In the first article of this series, we want to focus on Sustainable Shopping in Bali.

How does sustainable shopping influence our health?

Carefully selecting the products we buy can be very beneficial for our health. Sustainable produce uses natural materials or ingredients, avoiding chemicals that could harm our body. This can be organic, seasonal, and local food instead of imported or processed products. It can mean choosing clothes that are produced sustainably, without materials or chemicals harmful to our skin. It is selecting low-emission furniture made from locally grown solid wood, and so on.

How does sustainable shopping influence our environment?

When buying with awareness of sustainability, we buy local produce to avoid high emissions due to shipping. Also, the production itself should be done in a way that uses less energy and preferably renewable energy sources. Chemicals and pesticides should be avoided so that the adverse effects on nature are reduced. Is the company we support with our purchase doing its part to nourish mother earth? Planting trees or investing in environmental programs are ways to do so. The BaliSpirit group for example has launched Bali ReGreen – a Bamboo Reforestation project.

Another positive effect of buying local is the support of the local communities and, therefore, the local social system, employment market, etc. So if you are in Bali and buy local, you strengthen the communities here.

Whenever you shop, keep in mind that by spending your money on something, you are contributing to the impact that brand has on the world, so better shop wisely.


Want to shop sustainably? Here are 6 things to check before you buy a product:

  1. Is the product you purchase recycled or upcycled? Can it be reused?

  2. Is the use of mother earth's resources reduced?

  3. Was the product created under fair working conditions?

  4. Is the product produced locally?

  5. Does the company you shop from protect animals / does not do animal testing?

  6. Is the product you buy representing your beliefs?


Where to shop sustainably in Bali – Online and in-store.

Bali is a hub of creatives, performing their arts and crafts. No surprise that this is also visible in its local businesses. Their ideas, combined with sustainable production and local resources, have brought up a choice of sustainable brands to shop from. In addition to that, Bali's nourishing soil is excellent for growing all kinds of vegetables and fruit, rice, and other produce. While there exist already various providers of organic food, local initiatives like The Yogi’s Garden aim to teach more and more farmers how to grow organically. Especially during the Pandemic, many Balinese have gone back to their homelands and (re-)turned to agriculture. Let's see what future impact that has on organic produce in Bali.

As many people are aware of the growing plastic garbage on the island, several initiatives have formed to recycle and reuse it. We will introduce those initiatives to you in our upcoming article. One option to support these initiatives besides collecting trash is to buy their products.

And here we go now with a selection of sustainable shops in Bali – online and in-store. We recommend to always have a look at their Instagram Profiles too. Many shops offer their products there, easy to order via direct message.


Bali Yoga Shop

Bali Yoga Shop, a one-stop shop for all things yoga, but not limited to. Bali yoga shop was founded with the intention of providing practical designs for head-to-toe basics for yoga and daily wear. All of their products are locally made, with the good intention to express and support the spirit of Bali.

They are redefining their responsibility by empowering local producers through localized manufacturing, fair wage, human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

The Materials
Bali Yoga Shop sets about high-quality sourcing products that are made carefully from the curated material, responsibly to those who make it, and with consideration to their customers.

The Process
In their efforts to find the right partners for fabric and production, they spend months finding the best local producers and manufacturers within Bali. Defined as garments made, designed and constructed in this blessed island of Bali, they aim to contribute to the local economy by supporting small local producers in the process, while also reducing waste, landfill and their overall carbon footprint.

Designed to Last
At Bali Yoga Shop, they’re not big on trends. They want you to wear their pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why they source the finest materials and manufacturers for their timeless products.

Whatsapp: +62 813-3857-6450
Instagram: @baliyogashop


Zero Waste Bali

Zero Waste Bali, Bali's first bulk food store, offers over 500 products online plastic-free. The healthy food store, grocery, and convenience store has everything you need: Essential boxes with a focus on supporting local, nuts, seeds, pasta, spices, chocolate, vinegar, superfood, body, hair care, cleaning products, organic and non-organic food items, and some specialty import items. Zero Waste Bali is committed to reducing plastic on Bali, offering FREE DELIVERY for all orders with a minimum spend of 450k. Orders below 450k customers can arrange gojek or pick up on their own. Zero Waste Bali's aim is to reduce plastic by also offering a REFILL SERVICE. It's simple and easy. Customers send their containers to either the Kerobokan or Ubud stores, order online, or WA 087862305959. The lovely staff will refill your containers and jars, leaving you more time to spend with family and loved ones.

Be the change with Zero Waste Bali, and help reduce the waste you produce. Order what you need plastic-free via

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IG @zerowastebali
FB @zerowastebali



Jalan Raya Anyar No.30 Kerobokan Bali Phone & WA +6287862305959 Monday-Saturday 08:00 – 20:00 Sunday 08:00 – 20:00


Jalan Raya Sayan, Singakerta, Ubud, Kab Gianyar Bali Phone +62 812 36293085 WA +62 813 53857357 Monday-Saturday 10:00 – 16:00




RIMMBA produces original fine garments which are sewn skilfully and with dignity, and which are meant to be worn and cherished over many years. By doing their best to recycle, up-cycle, regenerate and reduce their waste, they aim to challenge current modes of production in the fashion industry, and create beautiful, sustainable clothing. From sourcing fabric, to dyeing, to manufacturing and packaging – RIMMBA tries to leave softer footprints on our planet as much as they can.
As a brand that advocates for sustainability and challenges fast fashion, they make sure all their fabrics are responsibly sourced natural fabrics such as, cottons, linens, silk and ramie. They are also passionate about preserving Indonesia’s cultural heritage of natural dyes. Using traditional techniques, they make their natural dyes from native Indonesian botanicals such as berries, leaves, bark, wood and seeds. Follow their IG story highlights to see their step by step process on how they work with plant-based dyes @rimmba_thebrand.
Visit their website WWW.RIMMBA.COM and join the sustainable fashion movement.  They provide free shipping for orders over $200. If you are shopping in Bali, you can locate their full collection at Bali Boat Shed Seminyak and Mila the Lable Oberoi/ Canggu.



Bali Boo

Bali Boo is a small brand with a very big mission, stopping plastic pollution once and for all. With a beautiful range of ethically made, high-quality, sustainable products, Bali Boo has been at the forefront of the fight against plastic worldwide, and locally.
With a powerful motto of "Think Global, Act Local, but Act Global too" Bali Boo are not only helping people around the world with Natural Alternatives to Plastic. In Bali, their campaign "TheEarthSaysThanks" also provides local businesses in Bali with free Bamboo Straws in exchange for plastic ones. Kudos for a good job! Check out their range of Bamboo Straws, Coconut Bowls, Bamboo Cutlery and other eco-friendly products, check them out!

Find an overview of organic markets here and where to get natural products here.

Shopping sustainably means to reduce the use of earth's resources, reuse and recycle/upcycle, honor local culture and tradition, and reducing the footprint. We highly encourage you to consider more sustainable shopping in Bali, in the love of this beautiful island and in honor of its natural resources.

Easy-to-Adapt Actions When Doing Your Shopping:

  • Shop locally
  • Shop seasonal
  • Shop Packaging-free
  • No Food Waste - check out this NGO
  • Bring your bag
  • Bring your box when getting takeaway food