Kuta Sea Sand Land Fest

Kuta Sea Sand Land celebrates the Indonesian Independence Day. The event is conducted during five days from August 15th to 19th, 2019. The sand is a symbol of diversity, and land is the unity. All Kuta hamlets will participate in the activities. There will be traditional villages that feature a folk party, a big parade, art and cultural attractions, international competitions, international musical entertainment, Mode Badung Carnival, food festival, the youth activities, and a lot more. KSSL Festival is an adhesive between the local community from outside Bali and the international community, exploring and preserving the cultural arts and customs of the Kuta community.

When:            15.-19.August.2019
Where:            Kuta Beach, Bali

Enjoy the music at Ubud Village Jazz Festival

This year in mid-August, at the weekend of the 16th and 17th the community based Ubud Village Jazz Festival is back for its 7th edition. And once again it is bringing together an exclusive lineup from artists both national and international. The festival is situated in the artistic surroundings of the cultural capital of Bali in Ubud. With the theme of “Certainly Indonesia!”, this year’s lineup has confirmed some of the world’s best musicians to perform, including jazz legends, new artists to the scene and those at the height of their careers, once again creating one-of-a-kind stage not seen anywhere else. With musicians from Indonesia, Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Austria, France, South Korea, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has grown to become one of Bali’s most important cultural and community events, gaining a serious reputation across the globe and the jazz stratosphere. Since the first edition in 2013, Ubud Village Jazz Festival has pushed to be an eco-friendly festival, and this year will be so more than ever. “Supporting the ban on single-use plastic to the heart of the city, during this prominent festival, is one of the many ways we give back to the community and take action to care for our environment,” said Anom Darsana, co-founder of the festival.

When:            16. August starts at 3.30pm
                      17. August ends at 11.30pm

Where:            ARMA Museum
                       Jl. Pangosekan, Ubud

Celebrate Indonesian Independence on August 17th

Indonesia proclaimed their Independence on August 17th 1945 from the Dutch, so this year the whole country celebrates the 74th year. You can’t miss it:  with numerous red and white flags along the street sides and exciting events throughout the nation. The festivity starts in the morning of the 17th at the presidential palace in Jakarta and is followed by flag ceremonies and amusing competitions in the towns and villages. Think about contests like pole climbing, rope pulling and eating competitions.  Legions of school kids’ march with enthusiasm through Bali´s main roads and lots of fireworks are shot off. Traffic is coming nearly to a halt while the parades blocking the streets and also expect delays on the days before because of the rehearsals. So if you plan a trip start really early or even consider that staying overnight in a more rural area could be an option. Don´t forget to check your favorite restaurant for menu specials and Independence Day promos, they might feature national culinary delights.

When:            17.August
Where:            nationwide

Sanur Village Festival - A festival full of sports, music events, exhibitions and a lot more

The festival has different themes each year and draws thousands of international visitors to its shores with its message: “The New Spirit of Heritage”.  It is a festival that celebrates arts, great food,  music and the environment. Each year the festival has grown and now is one of the biggest cultural celebrations on the island. Some of the highlights of the Sanur Village Festival include fashion shows, culinary displays, sports competitions, environmental conservation programs and yoga demonstrations. Head to the different culinary stands and sample delicious local cuisine prepared by Balinese experts. Environmental conservation programs are also an important part of this festival and there are many activities held to further conservation efforts such as cleaning the beach and planting exotic and endangered plant species. You will also find photography exhibitions, a kite festival, golf tournament, fishing tournament and cycling tour. The family friendly event also attracts kids with a number of fun activities such as body painting, kite flying, beach games and a fun run for the whole family. 

When:        21.-25.8.2019, please check the exact schedule
Where:       Sanur, Kota Denpasar, Bali

What weather to expect when travelling to Bali in August

Bali´s weather is suitable for leisure and pleasure almost all year around. The tropical Island experiences only two seasons: the rainy season from November to March and the dry season from April to October with less rain and humidity. For all beachgoers the Balinese ‘Summer’ is ideal as the beaches are much cleaner and a light breeze is blowing during daytime. So sunbathing, Yoga at the beach and many water activities by the coastline are all fun in the sun. Especially for surfing, snorkeling or diving this is the right season to visit, as the conditions are superb. Expect good swells, no wind in the early mornings/ late evenings and shallow water completed with blue sky.
In the high tourist season when it’s so busy, you can find refuge in some hidden paradises in North and central Bali. The quieter parts of the island like Amed and Lovina Beach or the beautiful lush villages with their stunning views around Ubud are the answer if you are seeking for relaxation and the ‘original’ Bali.


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