Ubud Artisan Market

The fifth round of Ubud Artisan Market falls in December on Sunday the 1st, featuring homemade fashion and edible products from local brands across the country! This time it will be a special Pre-Christmas event for the whole family. Go and find extraordinary and unique gifts for all your beloved ones or treat yourself with the finest selection of Balinese arts and crafts. An absolute must when you are in Ubud or around to accomplish your Christmas shopping.

When   :    01. December 2019, 9am – 3pm
Where  :   Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud 80571



Art Bali

ARTBALI is a representation of the latest contemporary art practice and discovery. For three whole months, ARTBALI will bring together the public with the best artworks of artists from local Bali, national, and international, curated by the ARTBALI team. With this year’s theme ‘Speculative Memories', the exhibition will present contemporary artworks in two dimensional and three-dimensional forms with various mediums such as painting, photography, video, installation, and new media art. Through this program, the curator team of ARTBALI will guide the audience throughout the exhibition room and also explain the concept and the context of the works displayed there. This is intended as a way to bring the works closer to their public, and also a means of public education. Meet The Artist facilitates the public to meet and to talk directly to the artists who involved in ARTBALI. This program encourages an exchange of knowledge and a dialogue between the artist and the public of art.

When   :  now till January 13th
Where  :  ABBC Building Nusa Dua Bali, Jl. Kw. Nusa Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363


Saraswati Day

Knowledge is very important for Balinese. Every Saniscara, Umanis, Wuku Watugunung, they celebrate Saraswati Day, the knowledge day. It is based on the Pawukon (Balinese calendar) system and the Saniscara (seven day cycle).

The name Saraswati comes from "Saras" meaning flow and "wati" meaning a women. So, Saraswati is symbol of knowledge, its flow (or growth) is like a river and knowledge is very interesting, like a beautiful women. Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge, symbolized by a beautiful woman with four hands, riding on a white swan among water lilies to tell humanity that science is like a beautiful woman. Her hands hold a palm leaf; a lontar, (a Balinese traditional book which is the source of science or knowledge); a chain (genitri with 108 pieces) symbolising that knowledge is never ending and has an everlasting life cycle; and a musical instrument (guitar or wina) symbolising that science develops through the growth of culture. The swans symbolise prudence, so that one's knowledge may distinguish between good and evil and the water lilies (Lotus) are symbols of holiness. The Lotus flower is the holiest for Balinese.

In the afternoon of Saraswati day we are not permitted to read or write the book because all the books are offered. In the evening, called Malam Sastra, people read books (especially religious books) in their houses or in the temple. Learn more about Saraswati Day in Bali here.

When   :  7. December 2019
Where  :  All over Bali



Pagerwesi commemorates the day upon which an ancient battle between good and evil was fought. The word “Pagerwesi” means “iron fence”, and reflects the purpose of this important event: it is the day to strengthen one’s fortifications against evil. The correlation between Pagerwesi and the Saraswati is that knowledge is so powerful that it must be protected from bad influences. Pagerwesi Day reminds people to be wise and more aware of the function and power of knowledge. The Balinese celebrate the Pagerwesi ceremony every six months according to the Balinese calendar and it is usually held three days after the last Saraswati day.

When   :  11. December 2019
Where  :  All over Bali



Tumpek Landep

Nowadays Tumpek Landep is a ceremonial day at which offerings are made for objects that are made of metal. The ceremonies start in the morning hours at the village temple when people gather for special prayers and blessings. Afterward, at the home compounds, additional ceremonies and blessings follow at which offerings are made for the holy family keris that most families own, but also for cars and motorbikes. In these modern times, also other objects that contain metal, such as computers, may be subject to these ceremonies. Learn more about it here.
When  :  21. December 2019
Where :  All over Bali



Denpasar Festival

Denpasar Festival focuses on happiness and sustainability. It realizes Bali’s full potential and the important existence of its creative industry. Held at the end of the year and originally named Gajah Mada Festival, this special event commemorates the year with a silver lining. The celebration has a different theme every year and holds resourceful exhibitions and ethnic musical performances by Balinese artists. Denpasar Festival started off with the passion to rekindle Gajah Mada Street in the past, which was the center for Denpasar community creativity. The main highlight of this event is a mask parade, art and musical performances in the main stage, a photo exhibition and competition, live painting, traditional art performances, film screenings, a trade handy craft exhibition, a book and rare literature fair, a fashion show, workshop, and a culinary festival. The end of the festival is celebrated with a dance parade and the end-of-the-year Dadong Rerod Opera.

When   :  28. December – 31. December
Where  :  Kawasan Catur Muda, Jalan Gajah Mada , Denpasar, Bali



NYE and Countdown

The whole island turns into a huge party for those who want to stay over New Year’s Eve. Bali allows you to celebrate in many different ways: partying all night long in one of the famous beach clubs, nightclubs, bars, and rooftops. Simply enjoy your favorite restaurant or the hotel where you are staying which usually comes up with a special festive menu for that day. Or have a private party with family and friends in your own rented villa. Fireworks can be seen in locations all over Bali, but remember that the island may not necessarily run on a tight timetable, so don’t be surprised if there are numerous displays all throughout the night. The biggest fireworks show will be held this year at the GWK Cultural Park. Read more about what to do during Christmas in Bali.

When  :  December 31st, 2019
Where :  All over Bali



What weather to expect when traveling to Bali in December
Unlike the other months, the island during this time witnesses the wet season at its peak, especially if November hasn’t seen much rainfall. Expect most of the rain during the nights but be prepared for some during the days also. The average temperature stays around 27 degrees Celsius, and drops barely to a minimum of 25 degrees, keeping the air a bit humid throughout. But, despite the clouds with fewer hours of sunshine and more of downpours, December is absolutely a great time to visit Bali, especially when traveling from Europe.