What can I expect from a couples retreat?

Taking a retreat as a couple are a chance for people in all stages of their relationship to take time out together away from the stresses of daily life, to be alone, connect, relax and reignite all aspects of your relationship. The retreats vary widely with many different exercises, lengths and environments but couples retreats and/or tantra retreats generally focus on identifying and working through exercises for greater respect, trust, sex and intimacy. Some retreats are based on reducing stress, others have a focus on faith or spirituality, whilst other retreats focus on improving communication and incorporating techniques to deal with various situations through yoga, meditation and tantra. Whether you are a married couple or a newer couple considering a couples retreat, it is a fascinating way to discover new things about yourself and your partner, how you attach, love and communicate and ways to deepen and explore your sex life. 

A common misconception is that couples retreats is like therapy or a counseling session, geared towards people struggling and fighting in their relationship, instead couples and tantra retreats are for people in all stages of their relationship. Couples choose to come on retreats for a variety of reasons, whether that is to strengthen trust in a stable relationship, to discover sexual tantra and intimacy, or to communicate, reconnect and practically work on areas of conflict. People come to retreats to relax, to reconnect sexually and spiritually, and to enhance their love and life together.

Sex and intimacy in couples retreats is usually approached combining tantra and taoist practices for you to learn and practice how to have an endlessly creative and satisfying experience between you and your partner. You will use tantra to learn how to pleasure each other working with the yin and yang of sex - giving, receiving, leading and following. 

Couples retreats and Tantra retreats in Bali

1. LoveLife Couples Retreat

Are you a loving couple on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship empowerment? Then let internationally-renowned sex and relationship expert Jacqueline Hellyer take you on a journey of discovery during the five-day LoveLife Couples Retreat, held at the stunning Bambu Indah eco resort deep in the tropical hills of Bali.

There are three entities in your relationship, each of you as individuals and you as a couple. When your ‘couple bubble’ is strong, your connection extends into your individuality and makes life connected and resilient. A strong Couple Bubble means really understanding your partner, and yourself, so that you connect and communicate in a way that works for your partner as much as yourself. Essentially you become experts on each other. You’ll learn about Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating and discover the concepts and practices of Tantra, strengthening your relationship and deepening your connection. 

Jacqueline’s unique approach combines modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic practices with ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom, to create an experience for the two of you that will have you connecting more deeply and opening up more fully than ever before. Jacqueline will be joined at this retreat by her colleague and partner, Alain Moulay. Please be assured that the retreat is completely classy and sleaze-free, with no need for self-disclosure and no nudity or sexual interaction (that’s the homework!).

You will learn how:

  1. The Tantric approach works, its physiological basis, and why it’s so important for modern lovers; 
  2. To keep your ‘Couple Bubble’ strong;
  3. To talk about sex, to develop an erotic language;
  4. To merge your sex and love energies to keep yourselves ‘simmering’;
  5. To explore the ecstasy of the ‘valleys' of love-making;
  6. To pleasure each other for heightened connection;
  7. To co-create an approach to love-making that is endlessly creative and satisfying! 

Find all details for their next retreat taking place December 2-6 2019 here.