As this October is totally different from the last years and travelling to Bali is not possible at the moment, we thought it is a great idea to show how to celebrate or honor the holidays without leaving your home but also with an opportunity to support the Island in time of need.  A shout out for Tumpek Krulut also called the Balinese Compassion Day to all Foreigners that are still on the island and all former and future visitors: you can be part of these celebrations by stepping out to uphold the values that Balinese celebrate. Make an offering to someone less fortunate or donate to a charity. No matter how big or small, every contribution to make the world a better place counts tremendously.


Kembali 2020

The Paradise Island, Bali, is now facing one of its biggest challenges as the COVID-19 global pandemic crippling its thriving tourism and creative industries. To inspire, excite, reconnect, and revitalize Bali’s economy and communities, Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati – an independent, not-for-profit foundation in Ubud, Bali– is launching KEMBALI 2020: A Rebuild Bali Festival (KEMBALI20) from 29 October to 8 November 2020. Founded by Janet DeNeefe and Ketut Suardana in 2004, the Foundation was created as a healing project in response to the first Bali bombings to boost the economy and assist the community. The goal of the Foundation is to help fulfill the creative needs of Indonesia, its individuals and communities, while showcasing its cultural diversity – both traditional and contemporary – to the world. Kembali — the  Indonesian word for return, come back — is a festival of literature, food, art and culture, bringing together the most successful elements of the famous Ubud Writers & Readers Festival  and Ubud Food Festival. KEMBALI20 will be this year’s most important celebration of Indonesia’s creative arts and culinary richness, a pillar of human resilience and survival. KEMBALI20 will serve programs focusing on an outstanding line-up across the creative arts, from literature to film, design, fashion and journalism, as well as, those in the culinary world. From Sabang to Merauke, Singapore to Mexico, all events are accessible to a global audience through its donation-based online sessions. Discussions, workshops, book launches, poetry readings, children’s program and film, will be presented in digital format. Some programs will be available on the ground for limited local audience, following all the required COVID-19 safety procedures.  KEMBALI20 will be a place where artists and audiences alike can discuss shared inspirations, ideas and concerns, with the online Festival that transcends cultural and geographical borders to create a truly global community. “We invite you to Kembali to experience an extraordinary new Festival. We are bringing Bali back to you!” continued Janet DeNeefe.

When:       29 October - 8 November, 2020

Where:      Online event, check details and festival schedule here

The Prophets Birthday – Mawlid al Nabi

Mawlid or Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif  is the observance of the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad which is commemorated in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. 12th Rabi' al-awwal is the accepted date among most of the Sunni scholars, while Shi'a scholars regard 17th Rabi' al-awwal as the accepted date. The history of this celebration goes back to the early days of Islam when some of the Tabi‘un ( followers who received their teachings first- and secondhand ) began to hold sessions in which poetry and songs composed to honor Muhammad were recited and sung to the crowds. It has been said that the first Muslim ruler to officially celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in an impressive ceremony was Muzaffar al-Din Gökböri. The Ottomans declared it an official holiday in 1588 known as Mevlid Kandil. The term Mawlid is also used in some parts of the world, such as Egypt, as a generic term for the birthday celebrations of other historical religious figures such as Sufi saints. Please remember that the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is a public holiday in Indonesia. It is a day off for the general population, and offices and most businesses are closed.

When:        Saturday, 29 October 2020

Where:      Public holiday in Indonesia


Tumpek Krulut - the Compassion Day

A holy day where the devout  express their gratitude for life and life’s blessings, show compassion to one another and, in particular, to be charitable to the less fortunate in society. As a traveler or visitor this is the perfect opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the Balinese culture and way of life. Be part of the celebrations by watching the ceremonies with your Balinese neighbor or host. Make an offering to someone less fortunate, or donate to your favorite charity; all contributions will be highly appreciated especially this year. In previous years, Tumpek Krulut has brought together tourists, the local community and religious leaders. In doing so Bali prides itself as being culturally diverse and open-minded.

When:        Saturday, 31 October, 2020

Where:       All over Bali. Ceremonies are conducted at temples and villages around the island.

What weather to expect when traveling to Bali in October

Visiting Bali is a stunner year around. During October you have the benefit to enjoy ‘The Islands of the Gods’ without the crowds of the peak season. The sea temperature is around 27°C (81°F) which is enjoyable for a short swim but also very comfortable for longer water sport sessions. On an average there are 15 days with light rain fall in October, mostly during the night. So it´s really a good month to visit and one of the best to get cheap hotel rooms and villas, as it is definitely low season. Great international festivals that usually draw in crowds are postponed to 2021 or new virtual ones popping up on the radar. By attending an online event  you will experience an inspiring and magical Bali for your perfect spiritual holiday from home.

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