1. Balinese spirituality will guide your daily practice.

Your spiritual journey won’t be limited to the hours of your yoga teacher training. As soon as you step out of class, a wave of spirituality will beautifully hit you. You’ll be living on the Island of the Gods, where the Balinese Hindu practices touch every aspect of the ordinary life. Simple gestures are laden with meaning and spiritual awareness. You’ll learn from the local Balinese timeless culture: live the present moment, practice gratitude through the daily offerings and notice the genuine beauty of the surrounding Nature. Simply walk into one of the hundred temples and listen: first the silence, then the mantras and the gongs will show you the way.

Spirituality in Bali part of the yoga teacher training experience. Balinese people praying in the temple

2.  Lush nature will help you to let go and relax.

Cherishing nature can be such a joyful spiritual practice too. In Bali, you can explore the lush tropical jungle, the pristine white beaches and hike the peaks of the sacred mountains. You’ll leave all your worries behind: finally letting go and reaching a profound sense of relaxation. You will sleep better and rise earlier, just like the Balinese to make the most of an exciting day ahead, entirely dedicated to your body, your mind and your practice.

Beautiful scenery in Ubud Bali typical of a yoga teacher training program in Bali

3. Your adventurous self will come out and play!

Do you ride waves like a pro or are you craving to get a hit of the surfing adrenaline? Are you an ambitious volcano hiker or a chilled bushwalker? In Bali there’s room for all the adventurous people out there. During a break from your course, you can try any type of outdoor activity. From snorkeling to diving, surfing and paddleboarding; from hiking up Mount Batur to white river rafting and jungle treks. Careful though, you might find mesmerising secret spots, waterfalls hiden in caves, natural hot springs and may never want to get back to reality!

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YTT in Bali climb mount Batur and watch the sunrise

4. Holistic and Healing practices will enrich your learning process.

Nurture your body in order to nurture your soul. A YTT is surely an intense experience and Bali is a centre for spiritual healing attracting many highly skilled experts in holistic health. Your yoga teacher training in Bali will allow you to do extra holistic and healing work. Including healing treatments (Reiki, acupuncture, Ayurveda and craniosacral therapy), detox and cleanse programs, supported by the best that Bali’s nature has to offer, the juiciest tropical fruits and local spices. Last but not least, the famous Balinese massages and spas: switch off your brain and pamper yourself to haven.

Tip: you must give a try to the local jamu!

yoga teacher training holistic healing and spas in Bali. Balinese massage

5. Life on the island is affordable and safe.

Bali offers a wide range of accommodations, cheap and safe for any kind of traveller. You’ll be able to get a luxurious place for a very affordable price, including WIFI and air-conditioning. If you are looking for a more authentic experience instead, choose a cozy room in one of the many Balinese homestays: you’ll live closer to the local way of life, in the safety and lively buzz of a Balinese family compound.

6. Local food and tropical fruits are DELICIOUS!

Just imagine, a rainbow of tropical fruits with powerful healing properties. Every morning in Bali you can wake up to a colourful and mouthwatering smoothie bowl accompanied by a cold pressed fresh juice. It will taste amazing, you will feel good and everyday you’ll start your Bali YTT with a healthy head. On the island, there are an enormous range of healthy foods and restaurants, catering to all culinary taste and dietary needs: vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are everywhere, together with foods from all over the world. As well as the local Indonesian and Balinese cuisines in local warungs (cafes) which offer explosions of spices and flavours like sambal matah, nasi campur, gado-gado and sate ayam.

Healthy Bali tropical fruits. Bali yoga teacher training experience

7. Leading yoga teachers love to hang in Bali.

You probably know this already: Bali is one of the favorite destinations for yogis, yoginis and leading yoga teachers. You will learn and practice with reputable local and international yoga schools and gurus, something that will make you Bali YTT even more special and transforming. Also, the yoga shalas on the island are dreamy, they often bamboo-made, surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife or the impetuous ocean.

8. True story: Bali attracts inspiring individuals.

Nature, adventures, local culture, food and yoga practice….what else? During your Bali yoga teacher training course, you’ll encounter inspiring like-minded individuals, that will share and enrich your personal journey with new perspectives and ideas. You will end up with a global tribe of new lifetime friends, which will support you through your transition and, most of all, will help you to have fun during the process!

Before you begin any yoga teacher training course it is important to spend some time and really do your research before you invest the time and money into a YTT. We suggest you to check the syllabus in detail of the course, read reviews from past students and talk to the teacher.

In general, this is what you could expect to learn on a yoga teacher training course:

  • The History of yoga including the lineage of various yogi masters, yoga sutras and an introduction into Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and beliefs.
  • General anatomy and the correct and safe alignment of postures
  • Meditation and pranayama techniques and exercises (how to practice and teach)
  • A guide to nutrition and overall health and wellness for mind, body and spirit.
  • How to start or improve your own self-study and daily practice of yoga - on and off the mat.
  • Principles of yoga teaching: demonstration, observation, assisting, modifying, sequencing and understanding the benefits and contraindications of poses for students of different levels.
  • General introduction to prenatal yoga (but usually to safely teach prenatal yoga you will need to take a prenatal specific yoga teacher training)
  • The ethics of being a yoga teacher and an introduction into the business of yoga - how to market yourself, finding your niche, pricing, planning workshops, retreats etc.

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