The different types of Bali Health Retreats

Detox Retreats

Detox is one of the most common Bali health retreats. “Detoxing” literally means to get rid of toxins stuck in our bodies. There are many ways of doing it, including fasting programs, juice cleanses, and other dietary programs, often paired up with physical activities, sauna therapies and colon hydrotherapy. The length of a detox can vary according to one’s needs and most retreats offer personalised packages. Bali’s nature is rich in nurturing tropical fruits, energizing coconut water and other healing plants. People can even do a DIY juice cleanse by making their own or buying it at the many local juice shops. However, joining a Bali detox retreat helps with commitment and accountability. Moreover, having an expert and professional help by the retreat’s nutritionists and specialists is key for a safe and successful detox. So, DIY is great, but seeking professional expertise is always better.



Originated in the Vedic culture of India almost 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda practices are at the roots of Tibetan and Chinese traditional medicine and are also practiced in Southeast Asia. The island of Bali hosts several Ayurvedic centers and spas, focused on holistic practices to heal and balance mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda (Ayu = life veda = science of knowledge) is not a mere cure to illnesses, it’s an holistic practice that introduces ancient wisdom for the body and to all the different aspects of life, including routines and behaviours. Ayurveda massages are special, including aromatherapy and healing oils, perfect to regenerate the spirit during a Bali health retreat.

Detox and Ayurveda retreats are only two of the many that can be found in Bali. Special practices like sound healing, craniosacral therapies and even dance retreats, are taking the island by storm. It won’t be difficult to find a retreat meeting one’s special needs and wishes.

What are the benefits of a Bali Health Retreat?

Health Retreats in Bali Spa

Bali is the Asian mecca for yogis and yoginis all around the globe. What are the differences and the benefits between a Bali yoga and a Bali health retreat? It really depends on what someone is looking for, but most of all, on what someone’s body is asking for. Yoga retreats are great to find balance between mind, body and spirit, in an active way. An already stressed and tired body though, might find it overwhelming. That’s when health retreats come in. They focus more on the ‘yin’ side of the practice, offering deep healing in a less intense, yet precise and effective way.

A health retreat in Bali can restore and give a brand new boost of life-energy, a radiant appearance and a kick to the immune system. Ayurvedic practices rejuvenate all levels of being; they can literally shift one’s life, patterns and behaviours. Sound healing and dance have a magical effect on the body and mind as well. They help to unwind and dig deeper into different layers of consciousness. Movement and sound become tools for powerful meditation, and new found bliss.

Why Bali is a perfect place for a Health Retreat

Holistic and healing practices are intrinsic to Balinese timeless culture, permeated by a deep spirituality tracing back to thousands of years ago. Also, what about the power of nature? Even just being immersed in between the lush tropical jungle, or overlooking green rice fields, or kissed by the ocean breeze is a health retreat alone. 

Mama Bali also offers the precious gift of fruits, plants and herbs, key for our health, and for a cheap price. Think about drinking litres of fresh coconut water every day, rich in minerals and nutrients for the body. Or having fresh cold-pressed juices and tumeric shots, bliss for the liver and the gut. And the ginger! All gifts from the earth of the Island of the Gods. Also, Bali is home of ancient healers, together with health experts and professionals from all over the world, who relocate here and run world-class health retreats.

Health Retreats in Bali Meditation

The local nature, culture and spirituality are all ingredients that make a Bali health retreat a unique and well-worth experience. Perfect for a mindful and nurturing vacation, health retreats in Bali, many and of various type, meeting everyone’s needs, preferences and, most of all, intentions. What a blissful place to be and reconnect with the body, mind and soul.


Find a selection of Bali Health Retreats here:


Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat

Singapadu Kaler, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency

Solana is a fully sustainable luxury wellness resort curated by a team of world renowned eco-friendly architects using only 100% natural materials. It is nestled along the tropical bank of a sparkling river, across from a majestic waterfall, and only a 15 min car ride from the heart of Ubud.  

The all-natural environment softly relaxes your internal systems and gently shifts your body into a state of equilibrium and relaxation. Rooms are rounded and spacious, with large outdoor bathrooms, deep tubs and an outdoor deck, some with a waterfall view. With a total of seven luxury rooms, Solana embodies an intimate and quiet setting to fully experience yourself in.

The all-natural bio-filtered pool is powered by plants and overlooks the jungle ravine and river. Our yoga sanctuary also has breathtaking tropical views and is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, meditation, and yoga.

Our holistic approach to health exists to support our guests in creating the life they desire and deserve to live as they are immersed in an experience of deep rest and serene transformation. Choose from one of our four life changing 7-day programs that include organic locally sourced plant-based nutrition, luxury accommodation, morning/afternoon yoga and meditation classes, daily check-ins, emotional support, massage, sauna skin detox, Balinese cultural ceremonies and so much more. Solana is known for delivering the experience of a lifetime. You will embark upon the rest of your journey feeling completely revitalized and ready for anything.  For more information on our 7-day All Inclusive Luxury Wellness Retreats, click HERE


Power of Now Oasis ~ Bali Health Oasis

Jl. Retro Beach, Sanur Kauh, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80224

Surrender your mind, and heal your body at this beautiful beachside bamboo studio: Power of Now Oasis. It is an established yoga studio, school, and healing centre, in the beachfront village of Sanur, Bali.

The specially designed retreats will rejuvenate you from the inside-out. You will be guided through activities that are designed to relax your mind and body. Individually, or in a group, choose the best option to suit you.

Established in 2010, and specialising in 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training for Hatha & Vinyasa yoga; Power of Now Oasis provides quality education in a safe environment conducive to personal growth, transformation, and spiritual journey.


Banjar Jati, Desa Sebatu, Kec.Tegallalang, Kab.Gianyar P.O. Box 04 Ubud 80561, Bali - Indonesia

Bali’s premier Health and Wellbeing Retreat, Bagus Jati is set on 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst emerald tinted forests at the north of Ubud, Bali. It is 750m above sea level with fresh mountain air and pleasant climate (approx. 20 – 25 Celsius degrees). Bagus Jati offers a holistic retreat with a range of wellbeing facilities and programs, covering Yoga, Meditation, as well as rejuvenating Spa treatment which includes Ayurveda, detox, nature and Balinese culture programs.

The health and wellbeing facilities include a day spa, three specially designed yoga rooms, one main swimming pool, a pool side café, a traditional open air Balinese kitchen, a wedding compound, along with a restaurant that uses fresh organic vegetables, coming from their onsite garden and their sister company – Bagus Agro Pelaga.
Guests can choose between 36 accommodation options, all coming with a comfortable veranda and wide windows to overlook the tropical forest. It is the ideal health center for individual travellers, couples, as well as various kinds of Mind Body Soul & Spirit retreat groups. ESCAPE the daily stress of life, Learn to live well.

Blooming Lotus Yoga

Br. Mawang Kaja, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571

Blooming Lotus Yoga is a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Ubud, that is well known for its emphasis on classical yoga.  This world-class retreat center offers yoga retreats that start every Sunday, as well as yoga teacher training courses and silent meditation retreats throughout the year.

The uniqueness of Blooming Lotus Yoga is really in the yoga school’s spiritual approach to yoga. Deeply rooted in classical yoga philosophy and practice, the emphasis of their retreats is upon empowering students with an integral and comprehensive understanding of both the theory and practice of the deeper aspects of yoga. Yoga asana is definitely a priority, however, for those ready to explore the yoga in a more integral and comprehensive way their retreats are a rare gem of clarity, lucidity and deep knowledge.

In addition, the retreats feature workshops on a diverse range of subject matter ranging from diet, healing, yogic lifestyle, Ayurveda, chakras, how to integrate yogic ideals into daily life and more.
Overall Blooming Lotus Yoga is a great choice if you are looking for a complete yoga experience including its healing aspects, at affordable prices in a stunning natural environment.

Weekly Retreats at Prana Veda Sanctuary

Jalan Arcana, Bondalem, Tejakula-Buleleng, Bondalem, Tejakula, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81173
Every Sunday, Prana Veda Sanctuary invites to a different health retreat, such as‘Ayurvedic Week’ or ‘Healing Energy week’ including daily Yoga, Meditation, Yin Yoga classes and Healing Sessions, excursion to a waterfall, traditional Balinese children dance and cooking class.

The hidden retreat paradise is situated on the north coast of Bali, far away from the main tourist stream, where you still find the Island of the Gods in its traditional, spiritual and magical variety. In the heart of the Sanctuary is a Therapy Watsu Pool (with 35 degree warm water), which serves for Aquatic Body Work. Aqua Healing is using the healing power of water for an inner journey into yourself – experience drifting, floating, freedom and surrender in weightlessness. In the Ayurvedic Spa, guests can be pampered with different healing treatments.
It is a magical health retreat place of beauty, stillness and peace, where you can experience a personal transformation and healing, combined with time to reflect and dive into deep awareness, or maybe just an opportunity to read, write, or spoil yourself through rejuvenating arts. Here you will find endless space to inhale … breath deeply … and absorb the unlimited extent of the sea and just be.

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