Gianyar Art Festival

Gianyar is the capital city of the South Eastern region of Gianyar and widely known as a cultural center only a 10km drive from the Ubud hub. Every Year the Gianyar Art & Cultural Festival aims to promote the regency as a must-visit destination in Bali for 9 days. The festival will showcase the traditional art, music, costume, food, and even literature unique to the area. It will take place in downtown Gianyar with the best of the city´s performing arts and local music. A perfect escape from the busy southern beach towns for all those interested in Balinese culture and artwork at its best.

When        10. – 19. April 2019
Where        Downtown Gianyar

Tumpek Wayang – Puppet Celebration

This festival brings together puppeteers who perform purification rites (ruwatan) to purify their bodies both physically and mentally. It is all about the coming together of Shiva and Uma, which is why each celebration involves purification rites followed by the signature puppet show. The show is staged at the different temples, and is titled ‘Sapuh Leger’. Whenever you are in Bali during Tumpek Wayang, look out for the puppet shows staged at numerous locations. Interact with the locals from your hotel or favorite warung to learn a thing or two about their rich culture.

When        20. April 2019
Where       Throughout Bali

Kartini Day – A Symbol of Modern Woman Empowerment in Indonesia

Every 21st of April, all Indonesian Islands commemorate Hari Kartini (Kartini’s Day) to celebrate their hero of women empowerment – Raden Ajeng Kartini - she is better known as Ibu Kartini. Born into an aristocratic Javanese family in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, she attended a Dutch language primary school. She aspired to further education but the option was unavailable to her and other girls in Javanese society. She came into contact with various officials and influential people including J.H. Abendanon, in charge of implementing the Dutch Ethical Policy. This is akin to International Women’s Day and the focus is the issue of women empowerment. All across Indonesia, female students and teachers in schools dress in Kebaya, while the male students dress in Batik. Various competitions such as fashion shows, cooking competitions and flower arrangement competitions are held to enliven the festivities. Kartini Day has been commemorated to remind us that women and men are supposed to be equal. It is a good chance for us, women and men, to remind ourselves of gender equality. The festivity of Kartini Day—the fashion shows, cooking competitions and all the festivities—are a great reminder for us to keep the women’s spirit alive. We always should remember that women are great; women are strong; women are capable. Happy Kartini Day!

When        21. April 2019
Where         All over the island

Ubud Food Festival

Ubud Food Festival is one of Bali’s most enticing sensory experiences, and it is one of the top events in Bali in 2019. Taking place over three days, from Friday 26th April, this culinary celebration puts Indonesian gourmet food and local produce firmly on the map.  A journey through the diverse palette of the Island of the Gods, Ubud Food Festival celebrates renowned chefs and fledging cooks, while promoting the rich heritage and diverse influences of Balinese cuisine. This annual event should definitely be on your bucket list for Bali in 2019, offering a dedicated program of delicacy tours, cooking classes and demos, as well as movies, workshops and tastings, providing entertainment for every type of visitor. This year, the event runs under the ‘Generation of Innovation’ theme, showcasing ground-breaking, fledgling chefs. With the aim of bettering the lives of locals, promoting sustainability and locality, Ubud Food Festival is the definitive foodie event in Bali in 2019. The festival also boasts a wide range of free events, including night markets kids event, masterclasses and movie screenings.

When        26.-28. April 2019
Where        Ubud

Semarapura Festival 

This festival aims to promote art and culture and the potential of tourism in the otherwise quieter area of Kabupaten Klungkung. The Festival Semarapura is held in conjunction with Kota Semarapura anniversary and Hari Puputan Klungkung. Various events from opening until closing are held starting from 07.30 am and ends at 11 pm daily during the 3 day event. A varied program includes cultural carnival, mass cultural performances, art, culinary competitions and small business exhibitions.

When        2.4.-02.05.2019
Where       Klungkung

What weather to expect when traveling to Bali in April

While March was still in between rainy season and dry season, in April things change. Clean beaches, not too windy at the coast, sunny weather and the hotels filling up slowly. Expect an average temperature around 27°C (81°F) with 80% humidity, the sea temperature stays at 28°C (82°F). Still, it can rain from time to time (mostly at night ).   So...yes...the sunny days have arrived. And with that warm water you can have fun for hours in the ocean! Note:  Easter time is high season due to holidays in many countries and things can get crowded in certain areas. Accommodation becomes more expensive for a short term, but will drop to low season shortly before/after Easter.