In no particular order, see our top picks of the most unique Bali retreats…

1. A Life of Balance Retreat

Yin and yang, night and day, work and play, yoga and… wine! At A Life of Balance Retreat, explore a week of ultimate relaxation and indulgence, ideal for yoga enthusiasts, foodies and wine lovers. This is an all-inclusive 7 days/6 nights retreat – all about the perfect balance in life!

Run by Martine Bounet, Yoga instructor and wine professional, Martine combines her two biggest passions – combining her love of yoga and meditation to bring you closer to your true Self, yet in the perfect balance of fun and play and self-love and indulgence – wine! This is fun and relaxing retreat where you will be guided in daily hatha, pranayama and meditation practices as well as workshops to learn about chakras, Ayurveda and healthy Ayurvedic cooking whilst learning how to combine great food with great wines!

Life of Balance Retreat yoga and wine in Bali with Martine

Enjoy wine tasting master classes with experienced wine connossieur Martine, to get insights from Ubud’s best wine cellar. To put all your newly appointed food and wine pairing knowledge to the test, a masterclass will follow by a gastronomic dinner in a beautiful fine dining restaurant. There are more activities to add to your yoga and wine balance retreat. A great retreat to try with a group of friends and food lovers!

Find out more about A Life of Balance Retreat here

2. Pirate Booty Yoga Adventures

Arrrrghhh! Gather up yer inner sails to get into ship-shape with salty sea love! Join Gypsy Bast on a once in a life time yoga retreat adventure where you will sail around Bali and Lombok on an actual PIRATE SHIP! Yes start your travels boarding the Al Isra in Bali’s Serangan Harbor to sail over night to Lombok’s Mentigi Bay Dome Village, then wake up to practice yoga, relax in the pools and enjoy amazing fresh food on board the pirate ship!

Pirate Booty Yoga Adventures unique retreat in Bali. Gypsy practicing yoga on a pirate ship

This is a fun, crazy yoga adventure and certainly a one-of-a-kind unique retreat certain to leave you memories unlike any other! Your captain will sail you around to three different islands, where you will practice fun, dramatic Pirate Booty Yoga and snorkel in beautiful diving spots in the clear blue seas.

Pirate Booty Yoga Adventures includes:

  • 4 night cabin accommodations aboard the pirate ship
  • 1 night Dome village accommodation in Lombok
  • Daily morning and sunset yoga/meditation classes
  • Brunch, dinner and unlimited non alcoholic drinks: smoothies, purified water, tea & coffee
  • Yoga mats and props are provided
  • Snorkels, fins and masks are provided

Dress up as a pirate, practice yoga, swim, snorkel, meditate and trek waterfalls and set sail across Bali and Lombok for a fun and unforgettable yoga retreat! Whilst sailing the beautiful blue seas, Pirate Booty Yoga Adventures contributes and supports Ocean’s Care, an NGO leading a movement to clean up the rising plastic and pollution buildup in the rivers and sea around Indonesia.

3. Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Retreat

Combine yoga and SUP yoga for a perfect mix of ocean activities and relaxation. Practice yoga at sunrise in a breathtaking location on the beach or poolside at your villa. Get on your paddleboard and practice yoga in the calm, warm waters of Sanur’s glassy lagoon with fully qualified and experienced instructors to guide you.

Over the course of 1 week, take part in a perfect blend of SUP yoga, pranayama, meditation, indulgent spa massages and healthy organic food so you are restored, revived and generally feel amazing. SUP Yoga enhances your balances and provides a full body workout, but best of all it is deeply relaxing when laying in savasana with nothing but the sound of the water lapping against your board as you float in the ocean.

SUP Yoga in Sanur. Practicing yoga on paddle boards in the ocean in Bali

Included in SUP Yoga 6 day retreats:

  • Daily hatha and vinyasa flow yoga classes and SUP Yoga
  • SUP wave riding and lagoon cruises
  • 1:1 SUP Yoga coaching (fully qualified instructors)
  • Daily pranayama and meditation classes
  • Traditional Balinese Spa massages
  • Daily organic breakfasts and lunches
  • Daily fresh coconuts and juices
  • Yoga mats, props and paddleboards provided
  • Airport pickup

SUP yoga is suitable for beginners and is actually easier than it looks as most poses practiced are either seated, kneeling or laying down keeping poses low to gravity and stable on the board. The SUP instructors encourage and support you to step out of your comfort zone and to try some more challenging poses – you might even surprise yourself!

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4. Moving Ventures: SpiritDance SoulSong Retreats

SpiritDance SoulSong is a beuatiful and orginal Bali retreat which use the ancient practices of singing and dancing to encourage you to find joy, healing, self-expression and radiant health by discovering your body as a musical instrument in an uplifting, moving meditation, music and dance retreat, accessible to everyone. Explore how using movement, breath and sound can transform you, your relationships, your community and the planet. This is the intention of SpiritDance SoulSong, catalyzed by breath, fueled by heartbeat, inspired by music, the Spirit is ignited.

Singing and dancing are the oldest spiritual practices on our planet and SpiritDance SoulSong brings these ancient healing practices into the modern world. This is an empowering and feel-good retreat, connecting you to your body, music and full creative and artistic expression for optimum vibrant and radiant health.

SpiritDance SoulSong retreats and teacher training take place in Ubud and Menjangan in Bali and they offer the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the arts of singing, sounding, breathing, dancing and building community. You will learn powerful teaching and facilitation skills like class theming, the craft of DJing, anatomy of movement and understanding how energy and sound move through the body. You will be guided towards your own unique expression as a practitioner or a facilitator of this incredible and personal evolutionary path.

Find out more about SpiritDance SoulSong Retreats and Trainings here

5. Footprints in Bali

This is for you adventurers, avid hikers and explorers out there, Footprints in Bali offers an incredible all-inclusive 7 days/6 nights retreat adventure across Bali. Discover Bali on foot as you explore different walks and trails each day.

Nestled in the hills of Ubud just outside the hustle and bustle of the main town center, Footprints in Bali is an eco-friendly retreat, where you will stay in a peaceful serene location, bordered by a small creek and surrounded by jungle and rice field views. Footprints in Bali retreat will take you up Mount Batur volcano for sunrise, you will trek through stunning rice fields and across beautiful beaches as well as taking part in daily yoga or meditation classes, spiritual Balinese rituals, spa treatments, enjoy healthy food and more…

Footprints in Bali retreat trekking over Mount Batur Bali

Footprints in Bali is a great retreat to do many outdoor island activities and see the sights in Bali. Do not fear, if you are a beginner – the routes chosen are for most levels, you do not need to be an experienced hiker, just to be able to have a basic level of fitness to walk for a couple of hours, with breaks in between of course!

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6. Bali Silent Retreat

As the name suggests, this is a retreat, in silence, in Bali. You might be thinking why on earth would anyone want to stop talking? This tranquil green, beautiful eco-sanctuary with daily yoga and healthy organic food, allows you to delve inwards and create an inner journey, in profound peace and silence. Bali Silent Retreat gives you time to think clearly, hear the clearest answers without distractions from the outside world, be that creative ideas, peace of mind, resolution or healing.

Located an hour and a half North West of Ubud, surrounded by rice fields, jungle, hot springs and the sacred Mt. Batu Karu. Bali Silent retreat gives you time to reconnect to yourself in your own way, in a quiet environment at your own pace and in your own peace of mind, in tranquil silence.

You have the choice to join restorative and inspirational daily programs and events, such as:

  • Daily meditation & yoga asana.
  • Walk around the labyrinth or jungle path.
  • Soak in the hot springs or sit under the holy water stream to cool off. 
  • Tour perma-culture and medicine herb gardens.
  • Learn about Balinese culture, customs, and spiritual ceremonies.
  • Chill out and read in the library.
  • Explore the future of food and our planet, eating freshly picked food from the onsite organic gardens.

Bali Silent Retreat Center

The art of doing nothing is a gift worth mastering and one which is strongly encouraged at Bali Silent Retreat! Take time to rest, sleep, eat and repeat. There is no set schedule you can come and go and choose what you want to do as you please, the main focus is on you and your journey to your own tranquility. Bali Silent Retreat is not a vipassana it is not a religious supported ashram with no gurus, or dogma. Accommodations combine simplicity with luxury. You can choose from private bungalows, single rooms or dormitory beds -  with tasteful touches and stunning views.

It is a unique retreat experience like no other, find out more about Bali Silent Retreat

7. Living the Law of Attraction Retreat

This unique retreat in Bali explores living the law of attraction and offers insight, the opportunity to awaken to new possibilities to help you learn how to use the power of thoughts to increase well-being and create the life you choose. Set in the beautiful location of Ubud, where spirituality permeates every aspect of life, Living The Law of Attraction Retreat guides you with simple and transformative processes each day including written exercises, visualization and meditation training so you will become empowered with a proven practical approach to personal development.

Living the Law of Attraction Retreat includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast included
  • 16 hours of programming including: 5 law of attraction workshops, 7 optional morning meditation sessions, proven written techniques and visualization
  • 1hour optional meditation waterfall walk at sunset
  • Visit to Balinese water temple tirta empul
  • Transfers to and from the airport

Ricefields in Ubud at Living the Law of Attraction unique Bali retreat

This retreat teaches you how to incorporate the law of attraction into your daily life and ultimately enjoy life more by practicing effective tools to utilize each day to create more of what you want in life: abundance, improved relationships, health and well-being or other desires. Learn and connect with like-minded people on this retreat and discover how to release negative thought habits that may have been blocking your dreams and ambitions in the past, whilst deepening your spiritual connection and your connection with your true self.

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8.  RISE RETREAT For Men, Women and All Lovers of Rhythm, Music, Dance & Life

Join Malaika MaVeena Darville and John de Kadt to deep dive into the sacred arts of our ancestors, Yoga, Dance, Song, Story & Silence~ integral parts of all mystical traditions.

This retreat is for anyone who longs & loves to be more embodied, anyone who yearns to feel more alive and for all who thirst for evolution of the heart. Together you will explore somatic yoga movement, dance, song, wisdom stories and silence to journey deeper into yourselves and the healing tapestry of community.
This retreat is for students and teachers alike to immerse yourself and experience how these timeless practices open our hearts and bodies and create the connection to self and others we so long for.

 In the words spoken by the great anthropologist Angeles Arien;

 “In many Shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine healer complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed they would ask one of four questions; ‘When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” This profoundly reminds us of the importance of these ancient traditions to restore the imbalances caused by our contemporary societies."

Find out more about the Rise Retreat.

If you feel inspired to try something new, expand your body and mind and travel and adventure around Bali, learn more about these unique Bali retreats and discover others. Select group and individual yoga retreats, beachside retreats, health and wellness retreats and more!