You’re waiting at the airport to board your flight back to Ubud, snacking on green granola and raw chocolate. You're dreaming of that first, sweet sip of a young coconut when you get back to Ubud, you then realize it’s happened…

I'm officially one of the tribe; I've become an Ubud yogi.

Here are 13 relatable signs to confirm that you have become an Ubud yogi:

  • You now show up to events slightly nervous and with no clue what to expect. But you leave having cried, laughed, and been hugged and truly seen by more people in the last two hours than over the last ten years.




  • You go to a restaurant and try to sit alone…but always end up in conversation with the person next to you who magically has exactly the answers you’ve been seeking for months.
  • Cocobiotic and Kombucha? Yes please.
  •  You’ve definitely brought your own smoothie bowl additions to breakfast on more than one occasion…. Or been 'that person' who completely tweaks the menu to create your perfect custom made smoothie bowl and end up paying twice as much with all the additions, but it was totally worth it, so who cares.
  • You know exactly which cafes in Ubud sell the best raw, vegan chocolate cakes and ice creams. You also know their prices, opening and closing times, where the best seats are, the staff probably know your name, you're already thinking about going back for the second time again today..



  • After walking down Jalan Hanoman, you frequently get home and can’t figure out where all the money you just took out from the ATM went. But oh my god, the clothes... these leggings and this mala and this vegan chocolate ice-cream are just too good, I                   HAD to. Just HAD to.
  • Glancing at your bank statement, you don't know whether to be embarrassed or proud of the fact that you’ve spent more money in yoga studios and raw food cafes than on your rent.
  • You watch the sunrise from your scooter almost every morning on your way to yoga class, and spend savasana watching it go down from the studio windows.
  • Your weekly laundry load looks like you just walked out of Bali Yoga Shop with one of their clothing baskets only drenched in ecstatic dance sweat.
  • You’ve got a different mala to match each pair of leggings/tank combo you own.
  • You’re cleaning out your day bag and find all those monthly Yoga Barn class schedules you’d been looking for, crumpled beneath your extra leggings and sarongs. Oh well, you memorized it weeks ago.
  • You know where the greenest green juices are in town, where you can get fresh (not frozen) wheat grass and green papaya shots. and all of the backstreets to avoid traffic on the way there.
  •  When your friends back home ask what you do all day long, you laugh and say, “Take class, eat, chat with friends,…it’s hard to put in words. You have to come visit.” As the plane back to Bali finally starts boarding, you walk to your seat, shoeless, and can’t wait to get back to the mat, to head to your favorite warung, and to get hugged a few times. You’ve found your Spirit in the warm, sweaty studios and sweet coconuts of Bali. And you can’t wait to be “home.”