that is the promise of yoga. I look so forward to "shinning my light" in Bali and perhaps lighting some wicks that may have either blown out or have yet to be illuminated…

So let's glow and grow to the oneness we were always meant to be.

Nick Woolsey - Poi Master & CSE (Chief Spinning Enthusiast)

Nick Woolsey - Poi Master & CSE (Chief Spinning Enthusiast)

Nick Woolsey began his involvement with movement arts in high school, where he practiced springboard diving and began dance classes. After high school he studied Chen style Taijiquan intensively with master Yau-Sun Tong in Halifax, NS. A knee injury somehow led to a long period of wayward traveling, during which he maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with movement practices. When he found Poi, it was what he'd been looking for all along. He applied techniques and principles from other art forms to Poi, and has been devoting himself to what he hopes can be a significant movement art, all of which fits into a threefold vision. He is fortunate to have a loving support community. He has taught Poi to hundreds of people around the world.

Kirsten Berg – Astanga Yoga Instructor


Kirsten began her exploration of movement, through dance, 20 years ago. Kirsten's introduction to yoga began in India in 1993. She studied at the Iyengar Yoga Study Center in Rishikesh and started Ashtanga Yoga with Rolf Naujokat in 1996. She has been a dedicated student of Sri K. Jois since 1997 and has returned to Mysore for 3-4 months of study every year since.

She teaches workshops and classes in the USA, India, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Europe. Kirsten was authorized to teach in 1999 and is currently one of few women learning Advanced "A" from Sri K.P. Jois.

Mitchell Gold – Astanga Yoga Instructor and Rolfer

Mitchell Gold

Mitchell first traveled to India In 1979 to deepen his knowledge of movement and meditation. In subsequent years he continued to gain expertise in a broad range of bodywork modalities; he has integrated this understanding during the last five years to inform his Ashtanga Yoga practice. Mitchell has been fortunate enough to study long-term annually under the guidance of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. In 2003 Mitchell was authorized to teach by Sri K.P. Jois. In the past three years he has also studied intensively with Dena Kingsberg. Mitchell is also a certified practitioner of Structural Integration ("Rolfing").

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