Practicing yoga beyond the mat

To practice yoga means to embrace a conscious and sustainable way of living that is not confined to our practice on the mat. Instead, the practice of yoga should go beyond the mat and the studio and weave together with our daily lifestyle. What we choose to wear and put on our skin then becomes integral part of our overall exploration of body, mind and soul. Have you ever wondered how our clothes are produced? Were these clothes made in a healthy environment? Are the employees looked after and paid a fair wage? A piece of clothing embodies all of this and that’s what you and your body is connected to every day. Kind of mindblowing, isn’t it?

In traditional Balinese culture and religion, every gesture is laden with meaning and deep spirituality. It inspires so many who visit and work in Bali to adopt a more conscious lifestyle, staying present and living each day with mindfulness. It is no surprise then that Bali has become a mecca for world-wide yogis and home to mindful fashion.

Girl wearing Ompure in Ubud Bali

Conscious clothing in Bali

Conscious clothing companies choose to produce their clothes ethically in Bali opposed to mass producing clothes in fast fashion factories in neighbouring Asian countries. For example Ompure, a sustainable women’s clothing collection for yoga, dance, lounge and casual travel is made in Bali, using natural fiber, locally sourced fabrics and high quality cottons. In such beautiful creations, Yeshelia, designer of Ompure, managed to intertwine sustainable production together with aesthetic beauty and a divine style.

Ompure Bali

When in Ubud, a visit to Ompure showroom is a must go. The studio, on a quiet side road away from the hustle bustle of central Ubud, is fresh, spacious and hosts both the clothing collection and a workshop. Here at Ompure you’ll have the chance to discover how such inspiring pieces are created and produced. Moreover, the showroom also has a personal stylist that can help you in choosing clothes to compliment and enhance your personal style. Ompure designer, Yeshelia tastefully shapes and styles all the fabrics, which then become unique lines of fashionable yoga and lifestyle wear like Boho Gypsy Chic. Perfect for when you want to let your hair down and embrace that wild soul in you!

Boho gypsy style feminine Bali clothing Ompure

Each collection focuses on designs to inspire freedom of movement with exquisite attention to detail and immediate comfort to win any heart, any body and any soul, regardless of age.

Working with soft natural fabrics not only is sustainable, but also makes the clothing easy-to-wear with the intention to follow feminine curves with just enough support. That will make you feel beautiful from the inside out!

Already curious? Drop a message on Ompure’s Facebook page or send an email to book an appointment and tailor your unique experience in visiting the showroom. They even have  pickup and drop off services for groups and visitors. If you are already intrigued and want to learn more about sustainable clothing and to have a little taste of what Ompure offer, have a look on their website: Visiting workshops like Ompure’s and wearing sustainable clothing will give you a well-rounded experience to your experience in Bali and your personal life journey. Sustainability is not just an option anymore, we must fully embrace it and practice living consciously in all aspects of our life. That’s the true essence of a mindful living.

Girl in rice field in Ubud Bali wearing Ompure

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