Bali has an abundance of natural produce that there is no surprise there are some incredible eco-friendly places to buy organic and natural products. From natural coconut oil, essential oils and massage oils, soaps, shampoos, body lotions, candles and even bug spray… there is a huge choice for natural products available in Bali. All of which support local farmers, are environmentally friendly and are great for your body and skin too!

Our favorite Bali natural brands are:

1. Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals is a feel-good company founded since 2000 in the small, quiet fishing village of Jasri, Karangasem on the east coast of Bali. From their humble beginnings with just 3 employees, Sensatia was started as a profit-sharing cooperation.

Sensatia is proud to stand as a company that promotes equality amongst workers and administrators, and believes deeply in growing together as a community. To support this, the company is very proud of the fact that Sensatia Botanicals employees are 20% shareholders of the principal production company PT. Sensatia Botanicals.

The company has grown considerably due to the incredible support from people like you, and they now have a strong team of 65 dedicated individuals. Every day they work to produce international quality products and are the first and only GMP Certified production facility in Bali. Sensatia Botanicals have a complete QC department, a certified calibrated microbiology & chemical lab and a pharmacist that oversees the production and safety assessment of every single batch before it leaves Sensatia’s production facility.

Staying true, honest and focused to what is most important to Sensatia. In their words:

“...Our purpose is greater than that of just profit, but rather supporting a healthy lifestyle through a fine balance of work, of play & of friends for life... Join us!”

Sensatia Botanicals stores are located in Karangasem, Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Kuta. For more information visit


2. Chok Chok Chocolate

Chok Chok is a Balinese chocolatier, locally and hand produced, the small team make healthful, organic and delicious chocolate bars one at a time for conscious consumers. Pure and natural dark chocolate in 3 delicious flavours: Gila Gila: Chocolate and caramelized almonds, Chok’lapa: Chocolate and almond bar with a coconut, vanilla, almond butter topping and Wedang the standard chocolate bar with traditional Jawanese spices: Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Pandan and Vanilla!

Chok Chok only distribute locally so production is limited to just 150 bars a day…. Enjoy and grab one while you can! You can find Chok Chok in healthy cafe's and supermarkets across Ubud. Find out more at

 "I found it not quite by accident, as Warung Guero is the family distributor of one of the islands' best chocolate bars, Chok Chok Chocolate. All organic and super-healthy, in Europe it might be called artisanal, but I call it magic. It's chocolate so rich in goodness you can eat it for breakfast, and some people even say they have lost weight by eating it. It comes in three flavours and the only imported ingredients are the almonds. The packaging has Balinese artwork on it, and, since the quality is given the okay by the Australian quarantine department, you can take it home to share with friends." – Hello Bali Magazine

3. Bali Balance

Bali Balance is proud to offer a complete line of natural products containing superior Balinese plants - hand selected to ensure highest quality. They work with local Balinese communities in the creation of all their products in order to give back to the beautiful island paradise where their products originate. For centuries, the Balinese people have used pure natural coconut oil, flower extracts, pure essential oils and herbs to nourish, moisturize and beautify the skin, hair and body. Only the finest quality ingredients are utilized in every Bali Balance formulation. 

A Bali natural product made with love, all their products are free from chemicals and paragons and support the environment in the following ways:

  • No Animal Cruelty involved in the making of products.
  • No Palm Oil/Wax
  • Highest Quality Pure Oils 
  • Supporting Local Farmers

Bali Balance passionately advocate the simple philosophy of creating products that are fresh, natural and superior in quality, while respecting Bali’s people, culture and environment. All products are quality assured and are affordable and available to purchase for less in bulk. Made according to Swiss Standards, Bali Balance products are ideal for adults of any skin type as well as children. Join the revolution and get Bali Balanced!

For more information visit

4. Blue Stone Botanicals 

Blue Stone Botanicals are awed by the natural power of plants to benefit body and mind, and are dedicated to helping people make use of these botanical wonders in their daily lives. Inspired by the plant-based healing traditions of the island peoples of Bali and Java, Blue Stone’s botanicals are gentle on your body and gentle to the earth. Located in the village of Ubud, Blue Stone Botanicals' make and sell premium quality Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, healing Lip & Body Balms, botanically infused Body Oils, and naturally cleansing Balinese Bath Soap. All hand-prepared in time-honored tradition using 100% natural ingredients (and no palm oil!).

Visit their shops on Jl. Dewi Sita, in the heart of Ubud, Bali 
or online at

Phone: +62 812 3611 9431

5. Utama Spice

Utama Spice's skin care and aromatherapy system is a dynamic approach to the well-being of the body and mind. Their products are made from simple, natural ingredients with naturally distilled essential oils. Parabens, chemical binders or synthetics of any sort are never used in Utama Spice products and each and every batch is made by hand from scratch.    

Visit their shops, located in Ubud and Sanur:

Ubud:  Jln monkey forest 130M from the forest. | Tel: +62 (0) 85 100 853 155  | Open Monday – Sunday 9am - 8.30pm

Sanur:  Jalan Danau Poso 57, Sanur, Bali | Tel +62 (0) 361 282 836 | Open Monday – Sunday 9am - 8pm

Or shop online at:

6. Love Pure - Skincare Bali

Love Pure means professional nutrition for the body & soul and a healthier lifestyle. Botanical, handmade, 100% vegan & eco-friendly skincare products, with natural and organic ingredients that improve the skin’s appearance & make your inner self shine.

Connect with yourself and nature.

The aim is to inspire and help you to rediscover your natural balance and your inner and outer beauty by coming back to the essence of Mother Earth and connecting with yourself. Love Pure wants to inspire you to do more than just adding natural ingredients into your daily routine, they want to integrate a holistic change in your life. Helping you to connect with your inner self and the wonders of nature to let your innate beauty glow. Every drop of their products is crafted with passion, care and precision using the best botanical ingredients for you. 100% Botanical | Handmade. Not tested on animals


Connect with Love Pure via their website or by phone:+62 81337220471.


Balipura offer All-In-One Healing Aromatherapy Products which carry a combination of healing technologies that come together to aid you in your process. They use technologies like Energy of Crystals, Planetary & Flower essences, Energetic & Sound & Vibrational healing, Aromatherapy and Balinese full moon blessing.

All sprays are fully handmade and produced under the cycles of the moon, followed by a full moon ceremony with blessings. At Balipura it is believed, that within our cells, we are sound and vibration. And that by putting these Crystal vibrations onto our Aura, it invites our most deeper energies to step into these vibrations, thus creating healing. By using the sprays regularly we teach our system a new state of being and heal.

More information about Balipura.