Beauty and attention to detail in all things is a focal point of Balinese culture, from cooking to daily offerings to wood carving and this reflects into intricate jewelry designs. With jewelry ranges from silver to gold, precious stones and crystals to Hindu males and chunky tribal pieces, Bali produces a vibrant and eclectic mix of jewelry, with something special for everyone. 

Below are some of our favorite and the most unique Bali jewelry brands, all handmade on the island...

1. Aum Rudraksha Designs

"Aum Rudraksha Designs" roots lie in ancient Hindu spirituality. Guided by Papaji, and created by Soma Temple who has been a resident of Bali for more than 20 years, the company began in 2003 to bring the modern world the peace, wisdom, and power of the ancient sages in the form of contemporary malas.

Adorned with semi precious stones, woven together with silver and gold, each piece is handcrafted, blessed and designed in the small beach town of Bingin, Bali. As a Bali jewelry company, Aum Rudraksha wants you to know that you are far more than just a customer. You are actively taking part in building a community of concerned individuals, contributing to a new kind of consumerism where we celebrate life and love.

In buying a mala, you dedicate yourself to a life of peace. A single purchase is able to provide access to water for less privileged families, access to health and medical care, and support better birthing conditions for pregnant mothers. Your purchases also enable many children to have access to education which leads to improving health conditions, raising income, promoting gender equality and reducing poverty.

Aum Rudraksha is proud to give back 20% of all benefits to the wonderful people who cultivate their beads, create their malas and to the people who simply need their help and support. May we unify and share the healing energy of these rare and sacred beads. May they help you to abide in and act from the ONE true Heart of pure consciousness. Let the way you live be the way you give. Wholesale and individual orders available.

For more information visit:


Phone : 0361 7420937

2. Shivaloka Soul Jewelry

Imagine owning a set of Mala Beads that is equally as powerful and spiritually charged as the one’s worn by holy men and women in India.
Founded in 2009, SHIVALOKA Soul Jewelry offers a wide selection of sacred jewelry and mala beads that are authentically activated and blessed through an ancient Shakti activation process that enlightened masters use to create sacred power objects.
This knowledge was past down to the founders of SHIVALOKA by one of India’s most highly regarded Enlightened Masters. If you have a specific intention in mind that you wish to manifest in your life, you can choose from 14 power & benefits categories to find the spiritual jewellery piece that is most empowering and beneficial to your life.

With two flagship stores in Ubud and Seminyal, SHIVALOKA’s headquarters were created in Bali to support the locals by providing jobs in a supportive environment. Currently they have over 65 employees, and are caring for 19 Bali rescue dogs. Purchases also support various charitable causes.

Find more information on Shivaloka's website, facebook, instagram: @shivaloka_soul_jewelry or contact them via e-mail.

Store addresses in Bali:

Ubud Store: 49-1 Jalan Hanoman, Ubud
Seminyak Store: 58 Jalan Raya Seminyak


3. Ananda Soul Creations

Ananda Soul Creations are designed to nurture your soul and remind you of your divine purpose. Each piece is carefully crafted to reflect and embody the essence of a woman’s natural beauty. Their design is informed and inspired by ancient spiritual practices, yogic philosophy and a deep and lasting connection to the feminine energy.

All pieces found at Ananda Soul are handmade on the mystical island of Bali using high quality, ethically derived materials. Ananda Soul use the finest precious and semi-precious healing gemstones, sterling silver, and 22kt gold vermeil so that you own a piece of paradise beauty that you can carry with you every day.

Part of the creation process of each Ananda Soul trinket involves a special and sacred ceremony in which the pieces are blessed in a beautiful ritual by a Balinese priest. You will find the jewelry so full of loving energy, that you feel it every single time you wear it.

When you purchase a piece from Ananda Soul, not only are you going home with a piece of the Soul of paradise, you are supporting Balinese children and families in need.

Ananda Soul store locations in Ubud:

No. 2, Jln. Hanoman and No 2, Jln. Goutama

To place individual & wholesale orders please visit:

Phone: 0361 970 725



4. Sudiana Jewelry Design

Sudiana’s founder Made Sudiana and his wife take inspiration from nature and the spirit of Balinese traditional culture when making their jewelry. They use traditional and modern silversmithing techniques and have been designing and making jewelry since 2007, from his village. Made’s knowledge of jewelry making was passed onto him from his Balinese family and community and many people in his village are artisans and jewelry makers.

Sudiana’s Jewelry is contemporary and ethnic and comes in a wide range of materials from silver, brass, cooper to gold plated using unique materials like feathers, cones and shells. Sudiana Jewelry Design is available to sell both wholesale and as retail items from Made Sudiana's shop in Jalan Hanoman in central Ubud. Sudiana’s crew value each of the amazing people that support and help in their business and hope everybody enjoys wearing their designs as much as they enjoyed creating it. 

See their Facebook page, email or phone 0819 3306 0815 for more information.