Greater accessibility for full time moms/ workers and students

It's not easy to take a whole month away from your regular life to do a yoga teacher training, especially if you have young kids, if you are still employed full time or if you are studying full time. But with the option of doing your training anytime anywhere, a lot more people now find that they can suddenly fit a 200-hr training into their otherwise busy schedule.

Diversity experience

Because students no longer need to invest in travel and accommodation costs, more people are able to afford to participate in YTTs- even if their physical location is far away and they would not have normally been able to cover the extra expenses. Online YTTs now have a more diverse student base and that is great experience for a future yoga teacher.

You don't need to remember it all

Many trainings are offering long-term access to the online videos or materials. You don't need to be an amazing note-taker or have perfect memory because you can watch the lessons even after the trainig has completed.

If you have been hoping to come to Bali for a yoga teacher training before covid-19, could we tempt you with some online options instead? You get the full benefit of the amazing faculty along with the extra benefits mentioned above! Check these out:

Loka Yoga Teacher Training

Internationally certified and known as one of Bali's most trusted yoga schools, Loka Yoga School now offer their famous trainings online!  Delivered by a team of experts and medical professionals to take you to the next level of your knowledge and practice.  Enjoy diving deep into Yin Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork with their comprehensive, self-paced trainings delivered on a professional user-friendly learning management system and fully accredited with Yoga Alliance so you will be certified to teach each respective subject anywhere in the world!  

For further information on each offering, click on: 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training or 10-hour Meditation training or 200-hour teacher training in Bali.

For a limited time, receive both Yin Yoga and Meditation trainings for only $447!!!  ENTER COUPON CODE: BALISPIRIT20

Online 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Ubud Yoga House

Your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher:

  • Online 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training.  
  • All sessions are pre-recorded.  
  • Work at your own pace.  
  • Course can be started anytime as long as it is completed by december 30, 2020. 
  • The course includes online training, yoga alliance certificate, and one month free yoga at the Ubud Yoga House when Bali reopens.

Learn more and sign up here.

Yoga Bliss Online Yoga Tecaher Training

Those unable to travel to the amazing island of Nusa Lembongan, one of the most magical yoga destinations in Indonesia, can still embark on one of Yoga Bliss’ quality online yoga teacher training led by Senior International Teachers Gwen Ferreira and Lisa Nelson. 

With courses offering in depth studies in asana (posture), classical pranayama, meditation, the science behind creative and purposeful sequencing and how to construct deep restorative and Yin practices; each of Yoga Bliss’s online courses can be studied as single modules, in bundles of 40 and 50 hours, or as 100 hours to be supplemented by 100 hours of asana in person.  

Each course offers a suggested timetable, but can be studied at your own pace, with lifetime access to the course materials, and are designed with the tools and support in mind for those who want to go on to be teachers.

Get more details here!

Bali Yoga School

Recognized as one of the best yoga schools in Bali for yoga teacher training courses & yoga retreat with years of profound experience listening to the needs of yoga students, Bali Yoga School continues to help yoga learners in making yoga accessible with experienced yoga teachers and instructors from around the world who make your stay at Bali Yoga School unforgettable. The school now offers online teacher trainings - 100 hours, 200 hours and even 300 hours with prerecorded classes that you can do anytime anywhere forever as well as live online sessions and even one-on-time with teachers to ask all your questions and get personal attention. Get in touch at or visit their website here.

Other Online Yoga Classes from Bali

Not ready to dive into a full online yoga teacher training just yet? We've got the next best thing - try a class, a live zoom workshop or a smaller online program on! Register for free and choose a monthly subscription which gives unlimited access or purchase any class for just $5.


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