What is tarot reading? How does it work?

It is one of the oldest forms of fortune predictions, stemming from the 15th century. Tarot reading uses a deck of 78 tarot cards and depending on the type of reading that you are seeking, the reader will energetically communicate and work with the cards, so they reveal what you need to know.

A tarot reading can be approached in two ways: as an open reading, or a question reading. An open reading looks at the bigger picture of your life: past, present and future. People usually decide to have an open reading when they are at a crossroads in life or are about to enter into a new stage (e.g. marriage, starting a family or a career change). A question reading however, as the name suggests is based around a specific question you have in mind and want to see the answers via various outcomes of the chosen cards and their meaning. It is never a simple yes or no answer and never fully take what is revealed in the tarot cards as your definite answer, everything is open to interpretation. The point of both types of readings is to be used as a guide to help you understand yourself and to make decisions for yourself. 

The cards chosen in a reading will each be interpreted and discussed separately and in relation to eachother. A tarot reader will then focus on possible influences related to the issue at hand and potential outcomes based on the combination of the chosen cards.TAROT READING IN UBUD WITH NOVIANA KUSUMAWARDHANI TAROT CARDS

Tarot reading in Ubud, Bali

When you stop by along your path for a tarot reading with Noviana (Novi), expect to be surprised by her accuracy. You pick the cards, but her interpretation is spot on and usually emotionally accurate. She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside your unconscious mind and tells you very simply, just as they are revealed to her in the cards. You can have a reading just for fun if you are curious, even if you don't have any problems or concerns in life. Novi is dedicated to using the tarot to help people find their way through life and if you do have questions, you will leave with clarity, and a most likely a deep sense of relief. Novi has a friendly and approachable manner and is able to take a look into what is happening in your life, often something so obvious isn’t clear to us until an outsider takes a look at our life. 

The Javanese define life as "nothing more than a pause on the path to drink a cup of tea" and this is what influences Novi alongside her background in Sumarah philosophy. Novi’s readings are encouraging and uplifting and they embracing our flaws and teach us to accept that we will never be perfect and making mistakes in life is natural. We must learn to respect and enjoy life and everything it holds for us, without attachment.

Tarot reading client testimonials with Noviana:

"It is unusual to find the level of skill and perception that Novi offers anywhere in the world, let alone in Ubud. Novi really cares about people. Beautiful integrity and a huge heart. You will enjoy her reading immensely." 

Mia Watson, Craniosacral therapist.


"Novi, who comes from a family of Javanese mystics, is a very intuitive channel who clearly sees and communicates the 'big picture'. She's particularly helpful in identifying old issues and suggesting ways we can find new balance in our lives. I found our session most valuable and will be consulting her again" 

Ibu Kat ( Cat Wheeler), Writer & Reiki Master, Ubud


A common belief among tarot readers is that nothing is set in stone and the future is fluid. It is really important to remember that the cards you choose are open to interpretation and absolute predictions of the future are impossible. The main purpose of tarot reading is for you to have a clearer understanding and perhaps to set you with more information to aid your choices moving forward.

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