Teacher Training and Health Retreat at Power of Now Oasis, Sanur

Power of Now Oasis is one of Bali’s most established (2010) reputable yoga and healing centers, specialized in high-quality
teacher training. They offer different packages at their own boutique accommodation or you can also simply choose the course
only. The course covers all 8 limbs of yoga, spread over 4 weeks (200hours direct contact) and is led by a truly experienced
team, with expertise in hatha, yin and vinyasa styles. Additionally, guest lecturers in ayurvedic medicine, prenatal, anatomy,
and acro yoga enrich the training. They focus on preparing you to confidently teach asana classes in both traditional hatha
and vinyasa flow styles, enabling you to create sequenced classes, give safe adjustments, and guide different pranayama
and meditation practices.

They are looking forward to sharing an amazing month and truly hope it will be life-transforming for you. At the end of the course, you will
receive a Yoga Alliance, Power of Now Oasis certificate from their highly regarded school.

January 10, 2021 – February 5, 2021
February 28 – March 26, 2021
May 2 – May 28, 2021
July 4 – July 30, 2021
September 5 – October 1, 2021
October 31 – November 26, 2021

Corona Assurance
Power of Now Oasis is constantly monitoring the Coronavirus situation here in Bali. So far, things appear positive! They are hoping to welcome clients in July for Rehab retreats, students for daily classes, and YTT students in September and November for training. No deposit is required for all courses and retreats. All bookings are eligible for the early bird rate of 2600.00 USD. The full payment is due prior to the course commencement. They are not going anywhere and will stay in touch.

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Shades of Yoga 200/300hr YTTs

Shades of Yoga is an International Yoga Teacher Training school in Bali that takes you on a personal journey, connecting the mind, body and spirit. Shades of Yoga is not just a teacher training, but a spiritual journey into self-inquiry.
They guide and provide you with the tools to attract a reality that is in line with your true being by teaching the benefits of a healthy body and mind, which leads to a healthier life.
Find out more about their RYT 200 and RYT 300 yoga teacher training courses in Bali.
Why Choose Shades of Yoga
·         Small classes with max. 16 people
·         YTT courses in Bali for over 10 years
·         Excellent reviews on Yoga Alliance
·         Courses are never cancelled
·         All teachers have legal working documents

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All Yoga Training is the fruit of over 10 years experience running yoga teacher training courses. Since 2009, they have certified over 2000 successful yoga teachers from all around the world.
Located on the beautiful island Nusa Lembongan, Bali, All Yoga Training is the top destination for students aspiring to become yoga instructors from all over the world. Being one of the most active and successful 200 hr yoga teacher training programs in South East Asia, they keep on improving the programs to match their highest standard to certify the best yoga teachers in the international yoga industry.


- small classes max. 22 students
- highly knowledgeable international yoga teachers
- over 10 years experience of running yoga teacher trainings
- over 2000 certified students
- highest quality of teaching
- beachfront setting
- free accommodation for first 10 sign-ups

Upcoming dates:

July 1 - 23, 2020
August 5 - 27, 2020
September 9 - October 1, 2020
November 4 - 26, 2020
January 6 - 28, 2021
February 10 - March 4, 2021
March 9 - 31, 2021
April 7 - 29, 2021
June 8 - 30, 2021

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Yoga Bliss Retreat & Teacher Training - Lembongan

Embark on an unforgettable experience on the amazing island of Nusa Lembongan, one of the most magical yoga destinations in Indonesia. The Yoga Bliss® Yoga Teacher courses offer an in-depth study of asana (posture), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation but as well dive deeper into teaching methodology. They will help you build or develop a personal practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation that suits your needs and will give you techniques and tools that are essential as a yoga teacher. To achieve your goal of becoming a 200, 300, or 500-hour yoga teacher, all our courses include practical anatomy and philosophy, teaching practice since day 1, sequencing, cueing, adjustments and so much more.

Their courses are firstly designed for those who wish to become yoga teachers after the course and already have a regular practice. However, they are always happy to welcome everyone to their 200-hour course! So if you do not wish to become a yoga teacher just yet but you are seeking to deepen your knowledge you can still join one of their first level 200-hour courses.

Yoga Bliss also offers online training options or blended (online and in-person courses) for its 200-hour or advanced training.

Why Choose Yoga Bliss?

·         Small classes with maximum 16 students
·         Learn in paradise
·         Study Ashtanga - Vinyasa - Restorative & Yin Yoga
·         Awarded Best Yoga Teacher Training In Bali 3 Years in a Row
·         Led by Highly Qualified & Experienced Yoga Teachers

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De Moksha, an eco-friendly luxurious resort in Bali in cooperation with Mira Yogashala, the leading Yoga teacher training institute from Rishikesh India, brings you an exciting Yoga teacher training on the magical island of the gods;

In the magical energy of Bali, our goal is not only to deepen your yoga practice, Enhance your teaching skills, and challenge your mind and body; but also to introduce you to the home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world and get you to experience their strong sense of spirituality.

Join us in beautiful Bali for this journey of a lifetime. You will be a certified Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher. In this all inclusive retreat, you will spend your quality time at a luxurious eco-friendly boutique resort,  you will enjoy 4 day-excursion during the retreat and a free 90 minute spa treatment at the in-house spa.


De Moksha, an eco-friendly boutique Resort is a hidden gem of a resort in Tabanan area of Bali, blending luxurious living with living in nature. It has two wonderful outdoor yoga shalas, both bright, open and circular and provide the perfect environment for deepening your practice. The rooms are peaceful, spacious, and air-conditioned.

Date: Oct 3 - Oct 28

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200h Yoga Teacher Training & Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma by Patanjali Institute

Become a certified Yoga Teacher and a Clinical Hypnotherapist! The certifications (200h Yoga Teacher plus Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma) will enable you to teach Yoga Asana, Pranayama, meditation, Kriyas, Mudras, Mantra and yoga philosophy. You will be also able to conduct self-hypnosis workshops in groups for stress management and give private hypnotherapy sessions. These will include topics like how to stop smoking, lose weight and as well as a wide range of stress-related psychological and psychosomatic ailments among others.

Our course is residential. It is integral traditional classical Yoga following the teaching method of Swami Vivekananda Yoga, Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Yoga University at Bangalore in India.

·      Start a journey towards your Inner Self  

·      Learn to transform, free yourself from stress and the related ailments

·      Be perfectly trained to teach yoga

·      Conduct Self Hypnosis workshops & give hypnotherapy sessions

·      Get 2 certifications

·      Small classes

·      Residential: Enjoy 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day

·      Have wonderful memories to take back home   

Dates 2020:

Mar 22, 2020 - Apr 18, 2020
Nov 01, 2020 - Nov 28, 2020

With Dr.Sohail Ebady – Medical Doctor, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, 25 years of experience  

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200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Frauke Schroth, Jonathan Matahi Lefevre, Jane Chen

Experience your yoga in its full spectrum. Enjoying Balis magical surroundings and its gentle power, during this yoga teacher training in March 2020.

The ocean right on the doorstep, palm trees, the peaceful tranquility of a traditional balinese village, delicious, wholesome & vegan food, daily tropical-fresh fruit, 5 renowned teachers, sun, pure transformation, each day & in powerful nature.

This 200hr yoga teacher training is accredited by the International Yoga Alliance and provides a solid foundation to become a yoga teacher, if you wish.

Date: 6-30 March, 2020


200|300-hr Yin Variations Teacher Training with Joe Barnett

Join the annual three-week intensive, Yin Variations Teacher Training with Joe Barnett. The program is a Yoga Alliance-registered immersion in Yin Yoga, specially designed to explore a hands-on approach in which the trainees learn to see, feel and most importantly dialogue about the variations of yin yoga poses and sequencing with fellow aspiring teachers from all over the world. This dialogue leads to a sensitive and introspective approach that each Yin teacher will carry to the students on their path to find their unique shapes and techniques. The 200-hour immersion will leave you with the ability to guide others on their yin yoga journey.

For those of you who are already RYT-200 and aiming to register for 300-hour qualification (so you can register as a RYT-500) can complete the remaining 100 hours, through submitting homework assignments and attending Joe Barnett’s workshops and training modules. 

Date: 30 November - 20 December, 2020

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Transformational Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Loka Yoga School

A complete yoga package experience with an internationally accredited school; Bali's most transformational and affordable Yoga Teacher Training.  You have a unique opportunity to study and practice yoga in a setting that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic practices, but also by providing the correct understanding, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, asana and philosophy. All of this with a strong focus on combining the ancient knowledge of the East with the latest understandings and research coming out of the West. The smaller classes of only 16 students allow quality training, individual focus and attention to YOU. Thecourses are complete – no homework or after-training modules required to be internationally certified!

The team is made up of practitioners completely committed to the school's fields of expertise. By dedicating their lives to self-practice and development, they have gained the ability to aid others take their next step on their journey. The training is designed to have a completely interactive experience, giving students the opportunity to not only study the “map” of yogic teachings, but also explore the “territory” internally through deep practices that will be closely facilitated.

The course has been created in this way to ensure the graduates will be teaching from a place of true experiential wisdom, rather than borrowed knowledge from books.


April 12, 2020 - May 9, 2020
May 11, 2020 - May 22, 2020
Jul 20, 2020 - Jul 25, 2020
Jul 26, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
Aug 10, 2020 - Aug 15, 2020
Aug 16, 2020 - Aug 21, 2020
Oct 04, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

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Heart centered Hatha Flow 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Soul Inspire Academy is a Yoga, Tantra and Breathwork school founded by Anshu who is an International yoga teacher originally from India and published author of  "Pressure to Pleasure - A Seven Pillar Pathway for Living Your Best Life".
Anju left her thriving and lucrative career in Silicon Valley and dedicated herself to uplifting health and well-being of the modern society using ancient methods like yoga and breathwork. Her passion is to make yoga accessible to all regardless of body type, age or belief system.
Here are some features that set Soul Inspire Academy's Yoga alliance accredited 200 Hour Hatha Flow Yoga teacher training apart from many others

1. Small group learning environment. Max students accepted is 10, every training becomes like a family and lifelong friendships are formed.
2. One generous scholarship in  every training to a qualified Balinese/Indonesian as a way to give back to the community
3. The 200 hour teacher training is conducted over 3 months with 7 weeks online and 3 weeks immersion in Bali. This gives plenty of time for the students to grasp the key philosphical concepts of yoga and sanskrit. The founder believes that yoga is to be practiced in real life, beyond the physical practice of asana.
4. A highly experienced team of teachers including Anshu who has practiced yoga all her life and has been teaching for 7 years, an Iyenger teacher with 20 years of teaching experience, a yoga therapist and a PhD doctor in Ayurveda. Anshu brings a unique blend of east and west and practical spirituality along with her unique take on yoga philosphy.
5. The training brings authentic and traditional way of practicing yoga that begins with sunrise meditation and other energetic breath practices followed by warm lime water that detoxifies the body. Rest of the day consists of morning rejuvenating flow practice, teaching skills, philosophy talks, posture labs and more.
6. Special events through out the training like bhakti music, cacao ceremony, sound healing, nature excursion
7.  Soul Inspire Academy teaches a unique class structure that supports the teachers in offering a hatha flow class for all levels. This  beautiful balance of traditional hatha yoga combined with an element of flow creates class sequences that revitalize and energize body and mind.

5 - 26 April 2020
4 - 25 October 2020

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Awakened Life School of Yoga

If you’ve ever thought, “there has to be more to life than this”, you’re in the right place.
“There has to be more to life than this” is the thought that led the Awakened Life School of Yoga crew to start the school in 2012. After 20 years in the corporate world, they were at a crossroads. Their lives were pretty darn sweet. And still, they could never quite shake the feeling that something was missing.
So they took the leap and started the school, leaving behind their jobs to see what would happen if breaking out of their safe but stifling comfort zones. If playing a little bigger.

If you’ve ever felt that something was missing in your life, then you’re in the right place.  Awakened Life is a place where people experience tremendous personal transformation. It’s a place where habits can be broken. Hearts can be healed. Stories re-written.  And new chapters begin.

If you’re feeling excited, that’s great. And if you’re feeling some fear, that’s great too. It means you’re in the right place. You see, you get to choose. You can let fear talk you into playing small. Or you can take a leap, and let the rest of your life begin.
And best of all? There are great deals available right now!

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Yoga Alloy – Embody the Sacred Within.

Each choice we make matters and adds up to a unique life that we create for ourselves. We believe in yoga to provide us with tools to make our existence meaningful and, render every moment worth living for.

Yoga Alloy’s programs will help you dive deep into the world of yoga. You can take your practice to the next level or become a certified yoga teacher. They offer 200 hour and 30-hour teacher trainings at beautiful resorts in Bali and Cesme.

Yoga Alloy limits the class sizes to 15 students to make sure that everyone gets individual attention. The experienced teachers hold safe space for their students so  genuine connections and a thriving community of Yoginis can be created. The focus is on alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation in the 200hour courses. It is very important for them to teach sustainable, safe practices so you can keep practicing throughout your life.

In their teacher training courses, they aim to make you fall in love with the things you used to run away from. So, every morning you wake up excited to live that day no matter what is waiting for you.

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The Blooming Lotus Yoga Teacher Training

The Blooming Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course is a beautiful synthesis of the essence of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta. Set in the stunningly beautiful and peaceful environment of Bali, Indonesia, this incredible tropical paradise of the Island of the Gods invites you to absorb the rich culture, nature, and magic that Bali has to offer while allowing the deep awakening of Yoga to unfold within.
The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensives in Bali offer intimate class sizes for personalized mentoring and the outpouring of unconditional love, affordable tuition, incredible insight into deep esoteric yogic knowledge or vidya, and a rare opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the essence of Yoga---truth, love and bliss!
These Yoga Teacher Training courses are perfect for aspiring teachers and those that wish to deepen their practice by living Yoga to the fullest, where everything is seen as Yoga--a “uniting with our True Self”. Be prepared to embody and teach Yoga with utmost love, compassion, skill and wisdom. A deep inner transformation will take place that will connect you to your Divine Self, which is endowed with infinite knowledge and grace.

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Sacred Paths Yoga 200HR Teacher Trainings – VARIOUS FACILITATORS

Sacred Paths Yoga shares life enhancing offerings at sacred locations around the world. Their 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training programs in Bali provide a harmonious balance of natural beauty, cultural awakening and spiritual connection. Your experience will be seamlessly guided by their dedicated facilitators so that you can fully immerse yourself in spiritual growth, self love and healing.  

The programs blend traditional yogic teachings and spirituality with earth medicine to provide a holistic, synergistic and applicable approach to living this practice. The YTTs offer an opportunity for self growth, personal development and transformation while providing the tools necessary to develop your own personal practice or to step into your calling as teacher and guide. You will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, yogic diet, Ayurveda, healing arts and more while tapping into the expansiveness of this practice. Through the step by step approach in sharing anatomy, alignment, sequencing and adjustments as well as the subtleties of communication, space-holding, energetics and connection, they help you reveal the Guru within. Students will leave with the knowledge required to share this practice in an accessible, authentic, knowledgeable and connected way.

January 12 – Feburary 1, 2020  Yoga, Spirituality and Earth Medicine with Srimati Hughes, Lacey Hickox, Darin Lehman, Sam Bianchini, Hana Pepin, Adrianna Peters

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You have decided to take the next step on your yoga journey and become qualified to pass the gift on to others. There is no better guide than Tymi Howard to lead you on the path. With over 25 years of teaching experience and the knowledge and passion to show you how to take your practice “off the mat,” Tymi travels the world inspiring yogis and yoginis to advance their knowledge of the sacred practice.

Known as “the teacher of teachers,” Tymi brings her 200- and 300/500-hour, Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training program to the world famous Yoga Barn and you can join her in this transformative yogic experience.

The Yin and Vinyasa curriculum includes:
Asana (Both YIN and YANG)
History of Yoga (broad outline of many traditions, detailed examination of the history of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga)
Pranayama and Meditation
Ayurveda and Yogic Diet
Physical Anatomy and Subtle Anatomy
Teaching (physical assists/adjustments of primary Series Asanas, verbalization and cueing, special cases and the “Seat of the Teacher”)
Sequencing of Asanas, Theming of Classes.
Mantra and Chanting ,Yoga Philosophy and Sutra Study

Dates: 1-21 June, 2020
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ZUNA YOGA, 200, 300 and 500HR YTTs

Zuna Yoga® is a fresh, systematic approach to applying the wisdom of timeless yogic traditions to modern living. The practical integration of science and philosophy offers you an unparalleled experience of learning and personal development. Their mission is to awaken students to the true promise of yoga: clarity, empowerment, purpose and success.
Their facilitators are seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of teaching and business experience. All trainers are Zuna Yoga® certified to ensure a cohesive understanding of course content.
There is no better way to go deeper, faster into the vast sea of yogic tradition and practice than to immerse yourself, separated from everyday pressures and distractions, in a true teacher training intensive. They take care of all your needs so you can focus on the yoga.
Their global tribe of yogis come from all corners of the globe, with students from the most varied professions and spanning generations. You’ll find support and acceptance, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
They offer a number of courses in carefully selected gorgeous venues in Bali.
- 200/300 hour yoga teacher training
- 300 hour meditation and yoga nidra teacher training
- 500 hour yoga / meditation teacher training
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JAI Yoga & Ayurveda Integrative Holistic Teacher Training 200 HRS

Teach to Master oneself
Imagine 22 days in the "Islands of the Gods" as you are guided into self-retreat, self-mastery and self-rejuvenation through the holistic practices of Yoga & Ayurveda.
As a Certified Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor you will:
-Learn to guide a complete holistic and integrative yoga practice including yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas, mudra, mantra and meditation
-Lead Yoga group classes based on the elements, seasons, time of day, the Ayurvedic constitution (Doshas), the age of a person and their life transitions.
This Yoga Alliance Certified 200Hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training, offers an authentic, integrative and comprehensive way for you to return to your life’s passion and purpose through the art of teaching.
You will experience:
- Sun-set meditation
- Fire ceremony
- Ocean moon walks
- Kirtan & Mantra ceremony
- Full facilitation and instruction to learn how to master your own voice, guide others and return to your passion, through the principles and practices of self-healing and self-realization, Yoga and Ayurveda

May 2-23, 2020
October 3-24, 2020

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The Healing Power of Yoga & Ayurveda - JAI 300HR Advanced Integrative Holistic Training

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic living practices ofAyurveda, Yoga & Meditation
Together, Ayurveda and Yoga endeavour to create balance for each unique individual, and by doing so it can help to eliminate suffering, dis-ease and disharmony, assisting us to become unified, healthy and empowered.

This 300Hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training offers an authentic, integrative and comprehensive way for you to study and teach the advanced practices of health, longevity, therapeutic approaches to yoga and individualized, in-depth and personalized yoga classes and private sessions.
As a Certified Ayurveda-Yoga Specialist you will be able to:
*Teach holistic classes that include therapeutic approaches to Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation and Yoga asana
*Study advanced sequencing for the Ayurvedic constitution, the season, age and general health conditions
*Develop practices for stress management, improved sleep, digestion, elimination and detoxification
*Lead Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga Classes for deep relaxation, stress relief and developed awareness
*Activate acupressure points and marmas of the body through Yoga asana for deep healing and the balancing of corresponding organs
*Lead classes for hormonal balancing for women, working with menstrual cycles, menopause and womb care
*Teach Rejuvenation practices to build vitality and diminish depletion and fatigue
*Study how food affects consciousness and how to prepare simple recipes for digestion and cleansing
*Prepare Ayurvedic food recipes, teas, spices and herb concoctions
*Apply Sound, Color & Aromatherapy practices for each Ayurvedic constitution
*Learn Ayurvedic body healing techniques, through basic Ayurvedic massage techniques and marma point acupressure
*Make Facial Masks, Body Scrubs, Anti-aging tonics and elixirs for self-care and self-kindness practices
*Explore the healing of trauma through the holistic applications of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation
*Create individualized and general Yoga classes, private sessions and group workshops based on the season, the person's Ayurvedic constitution, and life transitions
*Offer basic Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and emotions

March 8 - April 5, 2020
November 15 – December 15, 2020

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Complete Holistic Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga immersions - 60 to 240HR YTT Certification
with Sky, Sanna & Sharada

Probably the most transformative teacher training in Bali. For anyone who wants to grow into a mature and harmonious person thru a yogic lifestyle, applied to modern life. Addressing the whole person from a holistic perspective which helps you see how lovable you are and how you can come home to yourself. Taught by very experienced teachers who live what they teach and know how to clearly transmit their knowledge to You.

This training, composed by four modules of 60 contact hours, is suited for all who are looking to deepen their yoga and spiritual lifestyle as well as for body workers, yoga teachers, therapists, counsellors and all facilitators and practitioners wanting to enhance their practice and their offerings and get maximum growth as a yogi. It is a time to commit fully to a yoga sadhana (daily practices). Suitable both if you want to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga as a way of life, or if you feel inspired to teach and join all four modules to complete a teacher training program certified by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Asana ~  Qi gong ~ Ayurveda ~ Vaidika Dharma ~ Mantras ~ Satsang ~ Chanting  ~ Meditation ~ Understanding the mind ~ Jungian Psychology ~ Inner Child work ~ Sanskrit ~ Ritual ~ Devotion ~ Vedanta ~ Yoga Shastra ~ Philosophy ~  Practicum ~ 8 limbs of Patanjali ~ Spirituality and more....

Feb 27, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020
Mar 08, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020
Mar 18, 2020 - Mar 25, 2020
Mar 28, 2020 - Apr 04, 2020

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Bali is a top destination for yogis, yoginis and leading yoga teachers, offering a diverse choice of Yoga Teacher Trainings for all wishes and needs. Joining a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is a chance to learn and practice with reputable local and international yoga schools and teachers, something that will make a course even more special and transforming. Also, the yoga shalas are dreamy: often bamboo-made, surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife or the impetuous ocean. Pick your YTT and be amazed!