1. Trihita Alam Eco School, Denpasar

Trihita Alam Eco School provides education for children ages 18 months to 9 years old. The curriculum includes preschool, kindergarten and elementary learning education. The name of the school is inspired by Balinese Hindu philosophy Trihita Kirana meaning to live in harmony with God, nature, and others.

The school has no traditional classrooms with teachings taking place in outdoor nature and natural elements are used with recycled materials for conservation. Each child receives special focus on their needs and language and numbers are taught through game activities and play based solutions. Children care for animals in nature outside each day as they connect with nature and their peers.

International Schools in Bali Trihita Alam Eco School

2. Sunrise School, Kerobokan

The school provides a wide range of education options that focus on culture appreciation and artistic expression. Yoga classes are taught once a week with mediation sessions daily as well as weekly classes for global living value lessons and gardening activities. As one of the top international schools in Bali, Sunrise provides a high-quality full-service arts program with unique opportunities for all children.

The arts program helps students develop in areas such as theater, music, Balinese dance, and traditional Indonesian martial arts, Silat. Students learn creative ways to express their inner self through activities such as pottery and clothing design. Courses are available for modern interests including computer technology and language labs. Students will showcase their work through exhibitions and performances.

Children of all nationalities can learn the culture, language, and citizenship of Indonesia through language classes. These classes are designed to provide a detailed understanding of Indonesia and its importance as it relates to the education of students from all backgrounds.

3. Bali Island School 

The Bali International School (BIS) is a leader of high achieving students, over 90 percent of students move on to university after completion. Each class is small and manageable with 20 students each and roughly 80% of teachers are expats. BIS provides educational opportunities for primary students up through to 18 years old, and prepare students for university curriculum.

BIS curriculum is focused on the International Baccalaureate education. Students are prepped for career opportunities through unique and diverse internationally recognized learning solutions. It encourages students to look toward career opportunities available all around the world.

As the oldest school on the island, BIS has an established reputation as a leading IB World School since 1985. It is an accredited school with authority by the International Baccalaureate to provide learning solutions for preschool through to grade 12. Diploma programs are also available after primary and middle school learning. BIS has accreditation through being part of the Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges nonprofit, college predatory under Indonesian law.

4. Pelangi School (Yayasan Cahaya Pelangi), Ubud

The Pelangi School is a private not-for-profit that provides educational solutions to prepare students for local or global career opportunities through a holistic approach. The school provides affordable international education that focuses on preparing students for their future. Teachers create a multicultural learning environment that is close to nature with the school campus situated among rice fields. It is a community-orientated school and the natural environment helps students learn about nature and how to be more aware of themselves and their impact in the world.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) implements the education taught by teachers, both of international and Indonesian backgrounds. The IPC provides guidelines for the Indonesian curriculum. The primary language spoken is English and the second language is Bahasa Indonesia. Each child is nurtured to his or her potential through holistic teaching methods.

Pelangi school in Ubud best international schools in Bali

5. Canggu Community School 

As one of the best international schools in Bali, the Canggu Community School (CCS) provides learning opportunities for preschool, middle school, high school (through to age 19). It provides a large learning community for students with education established for the early years through senior secondary school. The school’s mission is to encourage students to be responsible lifelong learners by developing their confidence and social abilities to reach their full potential.

CCS provides course programs and life skills training that allows students to develop relationships with local organizations and associations. Students engage in volunteer programs that promote community service while helping others outside of their local community.

CCS is an established, reputable international school. It is governed by the non-profit organization of Yayasan Swamitra Internasional (YSI) since 2006.  The YSI supports and promotes the foundation of CCS through established initiatives for early years through to senior secondary schools. CCS is certified through Cambridge Assessment International Education so students study IB and IGCSEs so all students are prepared for further education and career opportunities all over the world.

6. Green School Bali 

The Green School is unique as it is green by nature and name. Education is provided to students in preschool through to high school levels. The school’s mission is through the Learning & Living Ambitions which presents an overall idea of qualities, competencies, and goals inspired by the community they hope to instill in the students. Their mission statement states it is a community of learners making the world sustainable.

The Green School provides a curriculum that nurtures and respects nature. It encourages students to get to know the world around them while promoting stewardship and environmental awareness to establish ecological values. Students are prepared for the changing modern world and are taught how to be environmentally responsible now and in the future. They practice and model life skills essential to their personal goals and the mindset they need to succeed.

Bali Schools - the green school

The learning environment at The Green School is so unique and open to nature, with open buildings with no walls all made from bamboo. Students learn about non-profits, recycling, organic farming, and how to start sustainable businesses. Students use natural resources such animal husbandry, bamboo, and the campus food garden as tools of engagement and awareness. Students learn the significance of land integration among people and how to provide shelter, energy, and food in a conservative, sustainable way.

We hope you have gained more insight on quality international schooling options available in Bali. While we have just highlighted a few unique Bali schools mentioned, we hope this gives you an idea of what Bali international schools can do for your child and how they have helped countless others. Choosing the right school is a big decision and researching and visiting these schools is important to ensure the best learning experience for your child.