In Bali, there is beauty everywhere you look. The blend of magic, spirituality, awe-inspiring nature and the artful essence of the Balinese culture are one of many reasons why traveller’s flock from all over the world seeking a place to heal. The Island of the Gods is one of the most spiritually rich places on the planet. Balinese rituals and myths continue to thrive and remain deeply respected and very much a part of daily life. This magnetic focus on prayer and devotion to balance creates the perfect blend of energetics for personal transformation. 

Ubud even means medicine, and rightfully so, as it is well known that people get exactly what they need there. The undeniable and unexplainable synchronicities that present themselves in Ubud, effortlessly enhance the flow of one’s life. This mecca of magic attracts incredible healers, and those seeking their help, find what they are looking for. Everyone who comes here feels this and knows it to be true. This is an experience you simply don’t want to miss. 


Solana is the embodiment of health, wellness, self care, and growth. People come here feeling stressed out overwhelmed and leave with a whole new perspective on life. Exploring and embracing another way of living, thinking and believing, opens their eyes and their hearts to another way of being. It is nestled along the tropical bank of a sparkling river, across from a majestic waterfall, and is just a short 10 min ride to the majestic heart of Ubud. 

There are so many reasons why we chose Solana as our 2023 feature Bali wellness destination. Their culture embodies love and service, and it is incredibly apparent in the way they care for mother earth, the local community, partners, employees and of course their adoring clientele. 


Solana provides a 100% natural environment from sustainable architecture to locally sourced and organic plant-based cuisine. The gorgeous rooms are rounded and spacious, with large outdoor bathrooms, deep tubs and an outdoor deck, some with a waterfall view. With a total of seven luxury rooms, Solana embodies an intimate and quiet setting to fully experience yourself in. The all-natural bio-filtered pool is powered by plants and overlooks the jungle ravine and river. The yoga sanctuary also has breathtaking tropical views and is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, meditation, and yoga.

In this nurturing environment, clients’ nervous systems are completely nourished. They feel safe and simply let go of any toxic emotional baggage that has been holding them back. This rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit creates a deep and long lasting experience. This is why retreat readers from all over the world choose Solana to host their healing and wellness adventures. 


Solana is also currently running two life changing 7-day all inclusive programs that offer plant-based nutrition, luxury accommodation, morning/afternoon yoga and meditation classes, daily check-ins, emotional support, massage, sauna skin detox, Balinese cultural ceremonies and so much more. 

THRIVE is a comprehensive juice detox program that is completely individualized to meet the specific needs of each client on a day to day basis. Naturopath doctor, daily check-ins and emotional support are provided by a team of health care professionals to ensure that each client is given the holistic support they need to fully thrive in their luxury herbal detox experience.

PAUSE is a yoga based wellness immersion for those who are experiencing stress burnout and are ready to make a change. Clients feel overjoyed as their energy lifts, and they learn the foundation for consistent emotional wellness. 

So, you can understand why Solana is well known for delivering the experience of a lifetime and that why it is our staff pick for 2023! They have thought of every single detail and execute it with such care and grace that clients embark upon the rest of their life journey feeling completely revitalized and ready for anything. It is truly an experience you will cherish for many years to come. 

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