1.Basundari Resort & Retreat Ubud 

Basundari is a tropical oasis set in the heart of the jungle, only a 5-min car drive away from the city center of Ubud. A safe space built for relaxation, inner healing and personal growth. Here they offer a way for their guests to connect with Mother Nature, leading to self-discovery and transformation.

Basundari offers 11 spacious rooms with unique design elements using up-cycled furniture and eco-friendly A/C to provide comfort to the tropical environment of Bali.

This 1200m² jungle style sanctuary has a total of 3 pools. A private infinity pool in the suite overlooking the lush jungle, a big pool at the center of our resort next to our massive Buddha and an infinity pool with the view of the rice fields. 

A spacious open-aired yoga shala is strategically placed deep in the jungle, where you can immerse in nature, marvel the breath taking view of giant bamboos and hear the soothing sound of the flowing river. An intimate space for wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, dance & healing.

They are committed to give you an unforgettable experience, leaving you feeling renewed, blessed and celebrated. 

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2. UBUD AURA Retreat

Located in the cultural center of Ubud, Ubud Aura is a peaceful retreat accommodation, offering a holistic healing program for body, mind and spirit. You can indulge in a retreat package, spend a pampering day in the  spa room or simply chill by the pool sipping on their special blend of herbal drink tonic. At Ubud Aura you can customize your retreat based on your needs, time and wishes. You can also join yoga classes at their sister company, Ubud Bodyworks Centre, one of the best massage and healing centers in Ubud.

Ubud Aura provides many options for Retreat Group Leaders. They facilitate your choices whether you design your own retreat program, choose their retreat packages, or a combination of those.

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3. OM HAM Resort & Retreat

One of Bali's unique holistic retreat, infused with love, good intention and tangible energy by Guru Ketut Arsana. It is a perfect place to recharge positive energy in ad awe-inspiring and natural environment. The resort is a 5 minute drive from Ubud center, surrounded by luscious gardens, holding the pure energy of the Mother Earth which makes it a perfect place for a healing journey, a hideaway retreat or even for bigger event such as gatherings and workshops. One of the most sacred space in the resort is Yantra Room, which has been blessed by Guru Ketut Arsana specially to host small groups and individual contemplation.

They also provide many options for Retreat Group Leaders who plan to run their own retreat at Om Ham. They are happy to support, help and facilitate your needs, whether you design your own retreat program, choose their retreat packages, or have a combination of their package and your design.

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4. Power of Now Oasis

Built 100% of bamboo, this center is a beautiful eco structure located right on the beach of Sanur, on the South Western coast of Bali. The shalas is caressed by the warm sea breeze and the sound of life on the beach. The classes are suitable for everybody and for every body. The team is lovely - lots of smiles and laughter around! - and the instructors are experienced and respectful of the body’s abilities and capabilities. Definitely an authentic space and place, to be visited when in Bali.

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5. Bagus Jati - Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Set on 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst emerald tinted forests at Sebatu village, Bagus Jati is at 20 km north of Ubud, 750m above sea level with fresh mountain air. A blessing in Bali! They offer holistic retreats with range of wellbeing facilities and programs, including yoga, meditation, rejuvenating spa treatments, ayurveda, detox program and nature & Balinese culture activities. The centre also hosts a day spa, three yoga rooms, Balinese multifunction compound, along with the restaurant that only uses fresh organic vegetables from both their onsite veggie patch and their sister farm resort - Bagus Agro Pelaga.

Besides individual travelers, retreat leaders are welcome to organise and plan their own program here inspired by the timeless Balinese hospitality and culture.

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6. Shambala Oceanside Retreat and Spa

Often called heaven on earth and located right on the ocean less than 2 hrs north from Ubud, it is perfect for retreats, seminars, yoga trainings, meditation seminars and tantra retreats. Shambala offers stunningly beautiful, boutique like rooms and houses, and a large octagon temple for group activities. Spacious octagon bungalows are situated in a lush garden of Eden next to the seaside.

The ambiance is very tranquil and uplifting and the loving staff brings out the best in all the retreats they host.

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