Christmas Bliss Yoga Retreat in Ubud

“Christmas Bliss” Yoga Retreat in Ubud is a transformative and intimate event that will nourish every aspect of you. Revive, refresh, renew your mind, body, and spirit. Find your true self and reconnect with what matters and what you really love. This is the time to come back to your wisdom and get ready for the new beginnings! Learn your needs for a healthy, happy life full of high-vibrational energy, embrace peace and happiness as keys to wellness and success. To maintain privacy the size of the group is limited to 6 participants only. Embark on a great process of self-healing and powerful evolution this Christmas in Bali. Take this opportunity to pause, reflect, and find wholeness and renewed enthusiasm. Enter the new 2020 year with a sense of knowing exactly what you desire and be fully empowered to make your dreams come true.

When:         21. December – 27. December 2019

Where:        Jl. Monkey Forest No.5, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Divine Christmas Retreat in Prana Veda Sanctuary

Prana Veda Sanctuary Bali invites to a very special Retreat including Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Breathwork and Life Music in combination with Aqua Healing. This inspiring one week event is for everyone who likes to share a wonderful, loving, connecting Christmas week. Expect specials like preparing Balinese offerings and celebrate a traditional Hindu ceremony or enjoy the daytime with massages in the Ayurvedic Spa, swimming and snorkeling in the ocean right in front of Prana Veda, sun bathing or just being. Discover sound and vibration with daily Life music together with Breathwork Meditations and Aqua Healing in a 35°C warm Watsu pool. Aqua Healing guides to deep relaxation and to a transformative and blissful experience. It helps to connect to the soul - a deep and magical journey to your innermost. There will be surprises and a special Christmas dinner and a ceremony including a concert for all guests and the Balinese staff.

When:        22. December  – 29. December 2019

Where:        Jalan Arcana, Bondalem, Tejakula-Buleleng, Tejakula, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81173

Madu New Year’s Retreat

Madu, in Balinese, means “honey”, and this is what Lesya Pytanichko and Oumnia El Khazzani had in mind when creating Madu Retreats. With 7 days immersions Madu's mission is to encapsulate the soothing vibe of Bali and enhance it with exquisite experiences. Oumnia, a yoga teacher and writer, will take you on a yogic and personal development journey, while Lesya, co-founder of Alchemy restaurant in Ubud and self-care coach, will share her knowledge about nutrition, aromatherapy and how to indulge with healthy and yummy food. The retreat is all inclusive of discreet luxurious accommodation, nutritious and delicious food (including vegan cakes as afternoon snacks!), stellar yoga, mindfulness practices, workshops and activities in nature. All of this, and still plenty of time to rest, relax and unwind.

When:        27. December 2019 – 2. January 2020

Where:     Jl. Jero Gadung No.81, Petulu, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 Ubud, Bali

Christmas Bali Yoga retreat at Gili Islands - Gili Meno

Far away from the tourist areas, the little island of Gili Meno is oasis of peace and beauty. No cars, no bikes, no ideal place to retreat yourself in paradise for a week. The Bali Gili Yoga retreat is a full immersion into an unspoilt beauty of the Gili Islands. Enjoy daily yoga classes, walks on the beach, fire at night and delicious vegetarian and vegan food. With a lot of free time to rest, read, and enjoy the sea you can also go snorkeling with Santa.

When:        21. December – 28. December 2019

Where:      MaoMeno Resort, Gili Meno island, Gili Indah, Nusa Tenggara Bar 83352

Yogabarn – Reclaim Yourself Yoga Retreat

You are invited on a journey of self-discovery. Reconnect to your sense of self, discover the magic of Bali's culture and embrace the power of community on a one week retreat that combines yoga, meditation and healing to help you claim back who you truly are. Connect. Reclaim. Transform.
This group retreat honors you with a much-needed break from the demands and distractions of daily life, so your body can release years of tension and allow you the space for self-awareness and a deep sense of knowing what to do next in life. These 7-days are about tuning back into the true YOU.
You’ll be guided through a carefully curated schedule to take you on a journey of rejuvenation and empowerment. With a touch of astrological guidance to inspire self-discovery, you’ll be sharing in deep connections with a loving community of teachers, guides and retreaters - so you feel fully supported physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When:         15.-22. December 2019

Where:        The Yoga  Barn, Jl. Hanoman, Pengosekan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

So this is where you’ll want to eat, drink & be merry on the big day itself too: the best festive feasts for Christmas Day 2019. Happy Holidays dear Spirits