Vegan Events in Bali

Bali Vegan Festival

At the top of our list is Bali Vegan Festival, an annual 3-day event held at Paradiso Ubud and the surrounding area. A celebration of animals, the environment and the Earth, open to both vegans and vegan curious. The community-minded festival aims to inspire, educate and enlighten about an alternative way of living. Now in its fourth year, previous editions have featured renowned world-class speakers and activists, daily yoga and qigong meditations, live music, movie and documentary screenings, cooking classes, jamu and kombucha workshops, Zumba and salsa classes, a vegan fashion show, and even a dating game.

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Bali Vegan Festival

BaliSpirit Festival

Coming up to its 11th edition, BaliSpirit Festival is a worldwide famous community gathering held in the central highlands close to Ubud, in a luscious and tropical scenery. What makes BaliSpirit Festival unique is the diverse West-meets-East cultural fusion across the festival lineup. With over 200 workshops of yoga, dance, music, meditation, breathwork sessions, seminars and night music (bhakti concerts - including ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, DJs, Kirtan), the one-week festival is a transformative, high vibe and feel-good experience. Inspired by the very same principles of Balinese Hindu traditions, the festival promotes connection among living beings and nature. Once there, you must have a stroll at the Dharma Fair: a lively community market with delicious vegan food and conscious clothing.

Over the last 10 years, BaliSpirit Festival has continued to grow and now attracts approximately 7000 people from over 50 different countries each year. The next edition will be on April 2-8 2018: grab your ticket!

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Yogis practicing yoga at BaliSpirit Festival Ubud Bali

Vegan Food and Cafes in Bali

Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Located in downtown Ubud, Kismet Restaurant & Lounge is the ultimate spot to be during your Bali vegan journey. With an ambiance of sexy and swanky vibes, Kismet serves vegetarian international cuisine, with a focus on full flavor and creative dishes. Try their food and drinks, rich in vibrant tastes, especially their salad bowls and delicious vegan sate skewers, all using organic local ingredients. Also, they have amazing super fast wifi, perfect place to chill and write that blog post about your own vegan experience in Bali!

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salad bowl and vegan sate skewers in Kismet vegetarian restaurant Bali

Down to Earth

Born in 2002 as a home-based kitchen, Down to Earth has now grown into one of Bali’s best trusted healthy restaurants and markets. Founder Liat Solomon is a trained nutritionist, macrobiotic educator, counsellor and vegetarian chef, who perfects all the food served at Down To Earth venues. DTE has two outlets: Earth Café & Market in Seminyak and Ubud. Known for its huge variety of hearty, tasty and healthy vegetarian and vegan food and organic cold-pressed juices, Earth Café prides itself on making everything in-house from scratch, including all sauces, condiments and dressings: delicious!

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Smoothie bowl at Down To Earth Cafe Ubud Bali


What’s better that a mouthwatering ice-cream to defeat the tropical heat? Kokolato is a wildly delicious handcrafted brand of raw gourmet vegan gelato. And, we must say, one of the best Bali vegan ice-cream! Every batch contains low-glycemic coconut sugar, cold pressed coconut oil, and raw coconut cream. Yum! Make sure to try out some of their most popular tastes: Ginger Cardamom Rose, Balinese Raw Cacao, and Moringa Mint Chocolate Chip. Kokolato serves over 20 locations in Bali and is even available on the Gili Islands. The best place to enjoy this treat is at Kokolato’s parlor in Jl. Goutama Selatan No. 22 in Ubud.

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Kokolato mermaids eating vegan ice cream on the beach in Bali


Sparkling probiotic. Fermented with benefits.

Covita sparkling probiotic is a healthy alternative to traditional sodas (that are filled with tones of sugar). Covita is rich with vitamins, enzymes, lactic acids, electrolytes and antioxidants. It is a refreshing, sparkling probiotic drink, naturally fermented with carbonated water and active Kristal Kefir live culture.

Covita natural vegan probiotic

Did you know the word ‘Keif’/’Kefir’ means ‘good feeling’? Kristal Kefir live culture (also known as Tibicos) actually originates from the pads of Opuntia Cactus in Mexico and has been used for centuries as a natural probiotic to improve digestion and immunity. Just what you need to ware off Bali Belly and any nasty food poisoning you may experience on your travels. Covita is great for sugar-free diets, it restores microflora in your gut, supports detoxification and is a natural anti-inflammatory... and it's vegan. It can also be used as a hangover cure and to help lose weight.

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Vegan Venues in Bali

Paradiso Ubud

Are you craving for a movie night and delicious Bali vegan food? Right next to Down To Earth Cafe, you’ll find Paradiso, the world’s first organic and vegan theatre in the heart of Ubud. Every day Paradiso hosts quality film screenings, live performances, art exhibitions, yoga and dance classes, talks and workshops. Once seated in the theatre, you’ll be able to order anything from the Earth Cafe extensive menu, while relaxing on a variety of comfortable seating options, including reclining loungers, plush couches and cushioned platforms. An eclectic mix of the latest blockbusters, documentaries and foreign films are shown on a state-of-the art  HD projector and 25 square-meter screen with a 7.1 Dolby surround-sound system. What a venue! Learn more:

Paradiso vegan cinema in Ubud Bali

The Yoga Barn

Mecca for your Bali vegan journey, The Yoga Barn is Bali’s temple of yoga, wellness, holistic health and healing. Located in south-east Ubud, your first step inside the barn will be laden blissful vibes. With 7 yoga studios, displaced in a green and luscious area, the Yoga Barn offers 130 yoga, meditation and dance classes per week. Seat and chill at the Garden Kafe and Juice Bar and try a rich selection of vegan, raw and ayurvedic food and drinks: mouthwatering and healthy in one go!

The Yoga Barn also has a renowned cleanse & detox department with group or individual retreats happening throughout the year and ongoing cleanse programs. You’ll have the option to try specific treatments for your special needs, such as colonic hydrotherapy and ayurvedic practices at the KUSH spa. This gem in the heart of the island also has a dreamy guesthouse: splendid place to stay to fully enjoy your Bali vegan experience.

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Restorative yoga at The Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali

Bali Vegan Retreats

Pure Raw - with Amy Rachelle

Pure Raw was founded by Dr. Amy Rachell, ND, who recently launched Nu-De, a holistic nutrition and detox school. Like-minded people gather here to learn about food, fasting methods and everything related body, mind, and spirit health. The school is rooted in the principle that food is an interwoven fabric to life in how we relate, celebrate, and experience health and happiness. Indeed, good health isn't based only on the body, but also on the heart:  in how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, our work life, and how we live our daily life.

Attending Nu-De you’ll get the chance to learn solutions, strategies and practices for everyday life to heal, thrive and manage symptoms you might have.  The school offers beginners, intermediate and advance courses, including individual and group classes, workshops, retreats, and Teacher Training programs, both online and live.  Students explore a broad spectrum of knowledge while supported to make their own well-informed choices. A perfect place in Bali to learn how to embrace a vegan and alternative way of living.

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Bali Vegan Detox Retreat with Amy Rachelle

Vegan Shopping and Clothing


We all love shopping, especially when is ‘for good.’ Our Bali vegan guide couldn’t be complete without some places where you can buy consciously produced - and cool! - clothes and accessories, like Indosole shoes. Founded in 2009,  Indosole is a leader in the conscious consumerism movement. They repurpose old tires and other waste materials, by cutting them into the soles of their footwear. Their mission is to become the most responsible footwear company in the world by delivering high-quality, comfortable and stylish footwear for travel, adventure, and lifestyle. They are thoughtful, cool and hip: what else? Have a look at their collection, visit the Indosole website or check out their Instagram: @indosole

Indosole vegan sandals over the ocean in Bali

 Kismet Boutique

Located near Kismet Lounge, Kismet Boutique is filled with treasures from across the globe and designs from an artist collective with over 50 members. Go in and have a squeeze to large range of locally made, export-quality jeweler, clothing and accessories. The ground floor is dedicated to Women’s Collections and the upstairs features Men’s Fashion, and even a Cocktail Bar: enjoy 30 Mbs fast internet with a sunset view to relax and watch the life in Ubud pass by.

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To adopt a Vegan way of living means to see and to understand that everything is connected and that our lifestyle has a crucial impact on our natural, animal and human surroundings and life. A principle deeply rooted in Balinese culture, which makes Bali a perfect destinations for Vegans. Plus, look at the variety of activities you can do: follow our guide, explore more and make you Bali vegan journey yours!

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