1. Discover the culture

Bali's culture and its religion is one of the aspect that makes the Island of the Gods so special. Hinduism combined with aspects of Buddhism, ancestor worship and animism. The Balinese people- as well as BaliSpirit Festival - follow the concept of Tri Hita Karana - being in harmony with god, with nature and with the people. A big part of Balinese culture are ceremonies which take place during special occasions but also in every day life. If you are curious, read more about Balinese ceremonies here.

2. Visit a temple

If you discover the culture you might wanna visit one of the numerous temples on the island.  Each temple has a unique architecture which is built according to traditional rules. However, temples in Bali can be quite unique in their own way, some giving a spiritual flavor with ancient figurines of demons and gods, while others boast outstanding beautiful architecture. Read more about temples in Bali in this article.

3. Go on a trip all around the island

The magical island of Bali has a lot of beautiful nature: lush green rice fields, wild waterfalls, a nice water world and a lot more. Check out this map and learn more about where to go on a trip around Bali.

4. Relax with wellness

No matter whether you want to relax before the festival or recover from dancing all night after it, wellness is always a good idea. Bali has various great places to get massages and other treatments to pamper yourself. Find out more about wellness places on the island.

5. Do a teacher training

BaliSpirit Festival might inspire you a lot. For some, it is even life-changing. Should you decide to deepen your practice, take part in one of the Yoga Teacher Trainings offered on the Island of the Gods.

6. Take part in a retreat

Some of the BaliSpirit Festival presenters are offering retreats before or after the event. Use the chance to get an in-depth training with your favorite teacher while being on the island. See the overview of pre- and post festival events here. If you would like to discover more retreats, not only by festival presenters you can get a selection here.

7. See a healer

It is always interesting and inspiring to learn more about your physical and emotional well-being. While during the festival you can make your appointment with one of our healers in the healing huts, we can also recommend to see one of the healers in Bali prior or after it as part of your journey. Read more about Healing in Bali and discover both local and international healers.

8. Enjoy great food

Bali is the perfect place to pamper your taste buds. Not only the big variety of tropical fruit and fresh coconut, but also with all the amazing restaurants, from vegan to raw, vegetarian or whatever your tummy is craving for. Check out all about healthy eating in Bali here. Are you more keen on cooking yourself? There are quite a few cooking classes where you can learn traditional Balinese cooking, too.

9. Go surfing

It is no secret that Bali and whole of Indonesia is perfect for surfing. No matter whether you are beginner or pro...Bali has the right wave for everybody. You want to combine it with Yoga? Even better. Read all about Surf & Yoga in Bali here.

10. Do more Yoga

While you are on the island and still want to try out more Yoga than just at the festival, check out all about Yoga in Ubud and Canggu, to find your perfect setting for your personal practice.