Bali Community Charities

Help a Balinese family

This program was set up by the staff of the BaliSpirit Group to support families without work. These include traveling merchants who cannot sell their products, workers who got laid off or affected by unpaid leave, traveling satay sellers in the villages, bricklayers, art performance ticket sellers, taxi drivers, and more. Currently, there is no fixed date to open the island for tourism again, so this condition of those families will not change in the near future.
So far, USD 1785 have been raised and used to create care packages that have been delivered to 64 families.
With 35$ you can help to feed a Balinese family for two weeks. See all details for this program and how you can contribute here.

Scholars of Sustenance Indonesia

Scholars of Sustenance or SOS is a Food Rescue Foundation working with hotels, commercial outlets, food suppliers, event organizers collecting surplus food and distributing it to those in need.
According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation), one-third of the food produced in the world produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted. Indonesia alone wastes almost 13 million tonnes of food every year and yet millions of people are suffering from malnutrition and hunger.
SOS's mission is to rescue that excess food destined for the landfill and distribute it to communities in need.
Currently partnering with 50+ hotels in Bali, a bakery, leading catering companies and suppliers Scholars of Sustenance can support 13 orphanages, 4 charitable organizations, an elderly house and continues expanding their Kampung/village program launched in 2019. Learn more about the initiative here.

IDEP Foundation

IDEP Foundation is a medium-scale non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia that works with communities, local farmers and schools in developing more sustainable uses of natural resources.

IDEP's focus is on Sustainable Development through Permaculture, Disaster Management, Environmental and Disaster Risk Reduction Education, Seed Preservation.

Learn more about these Bali NGOs which support communities and how to get in touch with them here.                                                       

Environment-focussed Bali NGOs

Keep Bali Beautiful

Keep Bali Beautiful is a grassroots recycling program that partners with local schools and villages to build a sustainable recycling network, as well as to change the beliefs and habits that lead to pollution.

Keep Bali Beautiful and its volunteers operate recycling stations, storage centers, and reliable recycling pick-up in the eastern part of Bali. Most importantly, they are slowly building an environmental ethic among young people in Bali by partnering with schools to create EcoClubs, educating students on the importance of recycling, and what it takes to Keep Bali Beautiful.

Learn all about it here.

Bali ReGreen – Bali Reforestation Program

Bali Regreen is a sustainable environmental project aiming to fight land degradation in the island’s driest areas while also educating and training the people who inhabit the land. It is one of the most exciting projects in the region, with an emphasis on long term economic benefits for some of Bali’s poorest people.

Although Bali seems incredibly lush and vibrant, there are huge tracts of the island, specifically in the East, that suffer from extreme dryness and as a result, little to no vegetation. Due to these conditions, the communities inhabited in these damaged areas are of the poorest in Bali.
BaliSpirit Festival and Yayasan Kryasta Guna partnered with the Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF) in an effort to help poor communities in Desa Songan, East Bali since 2011. That is how Bali ReGreen was created.

At BaliSpirit and Bali ReGreen, we believe regreening is more than looking after and giving back to the earth; it is also about looking after its people.

Learn how you can help to make a long-term change here.

Bali Health Charities

Yayasan Senyum – Smile Foundation

Yayasan Senyum is a non-profit organization bringing health services to the lower status economy family suffering from craniofacial disabilities such as cleft-lip, palate, facial tumors, and other serious conditions in Bali, Lombok and East Indonesia. The foundation works to assist patients through funding and facilitate for craniofacial operations, also providing medical and logistical support.
Yayasan Senyum Bali runs a charity shop (Smile Shop) selling donated new and old pre-loved items / goods and the funds provided by the shop cover all the foundations administrative costs and donated money is spent directly on helping patients. The organization relies on the support and generosity of donations and the Smile Shop to continue its mission.

Get in touch with the beautiful souls at Yayasan Senyum here.

Yayasan Solemen

Solemen are reputedly one of the most respected and trusted charities in Bali having been personally endorsed by Former Governor Made Mangku Pastika and the Bali Government Tourism Office. While they have different programs to help those being disadvantaged and in need, they run an emergency program for families affected badly by Covid-19 circumstances. As many people in Indonesia have lost their jobs, they find themselves in severe conditions.
People can donate money or bring direct food donations to the Solemen office. Find all details on how to contribute here.

Bumi Sehat Foundation International

Bumi Sehat means Healthy Earth Mother. At Bumi Sehat they believe that access to quality healthcare and to kind, hygienic, culturally appropriate childbirth is a human right. They believe that each individual is an essential societal component of peace. By caring for the smallest citizens of Earth - babies at birth - they are building peace: one mother, one child, one family at a time. They are devoted to working in partnership with people to improve the quality of life and to encourage peace. Further fields of action are education, community, and environment programs that educate and help local communities.

If you would like to join Bumi Sehat and support their mission and vision, get in touch with them here.

Bali Animal Charities

Villa Kitty

Villa Kitty has dedicated its service to homeless kittens and cats that are found on the streets, in dustbins, or elsewhere without a home. With a team of vets and vet assistants, they care for them, prepare them for adoption including sterilizing and immunizing them against disease. With your support, they can keep Villa Kitty running, including its educational programs for responsible cat ownership.

Get in touch with Villa Kitty here.

Bali Animal Welfare Association

Another association focussing on Bali’s stray animals is BAWA. They offer 24 hrs ambulant service, vaccinations, street feeding, maternity and puppy house, education and adoption, and a lot more. With your support they can keep their services running, which is so needed in Bali. Check all the details on how to contribute on their webpage and their facebook profile.


BARC – Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Center

BARC is a registered Australian and Indonesian non-profit organisation rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Bali street dogs and animals. It is their aim to relieve their suffering, starvation, abuse and neglect with care, community awareness and education.

BARC presently houses 150+ rescued dogs and puppies at our refuge and clinic in Ubud, Bali. They operate solely on donations, support and generosity of the global community.

Check ways on how you can help here.


Bali Education Charities

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP)

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) or Humanitarian Foundation of Mother Earth, was established only days after the Bali Bombing in October 2002. They aim to improve the lives of marginalized communities in Bali through comprehensive educational opportunities by providing scholarships to children from disadvantaged families.

Through their scholarship programs, YKIP has managed to support more than 800 children already. They also helped 474 children to complete their studies and have decent lives.

If you want to enable YKIP to provide more scholarships, get all information here.

Bali Children’s Project

Bali Children's Project is a non-profit dedicated to education as a means of improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in Bali. BCP provides sponsorships for the poorest to go to school. They support preschools and kindergartens with renovations, materials supplies and teacher trainings. Literacy is promoted by providing community libraries for children of all ages.

Learn more on how to support BCP here.

Volunteerprograms Bali

VP Bali provides free English classes and other activities for underprivileged children in Bali. With the help of volunteers, they aim to inspire and empower the Balinese children and their communities, throughout all socio-economic classes.

They are doing this with the utmost respect for the Balinese culture and traditions and by doing so, enabling them to reach their full potential. The different programs, spread across Bali, allow them to reach and engage with more segments of the population, whilst also providing different volunteering experiences for their volunteers.

Feel like volunteering in Bali resonates with you? Read here to get more information, also on how to support VP. 

AYO! Kita Bicara HIV and Aids

BaliSpirit’s Karma Yoga outreach program established AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS (Hey! Let’s Talk About HIV and AIDS) in 2010 in response to the critical need for HIV & AIDS education in Bali. In 2018, Bali had over 2,000 new cases of HIV & AIDS. Yet an estimated 30% of new cases go unreported each year in Bali.

The AYO! program empowers teenagers to guard their own physical and emotional health and act with empathy towards others living with HIV within their community. AYO! Holds workshops and regular AYO! radio broadcasts. From 2016 to 2017, the Ministry of Education supported AYO! to hold EduSpirit workshops even beyond Bali – in West Lombok, East Java (Situbondo), West Java (Indramayu), and Riau Island Province (Batam City).

With your help, more workshops can be established and the communication throughout Indonesia can be developed further. Get all information on how to contribute here.


The above mentioned Bali NGOs are only a selection. If you feel called to support, please get in touch with them. Terima Kasih.