The poetic alliteration of the destinations in the book title might be slightly misleading since the author’s Indonesia and Love chapter is centered around Bali and mainly Ubud. It just doesn’t sound the same… On her journey, she visits a healer in Ubud called Ketut. The real Ketut has since passed, but his family is still running the healing services among many other local and foreign healers. Bali is known for its healing energy surrounded by daily practical spirituality, natural beauty, and worship of art and artists.

Ten years after the release in 2016, Elizabeth Gilbert mused on the feedback she had received from readers who made major life changes after reading her heavily criticized piece of writing. It seems that the common thread is decisions based on Love, in all its different manifestations. Examples range from women leaving abusive relationships at the drop of a hat without looking back to a vengeful ex-husband letting his partner go while wishing her the best… Read the full article here.

Bali is still attracting many women, a lot of them solo travelers. Not only because of the book but also because of its well-known reputation of being a spiritual and healing hotspot where one finds guidance. Some of the women come for holiday, some of them to heal, some to get inspiration and others to experience all of it and to stay. They are amazing women, who all have their stories to tell and who transformed to now being able to guide others.

Who are the potent miraculous foreigner women drawn and living in Bali?

I am referring to the woman who makes you a little bit nervous. She is magnetic and powerful. She creates by just existing but is definitely not afraid to get in with the action. Her presence gives you simultaneously a deep sense of peace and trust as well as shivers of excitement because she is unpredictable in her out of the box way of thinking. She has been through a significant heartbreak or life course correction. She is fiercely independent and, therefore, the more appreciative of genuine support, attracting the right team with ease. She is most likely a mother or a caretaker, and her children have been touched by magic, even when things have not always been easy. Change and growth rarely are… She embodies authenticity, liberation, and love. She knows experientially what it feels like to expand through fear into love and follow her inner calling. She is strong yet graceful.

Goddesses to support you on your journey

These are some of the women who embody aspects of the powerful magnetic no-nonsense loving, intuitive feminine energy and have chosen to share their unique presence and healing here in Bali. Due to the global pandemic, a lot of them are now offering their services online.

Bex Tyrer is a yoga teacher with a strong focus on embodying and connecting women to themselves, their body, and the Earth to be unapologetically true to themselves and feel free to shine their inner fire. You can find her online offerings here.

Bronwyn Ayla helps people find radiant health, embodied wisdom, and the nourishment of their destiny through the sacred alchemy of acupuncture, dance, plant medicine, bodywork, and ceremony. You can find out more here.

Carmela Fleury runs retreats for mothers of small humans. You can find out more here.

Chantelle Raven is the founder of Elyah Tantra School. She helps people to awaken and embody their awakening. Her presence and work are deeply transformative. Find more information here.

Daniela Garza Rios serves humanity in our healing journey to the Self through different bodywork, healing arts, and spiritual practices. You can get in touch with her through her Instagram.

Gabriella Mazure is a Temple Priestess and Spiritual Teacher specialized in The Dark Feminine and Shadow Work, guiding women to feel everything, find their truth, and set themselves unapologetically free. You can contact her through her Instagram.

Layla el Khadri is a Feminine Leadership mentor with a strong focus on embodiment who helps women turn their dreams into sustainable realities. Follow her on Instagram.

Malaika MaVeena Darville supports people to reconnect with their body and the Earth using shamanic practices, somatic movement, and a deep connection with the Earth. Find out more or get in touch here.

Nikki Rhodes is a passionate advocate for authentic relating and positive sexual education for both men and women. Take a look at her messages on her Instagram.

What women can expect when coming to Bali for transformation

Bali is a powerful healing center of the world – it pulls her in like a magnet. Its beauty and sacredness are kept alive by the Balinese with their daily devotional practices. People who are drawn to this energy know that their mission in life is to lift the planet by working on themselves and letting the abundance, knowledge, and wisdom overflow to the broader community in the form of transformational work. Being in Bali is like stepping into a vortex of creativity and inspiration while simultaneously squeezing and challenging you, pushing you to let go of everything that does not serve anymore. The warmth and daily practices held sacred here call her home to a deeply nourishing space of surrender. Wherever she looks here, she sees abundance or a way to create abundance. Here she can relax to be humble and appreciative while embracing her unlimited potential and freedom. Treasured friends and helpers just appear… Most of the enchanting goddesses you can meet at BaliSpirit Festival, but by surrendering to the magical flow of Bali, you will probably meet them at the most random places all over Ubud… Balinese people, thank you, for creating the magic with your prayer field and admirable attitude.