Bali Arts Festival

This year’s 41st anniversary of Bali Arts Festival is taking place in the famous Bali Art Center in Denpasar. The Festival brings the Island’s cultural scenes to life for a whole month of different performances all day long, an array of exhibitions by different artists and of course dance and music at its best. During the 4 weeks of the festival you can experience a wide variety of painting, sculptures and photography exhibitions with a delicious selection of Balinese food stalls, as well as handicrafts from different villages around the tropical island. The last days ceremony with the ‘Sendlatari’, a traditional Ballet Dance which is taking place at the Aldha Candra Open Stage, completes this wonderful experience. The Bali Arts Festival is a cultural treat for the lucky ones who are visiting the island in July!  

When:         15.06.  -14.07.2019        
Where:       Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Center, Jl. Nusa Indah No. 1 Panjer, Denpasar

Twin Lake Festival 

Twin Lake” refers to the Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake. The festival creates opportunities for visitors to try the seafood selection and locally grown exotic fruits and is aimed to introduce original Buleleng agricultural products. With its Bull Races Parade, traditional game Gangsing Competition, Fruit Arrangement Competition, and Handy Craft Exhibition, the festival offers entertaining ways to spend your time in Bali.  

When:        03.-06.07. 2019
Where:       Located in front of the Ulun Danu Buyan Temple at Pancasari Village, Sukasada and Ulun Danu Tamblingan at Munduk Village                                                                        

Sanur Jazz Festival

For the 10th Jazz Festival held on the beautiful Island of Bali the Musician Indra Lesmana, brings a live jazz performance to Sanur through his musical series “Mostly Jazz“ at Griya Santrian resort beach front. Mostly Jazz is a musical series program that is developed for facilitating musical expression, creation, communication and presentation for artists and the music community in general. Presenting local and national musicians this festival is made for all jazz lovers.

When:        04-06.07. 2019
Where:       Sanur

The Great 50 Show

Every day is circus time in Bali with this mixture of modern and traditional elements. The Oriental Circus of Indonesia is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and is performing in Bali as part of an extended national tour. This dynamic new entertainment concept combines music, dance, story –telling theatre, state of art lightning, acrobatics and high wire acts. It’s a show to rival the likes of Cirque de Soleil with a two hour long show that will dazzle you: expect drones and lasers as well as clowns and puppets. A spectacular show guaranteed to entertain kids and adults likewise.

When:        now – 25.08. 2019
Where:       Sunset Road, Kuta

Bali Blues Festival

The Blues Community in Bali is in for a treat with the annual event “Bali Blues Festival 2019”, in Nusa Dua going down on July 13-14, 2019. It is the fifth time the event has been held and has received a very good response from the public throughout the years it has been running. The festival will feature musicians from Bali, Indonesia, as well as several foreign Blues musicians. Main acts include Nosstress, Joni Agung & the Bluesers, Fourtwnty, The Hydrant, Fernando Brazil with Ronald Gang, Padi Reborn, Bali Guitar Club, Bluesmate, Brightsize Trio and Crazy Horse.

When:          13.-14.07. 2019
Where:         Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua


Bali's most important festival is Galungan, a feast and festival which is held throughout the whole island and an annual event coinciding with the wuku year. It is believed that during this ten-day period, all Balinese gods will descend to earth for the festivities. Barongs prance from temple to temple and village to village in celebration of Galungan with the gods. The festivities are made extra special by the fitting of 'penjor'  decorated bamboo pole) on the right side of the entrance to every house. The Galungan also sees the Balinese decked in their finest clothes and jewels for the day.

When:        24.07.2019
Where:       All over the Island

Makepung Bullock Races                                            

A widely enjoyed spectacle during July is the Makepung, the great buffalo race held in the regency of Jembrana/West Bali. Not only a few, but about a hundred  teams of jockeys and pairs of buffalos (Pepadu) together ride/tow the traditional Balinese wooden ploughs which are slightly modified for the races.  This unique tradition is based in the heritage of these rural areas and has its origin in the agrarian life scene.  

When:            28.07.2019 - Kaliakah Circuit
                      11. & 25.08.2019 - Mertasari & Sangyang Cerik Circuit
                      08. & 22.09.2019 - Dlodbawah & Kaliakah Circuit
                      06. & 20.10.2019 - Samblong & Kaliakah Circuit
                      03. & 17.11.2019 - Mertasari & Sangyang Cerik Circuit
Where:          different race locations

What weather to expect in Bali in July           

The dry season from April until October has pleasant weather for visitors from all ages: not too hot, not too humid, just the perfect temperature with a light breeze.
Even the water temperature during that season drops slightly, which is really refreshing, but there is no need for a wetsuit. The evenings become a little bit cooler, so some may feel the need to wear a light jacket when riding the scooter/motorbike or during the sunset at the beaches. Surf-wise it is the best season for all the famous spots around the Bukit Peninsula which is located in the southern part of the island.
For all activities from Yoga classes to taking pictures on your daytrips this season offers the best weather and conditions. Being in Bali for the first time in July was a stunning experience and I can still recommend coming in the busy main season. Book your accommodation in advance and avoid the masses by planning your trip off the beaten tracks or get lost in the positive vibes amid all the other travelers.