Best of Bali Highlights Map

1. Ubud

Located in the exhilarating mountains between the lush jungle and stunning rice terraces you can experience the cultural and spiritual heart of the island which attracts yogis and all with a dignified sense of beauty and art for centuries. The streets are lined with boutiques and galleries, world class yoga studios and retreats with mind opening workshops and healthy delicious food is found in nearly every restaurant and café. The famous Ubud culture is a state of mind and a beautiful state of being. For more info about things to do in Ubud click here.

Best of Bali Highlishts Ubud

2. Beaches

This tropical island is surrounded by fantastic beaches: from dramatically rugged coastline scenery at the Bukit Peninsula, to the great sweeping stretch of golden sand at the 12km long sand surf beaches of Kuta and lovely white coves at Nusa Penida. See traditional salt and seaweed farming at the quiet Northern coast, indulge sun and fun at the calm beaches of Sanur & Candidasa, dine in the freshest seafood during sunset at Jimbaran Beach and watch colorful Balinese ceremonies under sunbrellas in the sand. Grab a sunbed, your favorite read and be lulled by the waves.

Best of Bali Highlights Beaches

3. Temples

The impressive and outstanding architecture makes the visit of Balinese temples a unique experience. Several became iconic landmarks and some of the most ancient and holy ones dot the highlands and coastlines. Our favorites are: Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Pura Tanah Lot, Pura Besakih, Pura Taman Ayon, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and Pura Ulun Danu Batur. Do not forget to wear decent clothes/bring a sarong and behave respectfully, otherwise entry will be denied. Your are interested in Balinese ceremonies? Get more information here.

Best of Bali Highlights Temples

4. Surfing

Perfect conditions and world class spots in every direction attracts surfers from around the globe since the early 70’s. If the month contains the letter ‘r’ go east, during the other months go west. The famous waves for advanced surfers are mostly in the southern part of the island or around the Bukit Peninsula. Their scooters, with the attached board rack, can be spotted along the coastline while in search of the next big break. Too flat or windy? Easy…the next spot is just another 5 minutes away.

Best of Bali Highlights Surfing

5. Shopping

The eco-friendly community is in love with artistic and creative handicrafts from this tropical island. For generations the artists have used natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, stone and coconut. Look out for export goods or souvenirs in the showrooms directly or from the villages/craftsmen around Ubud or visit the famous Ubud Art Market. For more convenient shopping of clothes and accessories you will be satisfied at the big Outlets and Shopping Malls in Kuta and Sanur. Click here to find out the best natural products in Bali!

Best of Bali Highlights

6. Diving/Snorkeling

Rent some gear and enjoy the iconic underwater world in the tropical warm sea along the coastline.  Jump in the water to see impressive ship wrecks through your goggles around Amed. Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are notorious for excellent coral reefs with plenty of manta rays and drift dives in crystal clear water. Inside a huge national park, you will find the legendary protected Pulau Menjangan enthralls with coral walls and deep diving. There are numerous professional schools that offer all kinds of courses under very cozy conditions. 

Best of Bali Highlights Snorkeling Diving

7. Canggu

The hippest area of the island, and the fastest growing one - Imagine Expats and Digital Nomads in fancy villas amid a traditional Balinese village neighborhood surrounded by rice paddies. Between the mazes of too narrow lanes you’ll find tasty restaurants, offbeat cafes, unique shops and yoga. Although the buzz about Canggu is getting bigger, it is still a previously hidden corner of Bali with a cool, alternative undercurrent and a surf-shack groove. For more info about Yoga in Canggu click here

Best of Bali Highlights Canggu

8. Nature

Right in the middle of the Indonesian Archipelago lie the visually dramatic tropical island of Bali, with a string of active volcanoes (Many around 2000m). Enjoy the view of huge, beautiful lakes up in the mountains, take a swim or even slide in one of the numerous waterfalls. Try bird watching in the national park to spot the only endemic species on the island: the Bali Myna. Escape the hectic and touristic south for a daytrip to the cooler mountains and have a look at the fascinating fauna & flora in the renowned botanical gardens for some quiet and relaxing moments. Or just enjoy hundreds of miles of world class beaches. Click here to find the most authentic natural tours in Bali.

Best of Bali Highlights Nature Waterfall


South East Asia and especially Bali is such a magical corner of the world that it can seem quite overwhelming when deciding where to go first. Give yourself something to look forward to by booking a break to beautiful Bali. 

Best of Bali Highlights Canggu Beach