Levi was interested in Astrology already as a teenager, starting to learn about it at the early age of 13. Beginning with detailed horoscopes of his dad, it developed further parallel to his path as dancer, yogi and breathworker. While sun signs played a role in his studies, it were the moon signs which showed the real power of astrology to him. When he discovered Shamanic Astrology six years ago, it all started to make perfect sense so he decided to dig deeper in his studies and graduated with a degree of Shamanic Mystery School and has been giving readings ever since. He also embeds his knowledge in the magical ceremonies he conducts as well as in his breathwork and yoga workshops.

What is Shamanic Astrology?

Vedic-, Western-, Esoteric-, there are quite a few types of Astrology. But how does Shamanic Astrology differ from them? Shamanic Astrology includes the experiential connection to the night sky and use its cycles of the planets for ceremonies, readings, and more. Opposed to Western Astrology, it focuses more on the moon signs and some planets and their houses for the reading. While other astrology types focus on the sun signs, Shamanic Astrology does not as much. It is a modality that is returning to the ancient ways of living with nature, getting back and connecting to it. 

Intuition or Knowing?

For Levi, Shamanic Astrology is a mix, “a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and a little divination”. He uses the learned language of astrology, studying the meanings of planets and zodiac signs. But then it is intuitive how he interprets how they all come together in the birth chart of a person. And to him it is also “a kind of art how to put it all into words, expressing challenges and opportunities to a client in an understandable way.”

What to expect from a Shamanic Astrology reading with Levi Banner?

When doing a reading with Levi, you can feel that he knows AND feels his subject. Once he takes a look at your chart he immediately starts his flow of explanations of his interpretation. During the whole session he leaves you with no doubt that he is an expert in his field – though as he says he is “constantly learning from the readings he is giving”.

There are different reasons for people to search advice from an astrologic counselor like Levi. During his years of practicing he experienced that people who come to see him at the Yoga Barn in Ubud more likely come out of spiritual curiosity whereas in bigger cities consult him because of a specific problem.
Frequent topics to see a Shamanic Astrologist for are the following:

  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Life purpose

While Levi is doing all of these readings as a birth chart reading, which means interpreting the individual planet and sign constellation of a person, one of his favorites are Relationship Readings for couples. In this kind of readings he is not telling you if you have the “right” partner and if the two of you will live happily ever after, more likely he explains certain dynamics of a couple’s astrologic constellations, points out the reasons why things might run very well and where challenges can occur. He finds the root for a certain problem and develops the solution from there, a solution the couple can work with.
In the area of career and life purpose counseling he points out the gifts one might have and not be aware of and how to strengthen them. Levi shows opportunities of how to live in alignment with one’s soul to have the right foundation for a happier life.  

And after the reading?

As a reading can be quite overwhelming and full of interesting information, Levi made it a habit to record the readings and to send the recording to his clients. That way you can hear it several times and analyze the information you got, respectively try to implement it in corresponding life situations. To go deeper into the matter Levi invites you to see him several times, or make it a ritual to see him once a year to see where you are at.


Want to book a session with Levi? Please contact healing@theyogabarn.com or call on +62361 971 236 or +62361 971 407 )

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October 27- November 26, 2019
Sacred Valley, Peru

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December 17-30, 2019

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